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Diamond Tears

Chapter One: the accident

It was raining.

And it was cold.

Drops fell from the sky like tears, falling down hard on the pavement. It was wet. The pavement was slick. That was the main cause. It wasn't his fault. He was just... rushing. Like a mad man, he drove, trying to go somewhere, trying to get somewhere. Anywhere.

The rode was empty, he swore it was. The light was red but... no one else was there. He had to get there... had to get to her. The other car came out of nowhere, it wasn't there before. When he sped past the red light, hurtling towards the other side of the road, the other car... didn't see him either. They sped towards each other, sped fast. When, finally, the blinding car lights reached each other, and they realized... It was too late.

The roads were too wet.

The tires could not get enough friction in time... And they hit.

The collision was horrible. The other drive's car spun over and over, landing on its side, the drive knocked unconscious. As for Akito's car... it slid. Twirled around in the rain as Akito's head was slammed into the steering wheel again and again. By the time the car reached the ditch, where it turned over and remained, he was unconscious.

The police arrived on the scene. The scooped the other driver onto a stretcher. He was bleeding, but the paramedics nodded to each other. "He's going to make it."

And then they found Akito.

"We've got a bleeder!" A dark haired man screamed. "I need a stretcher, pronto!"

They rushed him into the ambulance. The lights were blinding, the siren screaming. Akito's eyes opened, his senses kicking in.


His head shrieked with pain. He could hear hot liquid flowing down onto his face. Then he noticed the people around him, trying to suppress the bleeding. His head was exploding.

He had never gotten to her... never made it.



A coffee haired girl stormed into the emergency room. Her chocolate eyes were overflowing with tears. Where was he? Where was Akito?

/ god, this is all my fault. / she thought, and the tears came down harder. / my fault... all my fault. Why did I make him rush? Why? There premiere wasn't that important. /

Akito had been rushing from the airport to Sana's movie premiere. Maybe if he hadn't been rushing... Maybe if he hadn't been so determined to get there on time... Maybe.

She ran to the doctor. For a moment he only stared at the disgruntled girl in front of him. Sana knew her appearance was odd, especially in an emergency room.

Her make-up ran down her face, her hair strewn across it. Her baby pink dress reached to the floor, gently flowing out around her. The bottom was stained with mud...she had tripped on the way out of the taxi.

"Where is he?" She yelled, grabbing the doctor's shoulders and shaking them. "Where is he...? Where is Akito?"

The doctor quickly regained his composure. Clearing his throat, he pointed the teen actress down the hallway to room 307.

"The operation was a success." He said before she ran to the door. Sana's eyes lit up... but then he said something that made her blood run cold. "But... he had such a critical head injury... He head hit the steering wheel so many times. We tried... but... he's in a coma."

/ a coma / she thought, the tears running down her face increased.

"We..." the doctor continued, "we don't think he's going to... make it."

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