Harry Potter and the Magnificent Seven

Summary: REVISED: This is the revised version of my story, Harry Potter and the Magnificent Seven. AU: I WROTE THIS STORY AS THOUGH OOTP NEVER HAPPENED. As Harry and his friends begin their fifth year at Hogwarts, they discover powers and abilities they never knew they had, along with an ancient prophecy that points to them being the key to defeating Voldemort. HPGW and RWHG pairings. Will be a crossover with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.

Prologue: The Prophecy

The Dark One will arise, killing all who oppose him. The Flower and the Stag will fight him and lose. The son of the Flower and the Stag, known as the Great Phoenix, will survive. Through the Flower's act of love the Phoenix will bring down the Dark One.

After 11 years the Great Phoenix will discover his heritage. The Dark One will seek the key to immortal life. Once again the Great Phoenix will stop him, for the sacrifice of the Flower still protects him.

A year later the Great Phoenix will once more confront the Dark One in the serpent's lair. The Dark One's greatest follower will be destroyed and the young maiden rescued.

At the age of 13 the Great Phoenix will discover the truth about his parents death. It will not be what he expects. The traitor will be discovered and escape. He will return to his master.

At the age of 14 the Great Phoenix will become a champion and will rise above all but one. The Dark One will steal him away from safety and use his blood to be reborn. The Dark One and the Great Phoenix will duel. The Great Phoenix will be saved by the memories of the past.

The Dark One will soon grow in power and spread fear across the land. The Order will oppose him, as it has in the past. The forces of light will hold but not be able to vanquish him.

Only the Great Phoenix will have the power to confront the Dark One. On his 15th birthday he shall begin to receive his great powers. But the Great Phoenix will not be able to prevail alone. To end the darkness he must join forces with the six. Together these Magnificent Seven will be the greatest soldiers of the Light.

Among their number will be the Owl and the Fox. Their love for each other will only be eclipsed by their loyalty, love and friendship with the Great Phoenix. The Unicorn, whose love with and for the Great Phoenix burns hotter than the Sun, will join them. Also among their number will be the Lions, whose strength and courage are matched only by their mischievousness. The final of their number will be Wolf, whose quiet courage will surprise all.

In the attack on the hidden alley, the Seven shall first be revealed. They shall be trained by the Order, but shall take a path different than the Order. In three years time the Seven, with the aid of the Order and unexpected allies, shall defeat the Dark One and his armies.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stared at the parchment in his hand. The time was rapidly approaching when the prophecy would be fulfilled. Indeed, it had already begun.

The previous year Lord Voldemort had managed to resurrect himself and was now gaining strength. The Ministry of Magic still refused to believe what was going on and the efforts of his own Order of the Phoenix were not as successful as he would have liked. He had hoped to be able to spare the young men and woman of whom the prophecy spoke from the great trials ahead, but fate is a stubborn thing.

"I only hope they are ready for the challenge." He whispered to himself