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(In a previous chapter)...

… "We need to talk…. NOW!" Kai ordered the adults, holding the sword protectively by his side; he was not one to wait.

"Yes my dear, that we do." Saska smiled softly at him. "I need to talk to you and young Tyson and his lovely Grandfather."

At her words Kai frowned and sneered at her, "Tyson's no longer here."

Without explaining, he turned and left them gazing at his back as he headed back into the Dojo.

Chapter 18

The two-tone haired teenager stood rigidly staring out of the Dojo's window awaiting the adults to come in.

He heard the door slide shut behind them.

There was an uneasy silence before Kai could bear it no longer.

"Why didn't you tell me?" his voice cold and hard.

Behind his back the three adults cast glances at each other, not quite sure what Kai was talking about.

Saska hobbled over to him and put a hand lightly on his shoulder. "Tell you what hun?"

Not liking the contact, Kai swung around to face them, and snarled, "My father! I thought he was dead!"

He folded his arms across his chest, keeping his emotions locked inside him as best he could. But he kept the Grangers sword tight in his fist.

He focused his eyes on Mr Dickinson's face. "You knew." He accused. "You had to know." He had lowered his voice, but it hit home like a gun.

Mr Dickinson went bright red and nodded his head, "Yes, I knew Kai", he looked over at Tyson's grandfather and raised his eyebrows as if enquiring something. Tyson's Grandfather nodded his consent and then winked at Kai, as the silent agreement was made.

Saska stared at all of them, knowing that this was the reason that she had been brought to them. Whatever the connection was, she was finally going to find out.

"Kai, Saska, its time you both knew the truth" Mr Dickinson looked at them as he said each of their names. Kai was taken back, what did his father have to do with Saska? She wondered as well. She put her hand back on Kai's shoulder and gave him a reassuring squeeze. "Lets sit down my dears, it's going to be a long story I think."

Mr Dickenson smiled at her and sat down on the floor opposite Kai and Saska, Tyson's Grandfather placed himself on the floor between Kai and Mr Dickenson.

Clearing his voice, Mr Dickenson took a deep breath. The others looked expectantly at him, waiting for an explanation. "Well… all started about 21 years ago. Saska, your daughter was only 9 when she was taken from you and left with a foster family, here in Japan, I believe?"

Saska, her eyes shinning with the memory of losing her child nodded her head to acknowledge that it was true.

Kai frowned in confusion, Saska had a daughter? What the hell had that to do with his father being alive today? He was about to voice his opinion when Tyson's Grandfather intervened.

"Her name was Suki, wasn't it. When you told us about her in the Hospital last night, you described the same girl I fostered, 21 years ago. I didn't want to say anything, but when we got back I phoned my mate and he looked it up. I bought up your daughter with Tyson's father...and..."

If chins could hit the floor, both Kai and Saska's would have done.

"She….you…Oh my!" Saska didn't know what to say. After all this time, 16 years, she would be able to see her daughter once again. A smile replaced the shock on her face.

"Where is she now? Does she live locally? Did she marry?…" Her questions would have continued, but Grandpa Granger held up his hand to stop her.

He shook his head gently at her, a sadness filling his eyes. "She died."

He said it softly, but it was as if he shouted it, and Saska felt her heart stop. Panic and pain crossed her face, "Wha…How? When?" was all she could stutter.

"I'll have to leave that to Stanley to explain. All I can tell you is that she had a good and happy life here with my two boys."

Kai started. "Two boys?…Tyson never mentioned he had an uncle." He looked at Tyson's Grandfather for confirmation.

He smiled at Kai, "He didn't. He never knew. I fostered a boy just before I fostered Suki. His name was Drago Black; he was the same age as Takeo, my son, Tyson's father. Your father Kai, grew up here in this Dojo with my son and Saska's daughter."

The room was silent as the occupants were left thinking about the possibilities of this even being true.

"So Tyson doesn't know my father?" Kai asked the question, fear of his father seeping through his body.

"No" was the simple, but harsh answer he got.

Mr Dickinson then took up the tale. "As I said, this all started 21 years ago. These three amazing children, and yes Kai, they were amazing. I was looking out for a team of Beybladers to test out the new 'chip' I had been working on. I needed a team of four children. I knew Mr Granger here from long ago, but that's not important to this story. Each child was picked for his, and her special ability. Suki, even though she was fourteen had an insight to what was going to happen. She, I think had the same power as you do Saska. Takeo was interested in history and studied hard with me, investigating the bitbeast rocks. As you know, he still works for me. Your father Kai, was chosen for his strength, and his will to win." He paused to let them think about his choices, and then continued "The final child was already a hardened Beyblader, she grew up blading. Her name was Natalia Hiwariti. She was Voltaire's daughter, your mother Kai."

Both Saska and Kai gasped in shock.

"Your lying, this can't be true!" Kai started to protest in disbelief. He shook his head frowning. "Why the hell are you telling me this now? What happened to my parents? What did you do to them?" He felt his voice rising to almost shouting in anger. His eyes flashed dangerously.

Mr Granger put a restraining hand on Kai's arm. "Just give the man a chance to explain okay Kai." Kai glared at him, but stayed on the floor. "It is not as it seems."

Saska looked a little confused, but she asked, "So what did you want this 'team' of yours to do Stanley? My Suki was fourteen, how old were the others? And why did you choose Natalia, of all people?"

Mr Dickinson sighed. "In those days, Voltaire was just a business man, or so I was lead to believe. He had put a lot of money into my research, so when I came to choose the team members he, of course, wanted his daughter to be part of it. She was an amazing girl. She was 16 years old, and so were the two boys."

He looked a little unsure how to continue, so once again Grandpa Granger took the lead.

"They all came to live here with me, seeing how three of them lived here anyway." He turned to look at Kai. "As you already know Kai, this Dojo is a prefect place to practise and test out new blades."

Kai nodded his agreement, but kept silent, not knowing what was going to come next.

"Well, I handed out my latest blades" Mr Dickinson told them "These blades contained bit beasts. They were new, never seen before, but the power they radiated in the labs was un-chartable. I wanted innocent children to use them. Adults can be corrupted, and I was not going to risk them falling into the wrong hands…or so I thought….." He trailed off, looking guilty. Shaking his head slowly as if in despair he added, "I didn't know what would happen. These four beasts were the same four that the Blade Breakers use. Dranzer, Drigger, Draciel, and Dragoon."

Kai and Saska sat in shock.

"It's true" Grandpa Granger told them, knowing they did not believe him. "I was here. Only back then, they bitbeasts were different. They looked different. They seem to respond to each owner. You may have guessed as to which child had which beast."

Mr Dickenson carried on, "Drago had Dragoon, Natalia had Dranzer, Suki had Draciel, and Takeo had Drigger."

"But what happened to the children, even I couldn't stop it. They changed. Whenever they released the power of the beasts, they became older, like they were being possessed. It didn't happen to them all though. First it was just Drago. Normally he was a good kid, got on well with the others, but after about a year of using the new blade he became angry with everyone, and he would not give back the blade. He changed into a kind of animal. But we thought it was just teenage behaviour, and then Natalia joined him and they became inseparable."

He paused.

"What we didn't know, was that Voltaire had got Natalia to place a micro-chip on him and it gave him mood swings which were controlled by Voltaires scientists. Then Voltaire had placed one on his own daughter too."

Saska gasped "He would do that to his own child!"

Kai knew that his grandfather would never care, only about what he had to gain. He had first had experience of what 'family' meant to Voltaire. He smiled grimly at her and answered her question "He would if he gained from it."

They sat in silence for a moment, each in their own thoughts.

Then Grandpa Granger cleared his throat, "Any way, the kids got together in pairs. Suki was worried, she came to both of us and told us that her bitbeast was upset and so was Drigger. They were worried about the changes in the other two beasts. She warned that Dragoon and Dranzer would crave power, and if the 'Blackness' was released, then there would be terrible loss. Unfortunately, we didn't understand back then what she meant."

Mr Dickenson followed the story on. "It seemed because only two of my team members were 'unstable', but they were all performing well, so we didn't look into it. We started to take them to compition's. Of course they won. Everything. Teams, pairs, individuals, ect… No one could beat them. Then when Suki was 15 she left the team, and so did Takeo. They no longer wanted to blade; they were in love and wanted to settle down. They didn't know that Natalia had had a baby. So Drago and Natalia continued on together."

Tyson's grandfather took over the tale from there. "Natalia had you when she was 16 Kai. She took a long vacation and left you with her father to look after, so she could carry on blading and building up Black Dranzers power. Another two years went by, and Drago had become the ultimate blader. He was too powerful. His Black Dragoon was unbeatable. There was nothing left for him to win. The other Bladers began to loss heart and faith in the sport. Drago became angry with the lack of quality players, and so demanded that his old team mates played him for a reunion match."

Again, the two older men glanced at each other. Wondering if they should continue now that they had started.

"Well, Tyson's parents refused. They lived here in the Dojo with me. Young Suki had given birth to Tyson six months before the challenge from Drago."

Grandpa wiped a tear from his eye; "They changed their minds when Drago started to attack the crowds when they jeered him for only playing people weaker than he was. They had to stop him. Suki went alone to see Natalia one night, whilst Drago was playing in the USA. She did some of her 'magic' and Natalia was freed from the micro-chip, and became devastated with the damage she saw her boyfriend had done and was still doing…"

Mr Dickenson took over when Grandpa's voice faltered.

"She agreed to help lock away the powerful beasts. Not just Black Dragoon, but the other three as well. Until such a time that worthy and honourable masters came along for each Bit Beast."

"The two girls came up with a plan, and Suki and Natalia lured Drago back to the Dojo. Suki made sure that Tyson and Takeo were away. She must have known she was not coming back…"

Kai and Suki were so caught up in the story, that they didn't notice Kenny come quietly into the room, and sit silently on the floor to listen.

"Natalia managed to get Dragoons 'chip' out of his Blade, and Suki planted it and sealed it away into the Sword, the very one Kai is holding now." Grandpa indicated to the sword Kai held in his hand.

Everyone looked at him, and Kai looked down at the sword.

"When Suki sealed it, Drago felt the power leave his body and it brought him to his knees, yelling his anger and loss." Mr Granger paled as he told them what happened next "I don't know how she did it, but Suki then gave her life energy to seal away the other three Bit Beasts, who were transported to different parts of the world. It was then that Drago grabbed the sword off the stand, and ….. he …..killed her…."

He put his head in his hands and tried to hold back the tears, Saska had tears pouring down her face. Her daughter had sacrificed her life. But Tyson was her grandson! She was unsure whether to laugh or cry, so she just let the tears roll down her face in silence.

"What happened to my mother?" Kai suddenly demanded "What happened next?"

Mr Dickinson answered him, "Your father turned on her and through the micro-chip Voltaire had planted on him, Voltaire felt the loss of the Bit Beast power. He made Drago kill her. He cut off her head."

The blood drained out of Kai's face, he felt sick, hot and cold. "Then what happened?" he whispered.

Saska surprised them all by answering his question "Takeo came back and found the girls, he placed Tyson with a neighbour and called the police. His eyes then caught site of the sword on the floor between the two bodies, and gently touched it. He said it was glowing pale blue. He told everyone that Suki had spoken to him and told him what had happened; he left a note and now has trouble spending time with Tyson. It's too painful for him."

She looked as shocked as the others as they stared at her, "I just touched the sword, and I just knew!"

"Well, you are right." Grandpa told her "I came back to….to it all. I raised Tyson myself, and never told him what happened. As for Drago Black, well he went off in search of Voltaire to demand more power. He then found out about his son, and Voltaire gave him another Bit Beast. It was with this Beast that he played his last game, and lost. He went wild and attacked the crowd."

"Who beat him?" Kai asked

"Takeo." Kenny piped up, making them all jump. "Dizzy is coming up with the information as we speak." He explained. "Then Drago left and was never seen again, that is until now…"

Kai let the news sink in. He hated his father. Always had. Voltaire had threatened him with his father many times, when he was younger. He had met him a couple of times, only to be left in fear of his life.

When Boris let it slip that Drago was dead, Kai had forgotten all about him and pushed him away from his mind. Until Kenny had mentioned it earlier.

"So now what do we do?" It was the million-dollar question.

And no one had an answer just yet.

Kenny looked around the room. "Where is Tyson?"

He got blank and worried stares from all in the room.

Kai held up the sword, it's tip pointing towards the sky, "I think this sword holds the key to many things, I…I….think he's been locked away in here!"

Eyes widened and a collective gasp echoed around the room.

"Suki!" Whispered Saska.


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