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Continued from the last chapter:

Joe: Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen. I'm sorry, but you only got nineteen flags. Ginny wins! Trelawney: No, wait! (Pulls another flag from her pocket) Joe: That means you and Ginny have tied, with twenty flags each! Ginny: So, who wins? Joe: Whoever did it the fastest, and that is...


Joe: And that is... Professor Trelawney, by one and a half seconds!

Trelawney: Yay! Woohoo! (does the Hamsterdance)

Ginny and Joe: o.O (crickets chirping)

Joe: Anyway, that means that you win all the money, and Fear is not a Factor for you! Sorry, Ginny.

Ginny: Grr... (Does the 'Walk of Shame')


Joe: Well, since this is a special episode of Fear Factor, we figured our viewers- er, readers had the right to know some more stuff, like what happened to Ron, how and when everyone got their wands back, how Trelawney won, and more! (mutters) Some of which people don't need to know...

Ginny: Get on with it! (smacks Joe on the back of the head)

Joe: Okay, okay. Geez, you don't have to be mean about it, just because you lost...

Harry: Um, can we have our wands now?

Joe: Um, about that...

Hermione: Oh, no you don't, I want my wand!

Joe: But I- (Hermione gives him the 'Evil Eye') Umm.. yes... right away! Someone find those wands! Fast!

Hermione: (crosses her arms) That's better.

Neville: Is Ron still gone?

Joe: Yeah, I wonder where he is...


Ron was still walking down the train tracks, having finally got himself out of the dumpster. He didn't know where he was going, but he couldn't really turn back now.

Ron: (muttering) Great, just great...

Suddenly the Knight Bus pulled up out of nowhere.

Ron: Yes! (he got on the bus) To wherever everyone from Harry Potter Fear Factor is!


Ginny: You don't know where Ron is?

Joe: No... but I'm sure he's okay... let's move onto another subject, shall we?

Ginny: Fine. Joe, how did Trelawney beat me? I mean, I practice Quidditch all the time, and she's just... weird old Trelawney! I don't get it!

Trelawney: Hey, that's not nice!

Ginny: Maybe not, but it's true.

Trelawney: Bu- I guess you're right.

Joe: To tell you the truth, I have no idea whatsoever. Trelawney, care to let us in on your secret?

Trelawney: I had a vison, and it told me that I would participate and WIN! Ahem.

Harry: Right...

Suddenly the Knight Bus appeared and Ron got off.

Ron: Hey, everyone! Who won?

Neville: Trelawney.

Ron: What? How did that happen?

Hermione: Our thoughts exactly. She says she had a vision of it.

Ron: Right... Well, anyway, where are our wands?

Joe: Uh, yeah, about that...

Ron: Hey, I need that wand! I already had to buy a new one in second year! WHERE'S MY WAND?


Assistant: (whispering to Joe, though everyone can hear her) Um, sir, we seem to be unable to locate the wands...

Harry: WHAT? Do you realize how important my wand is? I WANT IT BACK!

Everyone else: ME TOO!

Joe: Well, who had the wands?

Assistant: Dave, of course...


A man runs up to them.

Man: Dave at your service! What'll you be needing?

Trelawney: Our wands?

Dave: Yeah, about that...


Dave: Heheh... (pulls a make-your-own-popsicle tray out from behind his back. Guess what he used for popsicle sticks?) Here they are.

Neville: My wand!

Ron: Why on earth did you do that?

Dave: (shrugs) I like popsicles?

Hermione: Give me those! (Grabs the tray from Dave and hands everyone their fruit-ice-covered wands) It's alright. A good scouring spell should fix it.

Harry: It had better fix it.


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