Chapter One-The first Vision

The night is dark, the moon is full, as Wyatt Matthew lays awake on this cold night in the same cold bed. He has been the orphanage for 17 years. That's enough.

*thinking* "What am I still doing here? There's absolutely no reason for me to stay. Nobody wants me. But whatever! I don't need anyone either! I'm fine by myself! Screw the whole world! "

Getting up, Wyatt takes precaution to be as quiet as possible. Slipping on his old high-tops and some clean socks, he quickly grabs his pillowcase, and begins to put what little possessions he has into it. A toothbrush, a bar of soap, $10 dollars and a pack of cigarettes. "This outta do it, I'm out of here." Quiet as a mouse, Wyatt opens the window and throws his stuff to the ground, then climbs out himself. As the cool, fresh night air hits him he wonders to himself, "Where do I go now?" Unable to come up with any kind of answer, he begins to make his way into the depths of San Francisco, hoping for maybe an alley to sleep in. Coming across an alley behind a Chinese restaurant Wyatt closes his eyes and drifts off into a restless sleep full of dreams about clouds and white lights.


As Wyatt begins to drift into a restless sleep, his dreams are filled with strange places, feelings. A bright white place filled with people in robes and Wyatt himself appearing there out of no where. A panoramic view is shown, exposing more clouds and white-ness. A robed individual approaches him. From what Wyatt can see, this person is a male, age 30? maybe. The person lifts his head...Wyatt screams and is hurled back into reality where he wakes up in a cold sweat...

"aa! whoo. ok, it was just a dream. But what a dream.. man, i need a cigarette." Lighting up, Wyatt begins to reflect on what he's just dreamed about. The vision returns as he sees bright white lights all around him, and people in robes. It's like something out of a dream. "Well, in all technicality-that's exactly what it is. It was in my dream!" Wyatt begins to just blow it off to something he ate, but then realizes...something about the dream is familiar. "The place? maybe...but all the white lights- that's definitely a bingo. But that's insane, why would that mean anything? It wouldn't" decided Wyatt. "Besides it does not do well to dwell on dreams. Dreams get you absolutely no where."


"I know today's the day Stuart!" said an excited 6 year old Wyatt. "Yeah right Wyatt, those people could pick any one of us, it's not absolutely going to be you." Said Wyatt's best bud, Stu. "I know, but I had a dream that they would end up picking me!" said Wyatt. "Well good luck dude, but they seem to be leaning towards that girl Samantha." Said a reasonable Stuart.

A cute young couple walks past Wyatt and Stuart, and they smile at Wyatt and say.

"Hi! What's your name?"

"My name's Wyatt! I'm six years old! I don't know when my birthday is but if you pick me, I don't have to have one, I don't need any presents at all!"

"Well, aren't you a sweet little boy! We may be seeing you sooner than you think..""

Flash forward-one month later


Wyatt begins to cry sobbing "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it! please...stop yelling!"

"well sorry doesn't fix the china cabinet! it's completely shattered! How could you do that?!" Said a screaming Janis.

Wyatt continues to sob "I'm sorry...please-no yelling!"

Joe and Janis are speaking rapidly to each other when Joe says "that's the second thing that's blown up in the past month! This kid's trouble, he's screwed up or something. We have to call the orphanage...he's got to go back"


Wyatt begins to think. "yes, they were nice in the beginning, but they sent me back. Screw them." "Man, I'm so tired even my eyes are tired." Wyatt begins to drift off again, but realizing something sits straight up. "Eyes! That figure! I know the eyes...they look just like mine..."


Startled out of his reverie by the sound of an approaching truck, Wyatt gets up and stretches. Remembering old memories, Wyatt begins to feel alone again. "No one looks for me. No one cares. Well, whatever! I don't need them, i don't need anyone!"

Wyatt gets up and walks out of the alley to avoid any confrontation with a cop or a business owner. "I hate authority people, they're so anal" Laughing silently, Wyatt begins to make his way into San Francisco just as the city is waking up.

Passing a newspaper stand, he feels a sudden urge to pick it up and check out the front page. Picking up the newspaper, he begins to feel lightheaded.

Faces, smiling ones, blurred, lights, warmth, happiness, strong arms,

Letting go of the newspaper quickly Wyatt gasps. "What the hell was that?" Sitting down on a park bench Wyatt begins to think about his experiences in the past day. "The strange dreams, the funny newspaper...what's going on with me? Am I mentally ill or something?" Definitely not, decided Wyatt.

"But the newspaper did have something on it that seemed awfully was a column or something, the face was familiar, what did it look like?" But it was no use, Wyatt couldn't remember, it was all fading too quickly. "Those faces though, they were of happy"

Dwelling on this, Wyatt begins to feel abandoned again as a single tear rolls down his cheek...

As the vision begins to fade, Wyatt wipes his eyes irritated. "This is stupid! Why should I feel this way? Over a newspaper? Not likely." However, something tells him to go pick up the paper again and check it out.

Heading back to the stand, Wyatt picks up the paper with apprehension, not knowing what to expect. Looking down at the front page more closely this time, Wyatt sees an advice column. Ask Phoebe it says.

Wyatt begins to think. "Was that who I saw? An advice columnist? I really am going nuts...yet, she seems so nice looking, this Phoebe." Not fully understanding why, Wyatt begins to think that he can trust her, and he's never met her.

Blowing it off, Wyatt begins to think of a plan. He decides that after seeing those happy faces, he wants to go and find out who his family was. If he really is an orphan, or maybe he has some family left. he decides to go to the police station to check out the records. Wyatt also decides that he will ask this one particular cop for his help.

[thinking] "He is so annoying, always on my back about going to school, getting me in trouble for loitering and smoking. But he never once was mean. Just strict towards me. I'll ask him to see if he can help my find out who my family was. Or maybe is, for that matter."