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Chapter Eight

A Malfoy and His Fear

They walked into the room.
It had pictures of many places around the world. Not to mention that there was no one there. Harry figured that the secret was probably keeping everyone downstairs. Even the Ministry's personnel.
"Hey Sky!" Max said. It was clear that she knew him by the way she was smiling.
"Hey Max," Sky called.
"Where is everyone?" Max asked.
"They couldn't get through security. You know about the-," Sky trailed off as he caught sight of the others. "Let's test you then."
"Do you still test on really long distances?" Max asked.
"That is so not fair. I had to do that." Max said.
"They said it took too long so they cut that part of the test. You weren't the only one to say that the test should remain as difficult as it was in the old days."
They all passed the test with flying colors.
"You did very well," Sky said.
Congratulations were common in their conversation following that. "That doesn't surprise me," a voice came from behind the group.
"How did you get through security Malfoy?" Max asked.
"That does not concern you Potter. You are yet again putting your young nose into things that don't concern you. Things that are not any of your business." Lucius said.
"Yeah, well my Manticore training is telling me different," Max whispered to Harry.
She had gone back for a training program for ordinaries. Harry had gotten into trouble and was pulled from the trip at the last minute. Draco had gone though. Max said that she had gone into heat while she was there.
"Maxie, how have you been," Draco asked. He had always had a crush on Max.
"Screw you Draco," Max said.
"I'd love that Maxie," Draco replied.
"Shut up," Max said. She was clearly trying really hard to prevent herself from blurring over to him and snapping his neck. She leaned over to Harry. "His teeth would be a good sacrifice to the Blue Lady wouldn't they? I'll just go and call Ben."
Harry laughed. Both of them had always hated Malfoy.
"Are you ready for the program to start back up next week?" Draco asked.
"Seeing as your going to be there, no." Max retorted. They had been taught to center themselves by Lydecker. She took a deep breath.
"That's harsh. We all know you're acting Potter. You'd love to be with my son." Lucius said smirking.
"No Lucius. What I really want, is you." Max said with a serious look on her face. She was good at this.
Malfoy tried to speak. He turned and ran from the room.
"Now that Lucius is gone." Max said.
The Weasleys started laughing really hard.
They left Draco staring with his mouth open.
"Actually, I am looking forward to going." Max said as they got into the elevator.
"You're not serious." Harry said.
"You're right, I'm not Sirius. But I still can't wait to see Alec and Biggs again. Not so much for seeing Dante though." Max said smiling.
They apparated back to the Burrow. Ginny with Max.
As they walked into the house a voice said, "Where the hell have you two been? It's so nice to see you again."

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