Chapter 13 - The final Judgment

Wyatt orbs back up there and he materializes right in front of the elder council, who are fuming with his disobedience and breach of their contract. The Head Elder begins to speak.

"Mr. Wyatt. You have done the one thing we have asked you not to do. Your fate is sealed. You will-"

The Head Elder is cut short as Prue rushes in, skidding a bit on the marbled floor.

"No! You cannot sentence him to a lifetime up here! Don't you see? The Prophecy has finally been broken! If Wyatt hadn't gone and saved his family, they would have died; and yes because of him. They were so broken over him; they were unprepared for the demon that attacked them. Wyatt saved them! He has broken the prophecy, he has saved himself and his family without even knowing it."

The Head Elder seems taken aback by this news, but when he turns back to the council, they all begin to nod. They know that Prue is right. The Head Elder turns back to Wyatt.

"Well, young one, it seems as though you have outlived your time here. It is now time for you to return. Blessed Be."

Wyatt is sent home in an array of sparkling orbs back to his body in San Francisco Memorial Hospital.


Wyatt opens his eyes and is surprised to see a nurse come in with a vase of flowers and walk over to his bedside table. She has not noticed that Wyatt is awake. After all, he has been asleep for a year.

"Hi!" Says Wyatt. The Nurse utters a short scream and drops the flowers.

"Wyatt! You are awake! It's a miracle! Your parents are here for their daily visit right now, they should be here soon, I'll go get them!"

The nurse runs out of the room, and shortly afterward is followed by Piper and Leo, who are ecstatic at seeing their son awake. Piper rushes to her son's bedside and begins to cry and hug him over and over again. Leo follows and hugs Wyatt fiercely.

Piper is the first to speak. "Wyatt, I had a dream I saw you that night when the demon attacked, you were there, and then everyone who was hurt was ok was amazing."

Wyatt smiles and says "That was no dream Mom. I was really there, that's what helped me make it back to you."

Just then, Phoebe and Paige come bursting into the room, and each of them launch themselves onto Wyatt's hospital bed, and smother him. Wyatt, slightly choking, says

" 't breathe."

They release him, but only for a second before everyone in the Halliwell family begins to cover him with kisses again.


A week passes as Wyatt gains control of his legs again remarkably fast, and the newfound family is once again whole. On a bright Sunday morning, all five take Wyatt by the hand and make it out of the hospital into the dancing sun.


- -

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