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Now, on with this fic...`Dragoons Flight`

This be very short, just setting the mood, characters, and the scene for the rest of the story, so bare with me.

If you have read `You Call My Name`, you will be just fine. If not, you might want to read it first, but if you really don`t want too, then good luck

This is a Sequel.

A.N. - Oh yeah, I have changed Kais eyes to Grey, and Tyson`s to Brown. Just to keep up with the V-Force series.

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When Tyson had recovered enough from most of his injuries, the BBA moved all the Blade breakers back to Japan, where they spent the next month at Tyson`s Dojo.

Kai personally saw to it that Tyson received the best care possible, and stayed protectively by his side.

He also gave the team a well deserved vacation, at least until Tyson was able to join in the training again.

This gave Max the opportunity to go back to the USA to visit his mum. Rei went with him, both wanting to be together, and knowing that the other two boys needed their space. No-one objected, seeing there was safety in numbers.

As Kai helped Tyson to heal both emotionally and physically, Tyson taught Kai how to express his feelings. It would take time for Kai to learn to open up, but Tyson enjoyed the challenge. It helped occupy his thoughts and gave him huge satisfaction, with all the attention Kai was giving him.

Pleasing Tyson became Kais goal. The way his bronze eyes lit-up whenever Kai responded to his questions without answering back with "Hn" and "Whatever".

The violet haired boy teenager made his way silently towards the two cloaked figures. Both were taller than he.

Swooping low, as not to be seen, he listened in on their conversation. His ears prickled with interest as he heard certain names mentioned. It was about time he got a break, perhaps this would be it.

Smiling, and now knowing the identity of the mysterious Dark Blader, he could use this information to his own advantage, so long as no-one else found out.


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