TITLE :: Love Is Not A Game

The next day went by rather quickly and before Harry knew it, they were already in the last day of the tournament, awaiting the next round.

"Potter, what's the hell is the matter with you?" Pansy gently asked. They were having a picnic under the tree, Ron and Hermione politely declined. They wanted to be far away from Harry as possible, Harry deeply sighed.


Pansy decided to leave at that and gave Harry one last worry look before turning back to Blaise.

Harry noticed how the two Slytherins gotten close during the year. Pansy was still in denial stage that she was still in love with Draco, but Harry knew that she also liked Blaise.

Their chemistry during the past year was electrifying, just like his and Draco's, when they were fighting. Harry was too angry then to even acknowledge the spark of energy that Draco always lit when he was near.

When Draco was missing, Harry realized that he was a complete moron for not seeing it earlier. The inevitable happened and he fell in love with Draco. Maybe he always was in love with the infuriating prat, he just ignored it, mistaking the feeling for hatred.

Did Draco feel that energy also?

"I wonder what's been on Snape's mind lately?" Blaise mused aloud and Pansy shrugged. "Hey Harry has he said anything to you?"

"No." Harry grumbled. Whether Blaise was referring to Snape or Malfoy, he didn't know.

"This last round determines everything." Pansy said worriedly, "I can't go through with it."

"It's fake Pansy." Blaise drawled, pulling a muffin out of the picnic basket. "They're just copying the Triwizard tournament where you have to rescue the person that matters to you the most. But this time it's a little different. You have to chose between the ones you love and the one you love."

"Like that narrows it down." Pansy muttered. "You're quite lucky Potter. You had no one to love."

Harry dejectedly bit his pie before he got up and left. Maybe he didn't care if anyone loved him. Those that he cared for are either dead or complete jerks. He threw his pie away into the grass.

Draco sat in his chair going over the contract for his arranged marriage, one last time. He had to make a choice. Like Harry said, the binding spell would kill anyone that used it. His father sealed Draco's fate on a piece of parchment. Too bad the only name on it was Lucius Malfoy.

"Why would you do something stupid like this?" Draco muttered before he gave up and threw the piece of paper into the fire, watching the edge crumble from the heat and the fire burned around it instead of burning it to crisp. Draco knew there was a fire charm on it, he tried burning it when he received it.

His mother always told him if he gets married, if he got married at all. He should marry for love. It's the only thing worth dying for or so she said.

With one signature on it, Draco took a chance and pulled out a silver ring with a single ruby red stone out from under his pillow. He'd been saving it ever since he saw it in a shop window in Bordeux.

Sure it was plain, inexpensive and not fancy as many other rings. But that was enough for Draco. He didn't want a love based on false truth and lies. He wanted someone that could love him for what he is; now what he was.

The ring didn't signify anything, only that someone of Draco's standard should never have bought it and that was why he bought it. It was simple and complete with it's true meaning radiating of it, maybe not in words, but the way it was made and how it felt in the palm of his hand when he first held it.

'I may be plain and simple, but what I have to offer is real.'

Draco placed it back into its small black box and snapped it shut before he stuffed it into his pocket.

He grabbed a dagger from the side table and left his dorm in search of his lion. His one and only, in sickness and health Harry, we will always be together. Even if I have to follow you to death itself.

Harry watched a girl from Rasputa choose her pet over her boyfriend. He was the last contestant again.

He wondered if the giant spider knew of his infatuation with a blond Prince. Harry knew he had to choose, but between what?

What was important to him, besides Draco. He didn't know how alike this was to the Triwizard Tournament, but from what he saw so far, this tournament was beyond brutal.

The last girl came out crying, clutching a doll close to her chest. They were to go into the forest and search for the one thing that mattered to them the most. From the looks of the ashen face, and vacant expressions, going in there was not easy.

Harry got up with no encouragement from anyone, not even a good-luck. Why did he bother caring? Hope, maybe.

Harry entered the forest and tiredly wandered aimlessly around, in search of nothing.

After what seemed like an hour, Harry found himself in front of a cabin, curiously, he walked inside and the door slam shut as soon as he was inside.

Guess it was true, curiosity killed the cat.

Inside the log cabin was huge than it looked on the outside. It was just empty, there was no chairs or any other sign of furniture's.

There was nothing but it's bleak emptiness and hollow echoes. Harry turned around and noticed that the door was gone.

He turned around to see two more doors appear and the one on his left opened. Harry backed against the wall and saw Voldemort emerged. He couldn't be back! Harry made certain of that.

Whether it was Voldemort of not, Harry was suddenly panicking. He could not deal with this again. Once was enough. He wasn't strong enough to stop him from taking over again.

Harry grabbed his wand from his robe and pointed it directly at Voldemort, he closed his eyes and he mentally prepared himself for an attack. "Avad-"

"Harry, no!"

Harry's eyes snapped open and Draco emerged from the other door, confused and weary.

"Draco…" Harry whispered, his eyes darting from Voldemort back to Draco, not believing what he was saw. "What are you doing here.

"I really don't know." Draco replied as he also noticed Voldemort and apprehension dawned on his beautiful features. "We're in the last round, Harry."

Voldemort ignored Draco and began advancing toward Harry again.

"What does this have to do with the bloody tourney. Voldemort is about to kill me!" Harry snapped and Draco rolled his eyes as he grabbed his wand from somewhere within his robe.

"Stupefy." Draco muttered and Voldemort suddenly froze and fell backwards. Harry's mouth dropped open. "Listen Harry, we have to talk."

"There's nothing to talk about." Harry replied, instantly forgetting Voldemort. "You're going to marry that girl and I'm going to live my whole life lonely."

"No you are not and no I am not going to marry anyone."

Harry slunk to the floor, his arms dropping uselessly to his side and his jade eyes stared intently up at Draco, full of sorrow, grief and despair, "Draco, I know you'll marry her. You love her."

"How would you know?" Draco quietly asked.

"Because I found a picture of her in your room." Harry grumbled. He raked his hand through his hair, at lost to what he would say. "Just go back, where you came from."

"I can't. The doors locked." Draco sarcastically retorted. "The only way I can leave is if you choose to save the world from a future threat or choose love over death."

"You know what I would choose, so why are you wasting my time?" Harry snarled and Draco arrogantly strode forward and pulled Harry to his feet, so they were now face to face.

"Harry, do you truly love me?"

"Yes and you know it." Harry sneered. "So just leave."

"No." Draco smirked. "Not until you tell me why you love me."

Harry stared incredulously at him. It couldn't hurt to tell. "I love you for your smile, your eyes. The way you laugh. I love how you cry, "Harry began to whisper as he started to feel tears fall down his face, "I love how you're just human..."

Draco suddenly pulled him close and before Harry could respond, Draco leaned over and kissed him.
It was the sweetest, yet most passionate kiss he ever had. It was a kiss that held promises, a future. It wasn't like the ones he shared with so many others, that held lies and secrets. This kiss was full of love and compassion and Harry began to cry heatedly.

Draco slowly ended the kiss and stared into Harry's eyes. "And I love everything about you Harry." He gently removed Harry's tears with the tip of his finger.

"But, why Draco?"

"Because I just do. You cannot help who you fall in love with." Draco moved back a little so they had room to breathe. "So what would you choose in a life and death situation Potter?"

It was just a tournament and yet the rest of Hogwarts was counting on him to pick the right destiny. If he chose Voldemort than everyone would know that he did this to protect the world and if he chose love, than everything that he ever known and loved would be doom to death. He had to do the right thing.

"Draco, I'm sorry." Harry whispered as he picked his wand up from the floor and glanced at Voldemort. "But I have to do what is right."

Draco's gray eyes held the look of betrayal and yet his face was set in a determined expression. He grabbed Harry's wand hand and the Gryffindor did not struggle to break free. "Whether this is a game or real life, Harry. You already saved the world, you do not have to do it again."

"Draco, look I-"

"You always got to do the right thing, don't you?" Draco spat, "Everyone depends on the great Harry Potter to defend them. Well a reality check Potter, people need to learn to depend on themselves. You already defeated Voldemort, he's gone and love is not a game." Draco's eyes narrowed. "I am going to ask once and only once than if the answer is No, I am long gone and you can get back to being the child that you are."

"I am not a child." Harry snarled as he swapped Draco's hand aside. "You are-"

"Harry James Potter." Draco said in a cold tone that abruptly made Harry stop in mid rant and watch Draco pull a black box from his pocket and opened it. "Will you marry me?"

Whatever Harry was going to say, it left him as he stared down at the silver ring. It wasn't what he expected Draco would buy, but he could tell that it meant a lot just by looking at it. The rring practically screamed I love you!

Harry could do the only thing he could think of. He grabbed Draco's wrist in pulled him forward to give him the best, mind-blowing kiss that they ever shared. "I think that answers your question Malfoy." Harry whispered and Draco smirked. "What about the binding contract?"

"I'll take my chances." Draco replied.

"What am I going to tell everyone?" Harry suddenly gasped and Draco chuckled.

"Nothing." Draco whispered as he pulled a dagger out of his pocket. "You don't need friends that doesn't care for you and no one loves you like I do."

Draco pulled Harry close and gently kissed him. Harry eagerly responded and Draco brought the dagger between them, so a part of Harry was touching it.

Deeply lost in their kiss, Harry clutched Draco's shoulder while the blonde held him by the waist and then they disappeared with the portkey.

"….the hero known as Harry James Potter has magically disappeared with once thought dead, Draco Malfoy. They were last seen at Rasputa Institute of Magic while Harry Potter was in the middle of the last round. They have not been seen since…."


"Why do I have to go to this. He was just an old codger." Draco whined as Harry pulled him through a mass of trees.

"He's not an old codger, he was like a grandfather to me." Harry said. "And stop whining."

"But this dense air is ruining my hair."

Harry didn't reply as they were out of the thick foliage. They stepped onto the fresh green grass and walked to the monument of the greatest wizard that ever lived.

Harry and Draco's old headmaster, Professor Dumbeldore.

Harry got on to his knees and glanced at the long name that was scribbled onto it. "Sorry for not coming sooner. Draco and I planned to, but we got sidetrack."

Draco snorted but Harry continued. "Thank you Dumbeldore for always being there for me and good luck on your next adventure."

Harry placed a bouquet of wildflowers on the gravestone. He gave it one last look before he got up and left, holding Draco's hands as they both walked out of the cemetery.

"I hope he's happy." Harry finally said.

"Isn't he always." Draco commented.

"Draco be nice." Harry scolded.

"I was being nice Potter." Draco grumbled and Harry playfully pushed him.

"That's Mr. Potter to you."

"For another month yes," Draco wryly said. "Then you'll be a Malfoy."

Harry chuckled and deeply kissed his boyfriend. "I can't wait."

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