Summery- This is what happens when Evilwoman gets high on sugar and plays Prodigy full blast. Hermione's crush of her headmaster is getting out of hand she's sure he feels the same way. Minerva is tired of hiding her feeling for her boss. Me thinks Albus is in trouble. Not as bad as it sounds. I know I should be working on blood of a red rose and what ever else I'm working on but this just would not go away.

You're no good for me

I don't need no-body

Don't need no-one

That's no good for me.

Prodigy- No good.

Caught between the sunlight and the cave.

Hermione Granger stood at the statue guarding the headmaster's door.

"Chocolate limes." She muttered.

She stepped on the stairs her heart pounding. Her whole body shaking. She looked at the huge oak door in front of her. With a shaky hand she knocked the door softly.

"Come in." The cheerful voice she had came so used to, called.

She walked in slowly. The office was bright and energetic a lot like Albus him self. Albus was seated behind his desk a chess game was sat up on the table a few feet away from him. He was staring at it. He looked up at her. Blue eyes meeting brown ones.

"Mrs Granger, what are you doing here?"

"I need talk to you sir." She said in a shaky voice. "You're not busy are you?" Albus's eyes lit up. He grinned making him self look like a big child.

"Not at the minute but Professor McGonagall will be joining me soon. Please sit down." Hermione looked up at him.

"No I would like to stand." She muttered surprising herself at her own bravery.

She walked over and stood next to Albus. She smiled at him.

"Is there something you would like to tell me Hermione?" She tried to say it. No words came out. Her mouth wouldn't open she couldn't say it.

"I can't say it. Can I show you sir?" Dumbledore nodded not sure what was coming. Hermione bent her head down softly. Albus stayed still not sure what was coming still. Her lips pushed against his. Albus was so shocked in all his time no student had ever kissed him.

He didn't know what to do. He was so shocked he forgot to pull back. Hermione only took this as an invitation. As he went to say something he found her tongue circling with his. Minerva Isla McGonagall stood at the open door way. Staring in disgust. She was gone in a swish of robes not wanting to watch anymore. She tore down the corridors almost in tears. How could this happen. Beaten by a student. She managed to find her way to her room. Through her misty eyes. She had hardly closed the door when her body hit the floor. The tears came for the second time that night.

(A/n this was rather rubbish really. Oh well can't be perfect. Tell me what you think people I'm sure this will get better at some point. Blood of a red rose will be updated soon!)