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Goten stared outside his bedroom window out into the endless night sky. Stars were shining all across the beautiful black coat of the night, but one particular star interested him. It almost seemed to be winking at him, as if it was calling him. The longer the Young raven-haired boy stared, the more he yearned to follow the star's 'call'. Goten shook off the feeling and fell back into his soft bed. Had he continued to look, he would have seen the young girl that flew across the sky.

The girl kept on flying until she reached a cave far out into the woods. Her dark violet hair shone more brightly, as did her emerald green eyes as soon as they saw the bright fire burning in the cave.

"So how'd it go?" a voice came called out from a dark corner in the cave.

A man that seem to be in his early twenties stepped out of the shadowed corner and glanced at the girl. He had wild black hair that spiked up into the air with a few bangs falling out from the front. His onyx eyes moved with every move the girl made. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black leather pants. His jacket bore a symbol, it was the body of a man, with 2 pairs of wings sticking out the back, one an Angels and the other a Devils.

"Well," the girl started " I for one don't think it's a good idea. I mean, he is strong and all and he has a pure soul, but he's simply just a little boy! He may NOT BE READY!" she yelled at him, putting emphasis on the words 'not be ready'. The man didn't seem to notice.

"Was Son Goku not but a simple boy when he galloped around the world, risking his life to defend the innocent and vanquish the world of evil?" he said calmy.

"Wow. So tell me, exactly when did the Lord of Purgatory start using big words?" the girl replied, only to receive a glare from he companion.

"Don't joke with me on this, Gen. This is a serious matter; Sooner or later, Goku and Vegeta won't be able to keep up and Gohan would also soon fall behind shortly after their demise. The world needs a new hero, even if its just a boy." said the man now known as the "Lord of Purgatory"

"Whatever you say, Felix. I just hope you know what your doing, for everyone's sake" she whispered.

"Don't worry, I do" Felix replied before sinking back into the pitch black shadows of the cave.

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