1: It's a Terrible Life

It was another beautiful morning in Westbridge. Outside the Spellman's Victorian house a world of beauty waited to be discovered, blue skies, melodious birds, fragrant flowers and a radiant sun. But Sabrina Spellman didn't realize how beautiful her surroundings were because she was sleeping.

"Wake up sleepyhead!" yelled Salem, the witty black cat that was Sabrina's familiar.

He jumped on top of her and tickled her nose with his long furry tail. Sabrina moved her nose and sneezed.

"What?" she asked in a slightly grumpy tone.

"Wake up!"

"Ok," groaned Sabrina as she opened her light blue eyes.

Salem jumped to the floor as Sabrina stood up. She looked at the watch that laid on top of a small night table right next to her bed. It was late, very late!

"Salem! Why didn't you wake me up before?! Now I hardly have... 10 minutes to get ready and get to school!"

"I didn't want to wake you at all, but nobody else wanted to open this can for me," said the cat as he showed her a can of tuna.

Sabrina pointed her index finger towards the can and it magically open. Sabrina was a witch, actually half witch. Her father was a warlock and her mother a mortal. She lived with her aunts and discovered her wonderful powers when she was 16 years old.

"Gee, thanks Sab, you're the best!" smiled Salem.

"No problem," she said as she pointed her finger towards herself and magically changed her pajamas into blue jeans and a pink shirt. Also her messy blond hair was now tied into a ponytail.

Sabrina hurriedly went downstairs and walked towards the dining room, Salem followed her after hastily eating all the tuna inside the can. Her aunt Hilda was spreading some marmalade on her toast and her aunt Zelda read the newspaper.

"Morning Sabrina! Want some toasts?" asked Hilda in her usual cheery tone.

"No, I'm late!" said Sabrina as she took a sip of orange juice from a glass.

"Skipping breakfast can have serious consequences," warned Zelda.

"Ok, ok," said Sabrina as she took a toast, spread some marmalade on it and took a bite.

"Sabrina, calm down just a bit, all this stress is going to kill you," said Hilda walking towards her niece.

"Calm down?! You just don't know the loads of things I have to do today," exclaimed Sabrina.

"Sweety, just take it easy and... better get going, it's late," said Zelda smiling.

Sabrina zapped herself and vanished in thin air.

"Have a nice day!" waved Hilda.

"Be careful, someone might see you!" warned Zelda. "I hope she doesn't appear in a public area."

"Oh, Zellie, you can be such a worry wart sometimes."

"Hey ladies! Hungry cat down here!" exclaimed Salem.

Sabrina reappeared inside the janitor's room, knowing that he wasn't around there at that time of the day. She went out as soon as she could and to her misfortune found Libby Chessler's obnoxious face smirking at her.

"Spellman, glad to see that you got a new job. You weren't doing so well at school, were you?"

"I don't have time to listen to your nonsense Libby," said Sabrina walking away.


The bell rang and Sabrina ran towards her locker. She entered the correct combination, but the locker was stuck! Sabrina looked around and carefully pointed her finger towards her locker. It opened; she got her books and ran to her first class, a surprise test waited for her, a very hard one indeed.

The morning went by fast and it was finally time for lunch. Sabrina and her inseparable friends, Harvey Kinkle and Valerie Birkhead, went to the cafeteria and ate a nasty lunch, mashed potatoes, broccoli and some gooey unrecognizable stuff. The food today was terrible, worst than any other day, so most of the people decided to start a food fight!

"I'm outta here!" exclaimed Sabrina as she got up and a bunch of mashed potato hit right on target... Sabrina's right eye.

"Freak! You deserve that and much more!" laughed Libby while a stick of broccoli hit her right in the nose. "Hey?! That wasn't funny!"

Sabrina smiled; at least Libby got what she deserved. She went out of the cafeteria with Harvey and Valerie right behind her.

"Man, I'm so hungry," moaned Harvey.

"Me too," said Valerie.

"Yeah, I know, but we couldn't stay there in that zone of war!"

"You're right. I guess that we'll have to take a snack from the machine or something," smiled Harvey taking some coins from his pocket.

"Yay for sugar!" said Valerie as she and Harvey walked towards the Snack Machines.

Sabrina smiled and followed them.

"Spellman!" called Vice - principal Willard H. Kraft.

"Now what?" she exclaimed.

"Come to my office please, we have to talk."

"I had a terrible day!" said a furious Sabrina as she went inside her house.

"Calm down sweetheart, I bet it wasn't that bad," said a positive Zelda.

"No? Libby saw me coming out from the janitor's room, we had a surprise test, the food today was horrible and everyone began a food fight, I got some mashed potato in the eye, at least Libby got a broccoli stick on the nose," smiled Sabrina.

"Sounds like a nice day to me, " said Hilda smiling.

"Yeah, but here's the worst part, Mr. Kraft wants me to present a report about 'Why we shouldn't waste food in the cafeteria' for tomorrow! How in the world am I going to do that for tomorrow?! Besides, it wasn't me that started the food fight, I wasn't even there when the mustard fell on him!"

"Kraft asked you to make a report and mustard fell on him?" Asked Zelda a little confused.

Willard Kraft loved to torture the students and Libby was his allay.

"Yes, he said 'Miss Spellman, I don't know how, but I do know that you're responsible for this mess!' and he told me to do that report as a punishment!"

"Oh, rats, I missed so many things today," exclaimed Hilda chuckling.

"Why is life so unfair with me? What did I do to deserve all this bad things?"

"Sabrina, honey, you have a wonderful life..."

"No, I don't! First of all I have a secret that I can't tell anybody about and people just seem to dislike me!"

"Sabrina, it's just Libby and Mr. Kraft, you're a sweet girl, so nice and friendly," said Hilda trying to cheer her up.

"If you say so," smiled Sab.

"Yes, it is actually one of the few times that I agree with my sister," smiled Zelda.

"To be Sabrina Spellman it's harder than it seems. Anyway, I'm going upstairs, I've got lots of homework!"

The blonde unhappy girl went upstairs to her room; on top of her bed was Salem licking his left paw.

"Hey! I'm in the middle of a bath! Can't a cat have some privacy?"

"Salem, this is my room! Go somewhere else!"

"Hey, grumpy girl at two o'clock!" yelled Salem as he stretched his furry body. "What's the matter today Sab?"

"It's nothing."

"Hey, don't lie to me, I know that face!"

"It's just that sometimes I get so tired of been me that I wish I could change places with someone else. You know, live someone else's life," Sabrina said with a deep sigh.

"You could," said Salem.

"Yeah, right," she said sarcastically.

"Seriously! There's a very nice spell to do so. Look for it in your Spell book."

"Really? I've got to get my hands on that spell," said Sab as she took the book. "Aches, Bouncing," she said as she flicked the pages. "Here it is! The Change Places With Someone Else Spell!"

"I told you it was there," said Salem smiling proud of himself.

"Sure, the cat's always right," said Sabrina jokingly. "Hope that this thing works,

My life is complicated
That we all know
Let me trade places
With someone unknown

Warning: You must be 100% sure
that you want to do this. We can't
guarantee where will you end up!

Whatever, as long as it works!" She said as she disappeared in a green smoke cloud and a blonde teenage girl appeared instead of her. The girl looked around confused, her clear eyes showed confusion.

"Where in the world am I?" she asked to nobody specifically.

"Oh! You are in Westbridge, Massachusetts. I'm Salem and you are?"

"Buffy, Bu-Buffy Summers," said the girl as she turned and noticed Salem on top of Sabrina's bed. "YOU TALK?!" "Sure!" he smiled.