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When the time comes..

"Akito!" A yell came from the opposite side of Akito's hospital room. He turned to see a honey-eyed brown-haired girl standing framed in the doorway.

"Sana." He murmured. * Only a few days ago, Akito had broken up with Sana, afraid of hurting her. Leaving her in tears, hurting her more than he ever would have any other way, was not what Akito had intended to do. But do not work out the way they are intended to. This was the first time he had seen her in days. Now she stood in his room, staring at him sadly. He had just been hit by a car. *

A doctor rushed into the room, brushing past Sana. He ushered two nurses into the room.

"Crimson Falcon!" He yelled, "Get him into the operating room NOW!"

"What's going on?" Sana yelled her voice urgent.

The doctor only looked at her, his eyes heavy, as though they had seen too much hurt, too much pain..too much death.

"Will he be alright?" She cried, grabbing the doctor's coat.

"I." He sighed, "I don't know."

Akito looked at her, his eyes full of a sadness Sana had never seen before. A single tear, unnoticed by all but her, silently rolled down his cheek.

"I'm sorry." He whispered, not sure if she heard wishing he could hold her again. "Sana.I'm so sorry."

The doctor slammed open the door, and Akito was wheeled in.

"AKITO!" Sana cried, dropping to her knees and sobbing " .live."

And the doors swung shut.