Ok guys now I have a new story that I am writing. It's called ' The Good Years' here's the summary

Summary: AU. What if Sirius Black escaped before they went to Hogwarts. What if He got caught and was sent back to prison along with Remus Lupin. What if they saved both men from the horrible prison.

Now I wont be posting it until much later. Maybe when I get to chapter 20 or so. But the good thing is that I try to write a chapter a Sunday so on Sunday I will hopefully be done with chapter 4. Only problem is that I well be gone from June 12- June 18, June 28- July 2, July 3- august 8 yea lots o problems but I will try to write as much as possible.

Oh and sorry for not updating but if I post a chapter as I write it then I tend to give up on it (cant ya tell)