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SUMMARY: Harry defeats Voldemort and somewhat goes into a morbid depression and falls in love with Draco, whom is not at Hogwarts anymore. Draco is running away from his fears and does not want to face them again.

Chapter 2: Lonliness Seeps


"It doesn't look that crowded, does it?" Ron said as they stepped onto Platfrom nine and three quarters. Harry absently nodded. He was craning his neck back and forth looking for a familiar blond head. But he didn't see it. "I'm glad most of the Slytherins left.." Ron continued but Harry ignored him. He might already be on the train. With that thought in mind, Harry got onto the train, knowing quite well that Malfoy would come into the compartment and sneer at them.

Harry sat with Ginny and Neville in the last room of the train waiting for Ron and Hermione to come back. He heard Ron's angry voice first before the two came into the comparment.
"I can't believe that asshole." Ron said and Hermione sighed. "The nerve of not showing up at the Prefect meeting. Who does he think he is, The Dhali Llhama, King George!"
"What?" Ginny asked. "What happened?"

"Draco Malfoy is what happened." Ron spat. Harry's spirit soared at the mention of the blond Slytherin.
"You going to tell us what happened or not?" Ginny demanded. "Malfoy wasn't at the Prefects meeting." Hermione said. Harry felt his spirit yank back down to earth by gravity. Before Hermione could say anything, the door swung open. Harry saw Crabbe and Goyle first, because they were the ones who opened the door and Harry's stomach did a summersault. Malfoy came to say snide comments, finally. Harry thought. But it wasn't Malfoy, it was Pansy Parkison and Blaise Zabini. Before anyone could react, Pansy came walking in and slapped Harry. Her eyes were rimmed with tears and her pale cheeks were blotched.

"You did this to him!" She screamed, the Gryffindors could only stare as though she lost her mind. "You drove him away. I hate you Potter. I wish you shoul've died!" She screeched as Blaise pulled her out while she continued to scream at Harry and fight Blaise at the same time. Finally she stopped, noticing that her efforst weren't doing anything. She turned around and started to cry in Blaise's chest and the dark haired boy comforted her with soothing words and he draped his arm around her as he lead her away.

"What was that all about?" Hermione asked no one in particular. Harry had his hand on his cheeks were it stung when Pansy slapped him. Questions were turmoiling in his head and he couldn't stand it anymore. He got up and ran out of the compartment.

"Harry-" He heard Hermione but he ignored it and ran after the group of Slytherens. They weren't far ahead and Harry easily caught up to them. Goyle noticed him first then the rest.
"What do you want Potter?" Blaise asked.

"Can we talk."
Blaise shrugged his shoulders and motined toward a compartmet on their right. Harry followed them in. Pansy was hysterically crying and the other three looked miserable. "What did you want to talk about?"
"Draco Malfoy."
"What about him?"
"Where is he?"
"We don't know."
"You mean he didn't show up on the train?"

Draco sat in front of the fire in his room. His own room. The Russians really knew how to live. The palace was bigger than Hogwarts castle and more majestic. And students had their own room. The ground was also bigger, since Russia was a big place and only a few people lived here. He sat alone, he never went to dinner or joined the school in their welcome back party. He wanted to be alone. His room was almost as big as his other rooms. It had a green four poster bed. Three more rooms, one was the bathroom which was the same size as the Prefects bathroom in Hogwarts. One was a lounge area and the other was a small study room with a small library and a table in the middle. The last room was what Draco suspected as some sort of bedroom. Pillows of all sorts were scattered on the floor, making an arabian atmosphere. Draco smirked at the idea of a harem. He glanced at the calender and noted that it was Sept.1. Hogwarts must've started. Draco wondered at the sorting. When he came here, he wasn't sorted. He was given a schedule of classes that he would be taking with people in his same year.


The sorting ceremonial went on as usual. Harry noticed that most of the houses had lost a lot of students, but the Slytherins had the most casulties. Of course there were still a lot of people at each of the houses and you can't really tell with the new first years filling in the empty seats. Harry's eyes kept swaying at the vacant seat of the Slytherin's moanarch. But he hadn't showed up and no one knew were he was. A new Slytherin filled the seat and Harry began to worry. As soon as the the ceremony was done, Mcgonnagol started to make her speech.

"The reign of the dark lord is over and we can now look forward to new begingings. New friendship and the future without fear." She continued. "The forest is still forbidden to all students. Hogwarts would continue to function as usual and the ministry decided to hold an international conference for schools around the world. The top ten students would be chosen, it doesn't matter from what year. It will be held every month at different schools. Participation is entirely voluntarily. You can sign up with your head of the houses. We have lost some students to other school, which is plaltantly not a big deal but suspicions are focused on one student that gone missing two months ago." Harry's head snapped up. "I am told that no one has seen him since. If you know the whearabouts of Draco Malfoy or any information on where he might be, please inform us as soon as possible."

"Someone loves us!" Ron said. "This is too good to be true. No more Malfoy. This is great Harry!" Harry ignored him as he looked at the seat that once belonged to Malfoy.


"You're the new boy?" A tall blond seventh year asked Draco and Draco nodded. He didn't feel like talking. "Draco Malfoy, right?" Draco stared blankely at the quill he was twirling in his hand. Draco tuned the student out and minutes later the Russian kid left him alone. He got up to walk in the darkly lit, freezing corridor to his room. Draco didn't deserve any of this, he deserved to die. Alone and lost. Part of him said he still had Snape, but Draco ignored that. Seeing Snape would just cause more pain. After all Snape was his godfather and his father's best friend.


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