3: The Witches of Westbridge

"Ok, this doesn't look like home at all," said Sabrina not recognizing her surroundings. "Where am I?"

Sabrina was right in the middle of a gorgeous living room, inside a Victorian house, that wasn't at all like her aunts'.

"Sabrina!" Someone called from another room, the voice sounded like Aunt Zelda's, and she didn't sound happy.

"Aunt Zelda?" asked Sabrina as she walked towards the next room.

Inside were her aunts with frowning faces. The new room was a kitchen, very unlike her aunts' kitchen.

"Sabrina, what are we doing here?" asked Hilda.

"I... I'm not sure. You see I made a spell and was in Sunnydale, but then I made another spell with someone else's help and it brought me, and as I can see you too, here," answered Sabrina trying not to give much details.

"Aha, and what else?" asked Zelda giving her a serious look.

"I just wanted to, um, you know trade lives with someone else," Sabrina smiled weakly.

"Sabrina!" yelled Zelda. "Why would you want to take over another's life?!"

"It's just..."

"Don't worry Sabrina, I tried that once too, with disastrous consequences. You know the Tower of Pisa?"

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa?"

"Yes, that one. Well, it didn't use to be leaning, until I made a little mistake," smiled Hilda. "Long story, you wouldn't like to hear it."

"You certainly don't want to hear it," said Zelda. "But there's a story that we all want to hear, what happened Sabrina?"

"Well, I had such a terrible day that I wished to trade lives with someone else. Salem told me that there was a spell in the book and I used it," said Sabrina wincing. "But, I realized something."

"Yeah, what?" asked Hilda.

"I don't want to live the Slayer's life, I couldn't possibly slay demons every single day of my life, ugh, no thanks. I rather live as a simple teenage witch."

A sudden rumble broke the wall right behind Sabrina and a fierce looking beast came from behind it.

"GRRR!" the wolf looking thing growled.

"Yes, I'd like that too, but now we're kinda stuck here," shrieked Hilda.

"I have a suggestion, why don't we all RUN!" suggested Zelda.

"I agree!" said Sabrina.

"Yeah!" yelled Hilda as the three blondes ran inside the kitchen.

The beast followed them growling and babbling something that sounded a lot like "I'll get you Charmed Ones!"

"Ok Phoebe, where are we?" asked a dark haired woman.

"How am I supposed to know Prue?!" exclaimed Phoebe.

"Perhaps because you are the one that always gets us in trouble!"

"I don't!"

"Ok, girls! This fight's over!" exclaimed a young woman with long brown hair as she raised both hands in the air as if to stop something. "I think that we can find a reason why we are here."

"Yeah Piper, ask Phoebe," said Prue.

"Me? Why me?!"

"Both of you! Stop it now! We have to concentrate here. There's one thing that we know for sure, we are not home."

They were in the living room of a Victorian house, but it wasn't theirs, it was completely different, from the colors to the size and furniture, not a single thing was like their own, because it was the Spellman's house. An agile Salem jumped right on the couch and stared at the newcomers.

"Hi," he greeted.

"Oh my God! The cat talks!" exclaimed Phoebe astonished.

"Yes, Pheebs, we noticed," said Piper with her eyes wide open.

"There has to be an explanation for this, I know there is," said Prue.

"Yes, maybe this cat is an innocent that needs our help, like a person trapped inside the cat's body or something," suggested Piper.

"Wow girls, you really are smart," smiled Salem. "I'm Salem and you are?"

"I'm Phoebe and this two are my sisters, Piper and Prue. We are the Halliwell sisters."

"Nice to meet you," smiled the cat.

"Could you please be kind enough to explain us what are we doing here?" asked Prue seriously.

"Sure, well this is all because of a spell," answered Salem.

"A spell that you casted?" asked Piper.

"No, no, you see, I talked with a friend and she casted the spell to call you here. So that way you could help me with this little problem here, I'm your innocent," grinned Salem.

"How did you ended up as a cat?" asked Phoebe.

"Well, long story, but let's just say that it was unfair and I didn't do what they say I did!"

"Ok, that's enough for me, we must help this poor guy out," said Phoebe.

Her sweet and always-up-to-help-others soul didn't let her see that Salem was lying.

"You see Pheebs, I'm not so sure," said Prue. "What if he's lying and we free a demon into this world or something?"

"No, no, no, I'm no demon," smiled Salem.

"Aww, c'mon Prue how can this sweety kitty be a demon," said Phoebe baby- talking.

"Well, yeah, I've seen sweeter, remember Jeremy?" said Piper.

"Well you got a point there," said Phoebe. "However, this cat can't be evil and if he summoned us here it was because of a good reason."

"Perhaps to kill us?" said Prue.

"Or steal our powers," suggested Piper.

"Ah, c'mon you guys," scoffed Phoebe.

"Yeah, c'mon, you girls, me evil?" Salem blew a raspberry. "I need your help I can prove that I'm good, just tell me what to do."

"Let's help him, please," begged Phoebe.

"I don't know Pheebs," said Prue sternly.

"Maybe we should give the guy a chance," said Piper.

"Yah, a chance to kill us!" yelled Prue.

"Don't you think that if I wanted that I would've done it already?" said Salem.

"The cat's got a point in that," said Piper.

"Ok, ok, we'll give him a test to see if he's good, then if he is we'll help him," said Prue.

"Sounds like a plan to me," smiled Phoebe.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Sabrina as she hid behind the kitchen counter.

"Talk with the beast, what else?" suggested Zelda. "And I know just the person to do it."

"Oh, no! Don't look at me in that way. Zellie, are you out of your mind?" said Hilda.

"Oh, yes, Hilda, you have that special charm with guys," said Zelda pushing her sister a bit.

"No! But you could just talk about your science things until he dies of boredom."

"No, Hildy, you have to do this," Zelda pushed her sister a bit more towards the living room.

"No, I'll give Sabrina the honor! She's the one that brought us here."

"I wish I could do something, but I just fought another demon and I'm still a little freaked out. Ewww the guy smelled really bad!"

"Hilda, go now!"

"Ok, ok Miss. Bossy," Hilda glanced at her sister.

"Don't look at me with that tone of voice!" Zelda said.

Hilda walked over to the living room and found that the furry beast was still there, destroying every wall.

"So, I see that you like to destroy things," said Hilda as she stood in front of the beast with a flirty smile. "I like guys like you, strong muscles, sharp claws, furry, no brains. My dream man!"

The beast was confused for a few seconds but he snapped out of his confusion and jumped over to attack Hilda, she flicked her index finger but nothing happened.

"Bad finger!" scolded Hilda as she waved her hands, trying to make her index work.

Surprisingly enough the beast froze in mid-air, with a terribly scary expression in his face and his claws right to get Hilda. A shocked Hilda walked to the kitchen once again with her jaw and eyes wide open.

"What? Did your plan worked or what?"

"It worked, but not the way that we planned it, he froze in midair!"

"He what?" asked Sabrina coming out of her hiding place.

"Froze, ice, cold, Beast Popsicle!"

"Are you sure?" asked Zelda.

"Sure?! Go there and see for yourself!" said Hilda pointing towards the living room.

"Ok, I'll go there," said Zelda walking to the living room.

"Yeah, me too," said Sabrina as she followed her aunt.

Hilda followed the two of them. Suddenly Sabrina stopped, she felt as if she was watching a movie, yet she was dizzy and lightheaded. She could see images inside her head, the beast attacking aunt Zelda. But that wasn't happening now; Sabrina's just had a premonition. She could feel a rush as she went back to reality; she opened her eyes and took a deep breath.

"Honey, are you ok?" asked Hilda.

"Yes, but Aunt Zelda's not!" she yelled running towards the living room.

Hilda ran too, not knowing exactly why, but just following her niece.

"Aunt Zelda! Watch out, the beast's going to wake!"

Just as the two of them approached Zelda, the beast unfroze and was ready to attack.

"Oh, no, you're not going to cause more trouble!" shouted Zelda, her temper rising.

Sabrina flicked her index finger, but nothing happened.

"Sabrina, two things, that doesn't work here, I tried it already and two, how did you know that was going to happen?"

"I had a vision or something! But, why don't we just move out of the beast's way now!"

"Yeah, I agree!"

Both hid behind the couch and Zelda stood right in front of the beast, she didn't look happy.

"Look at this mess! I'm not in the mood to deal with you!" shouted Zelda.

"Oh no, I hadn't seen Zellie like this in years!"

"You," said Zelda as she pointed at the beast. "... are in serious trouble!"

Zelda waved her arm to the left and magically the beast moved and hit against the wall, he was knocked out and laid on the floor unconscious.

"Whoa! You are going to teach me how to do that!" exclaimed Hilda surprised.

"I didn't really want to do it, it just... happened."

"Now we have to find a way to get out of here," said Sabrina.

"Ok, apparently, in this reality, we are witches too, so we can make a spell," said Zelda.

"Uh, uh! Great idea!" said Hilda.

"Since I made this whole mess I guess that I am the one that should solve it," said Sabrina.

"Ok, honey," smiled Zelda.

"But do it fast, before the beast wakes up!" Hilda hurried her niece.

"Right! You've passed!" cheered Phoebe as she snuggled Salem.

"Ok, that proves that you are not evil, so we'll help you, right Prue," said Piper.

"Yeah, I guess," answered Prue with a forced smile. "Let's get this thing done already."

"Sure," smiled Phoebe. "Kitty, I mean, Salem, go to that circle over there."

Salem walked to the circle that Phoebe pointed too.

"Hey! I didn't know there was a circle here!" said Salem.

"There wasn't one before, I made that with chalk, while Prue was testing you," said Phoebe.


"And Phoebe and I came up with the spell that is going to free you from that cat body," smiled Piper.

"Oh, girls, you really are something, don't worry, as soon as you free me I'll pay you back!"

"Sure, whatever, now zip it!" scolded Prue.

"She sure is moody," whispered Salem.

"Moody? That's nothing, you should see her..."

"Phoebe!" scolded Prue.

"Yeah, I better don't say it."

Salem, Piper and Phoebe giggled. Prue frowned and crossed her arms.

"Ok, if you want to be turned back into a human anytime in this century you better stop talking and let us work!"

"Sure, geesh!"

Prue placed purple candles around the circle while Phoebe threw a few white orchid petals around and Piper cooked up a slimy pink something-you- wouldn't-eat-thingy.

"Ok, ok, here goes nothing!" said Sabrina as she got ready to say the spell.

"I am guilty of this whole mess
Because I wanted to be someone else
I've learned my lesson and I confess
Let us get home and get some rest"

"Ok, Salem, ready?" asked Phoebe.

"More than ever!"

"Hear our voices loud and clear..."

Poof! The Halliwells were gone and right where they were standing appeared the Spellmans. Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda blinked, they couldn't believe their eyes.

"We're home!" shouted Sabrina excited.

"What?!" said Salem disappointed. "What are you doing here?"

"Glad to see that you're happy to see us again," said Hilda sarcastically rolling her eyes.

"What's all this pink goo, petals and candles?!" asked Zelda.

"It was supposed to be a spell," whined Salem.

"A spell, for what?" asked Sabrina.

"For nothing," said Salem with a sob. "I'll be upstairs in my room."

"You mean, MY, room," said Sabrina.

"Yeah, yeah, that, rub it on me, even you are against me today," sobbed Salem as he went upstairs.

"There's one thing that I'm sure of," said Sabrina.

"And what is that honey?"

"I'm glad that demons here are friendly and don't want to attack us or anything. I rather have a safe life here than have a life full of danger somewhere else, even though Libby is a national hazard to all of us," giggled Sabrina. "I'm glad that I'm just Sabrina Spellman, a teenage witch."

"We are happy with that too sweety," smiled Hilda. "Specially with the friendly demons here thing you said."

"We'll your aunt Hilda and me are going to clean this whole mess up, meanwhile I think that you better start working in your project," said Zelda.

"Project? What project?" asked Sabrina. "Ooh! That project! Yeah, I better go and do that. I have a great idea for it!"

Sabrina went upstairs as Zelda cleaned the living room with a flick of her finger.

"Done!" said Zelda contemplating the now clean living room.

"You always work so hard," said Hilda as she threw herself on the couch, zapped a bowl of popcorn and turned the TV on.

"Yes," answered Zelda as she sat next to her sister.

Upstairs Salem explained Sabrina what happened with the Halliwell sisters.

"Sabrina, can you believe it? I was going to be human again!" whined the cat.

"Yes, yes, Salem. Don't worry about it, eventually you will be human again," said Sabrina caressing the cat that rested in her lap.

"In a century!"

"Yes, but think about the consequences. If they had succeeded the Witches Council would've probably turned them into cats and give you like 2 centuries more in this body."

"I guess that you are right," sobbed Salem.

The next day Sabrina was more than ready for her presentation, although she was nervous she knew exactly what to do. The day went on pretty normal, a few pop quizzes, but that was it. Even Libby seemed nicer than ever, not technically nicer, but not as mean as usual. Finally, at lunch Mr. Kraft called Sabrina and asked her to tell her speech. She stood up and proudly walked to the front of the cafeteria. Valerie and Harvey gave her thumbs up and wished her good luck.

"Good afternoon Westbridge," greeted Sabrina. "I want to talk with you about the importance of food and why we shouldn't waste food in the cafeteria."

Everyone's eyes were on Sabrina, her hands were sweating, but she was confident.

"We are lucky enough to have food to fill our stomachs and..."

BLLLAMMM! The fire alarm blared!

"Ok, everyone please slowly leave the building, there seems to be a fire, somewhere," said Mr. Kraft.

Everyone went out of the building in order and some of the students headed home. Sabrina and her friends went out as well. The vice principal talked with the students and informed that the fire had been a small accident in the Science classroom, so everyone could go home until they solved the problem.

"Looks like you won't have to do the speech after all," smiled Harvey.

"I don't know how you were able to stand in front of everyone, that was very brave Sabrina," said Valerie. "I could've fainted right there."

"Well, after fighting two evil creatures a speech doesn't look like such a big deal."

"Two evil creatures?" asked Harvey.

"What are you talking about?" asked Valerie.

"Well you know, I was using a metaphor, you know, Libby and Mr. Kraft."

"Oh," nodded Harvey.

"Yeah, totally!" smiled Valerie.

"Spellman!" called Mr. Kraft. "Don't think that this emergency saves you from that speech. You'll have to do that tomorrow."

"Sure, Mr. Kraft," smiled Sabrina. "I'll be ready, as ready as ever."

Mr. Kraft walked away without crossing another word with Sabrina; he thought that she'd taken his comment in a different way, he actually wanted to bother her, but his plan backfired, at the end only one person was bothered, him.