"Look out!"

The young archer fired an arrow at the approaching monster. Her aim was deadly, yet the silver arrow did not completely defeat the undead demon.

"Ice wall!"

Her wizard companion quickly encircled himself and the archer in a circular cage of ice.

"Calm down...we must not disturb the spirits of this forest ..at least not today..."

The young archer looked at him and sat down, shivering slightly from the cold. The wizard wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm. They were an interesting pair, a Payonese wizard and a Geffenese archer. They met by chance at the new years celebration a year ago and had been inseparable ever since.

"I have a gift for you..."

He went around behind her and clasped a small chain around her neck. On the end hung a small white jade pendant which resembled a phoenix.

"Wow, it's beautiful!"

"That pendant belong to someone in my family...500 years and that phoenix pendant is still intact. My mother said that it was protected by the love of the maiden who owned that and her love."

As the ice began to melt, a monster clothed in blue came up beside the other undead monster, the one wearing red. His violet eyes seemed to pierce the soul of the archer for wounding his beloved, but he seemed to smile at the wizard. The female undead's jade eyes seemed to glisten with tears at the sight of the couple. But she suddenly smiled and hopped away with her love following her.

"It was said that on the day of hearts, it is forbidden to harm those two. I heard a legend that it was on this day that the souls of a young boy and his love were reunited in the afterlife."

Those two were Bongun and Munak.


Happy valentines day.