Chapter 5

"ALBUS!" Hermione screeched. How could you I thought..."

"You thought wrong Granger." Minerva snapped tartly.

"Hermione... I am very sorry but Minerva is right there is nothing between us, I don't love that way Hermione." Albus explained, Hermione was having none of it.

"NO! I saw you the way you looked at me like I was your daughter the love there!" Hermione stopped and seemed to have realised what she had just said.

"Exactly Hermione I think of all my students like my own." Hermione fell to her knees, tears falling into her hair.

"I'm such an idiot how could some one like you ever even look at some one like me!" Hermione cried softly.

"Your not a idiot Granger just... you made a mistake we all do it." Minerva corrected, but was only greeted by the swishing of robes as Hermione ran away followed by Hooch. Albus went to go after them but Minerva stopped him.

"She'll heal Albus; Hearts can only be broken for a certain amount of time especially at that age." Minerva sighed softly standing up next to Albus. She smiled at him he didn't answer her.

"Albus... don't think about her she will heal! Think... think about me think about us." Albus turned to face her and smiled she was right as always. Hermione would grow up get married, have children and forget all about him. This time all that was there were him and his new found love. Nothing could stop them now.

(The strangest story I have ever written and I don't think I'll be trying something out like this again really. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and those who didn't.)