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When we left Sana and Akito...

She lowered her head to his chest, sobbing onto his blankets.

"No, no, no..." She murmured, "Wake up Aki... oh God, please wake up..."

Diamond Tears

Chapter Seven

There was no sound in the room, save for Sana's sobbing. They were heart- wrenching sobs that would make anyone who heard them break down in tears themselves. She cried onto his blanket, her mind blank, for she could not think... she was numb.

"Wake up... wake up..." She moaned, over and over.

He had to wake up.

She would not leave him. She would remain by his side for forever, even if he never woke up. She would not take the chance of missing him, by leaving for a moment.

And she continued to cry.

And then, so suddenly it startled her, his hand rested on hers. Her head shot up off his chest, and her chocolate eyes flicked to his honey ones.

They were open.

"Sana..." he whispered, "what happened?"

"Oh God... Akito..." she murmured softly, throwing her arms around his shoulders, sobbing still. He awkwardly patted her back, unaware of why she was crying or even where he was.

When she finally released his neck, she told him everything, starting with the car accident. As she explained everything, she could see tears welling in his eyes. Her own voice choked, and soon she had tears spilling down her face. When she told him how they had said they didn't think he would ever wake up again, after just reassuring her that everything was going to be okay, she stopped, for she could not talk anymore...

There were just tears.

She put her arms around his neck, and this time he held her, crying along with her.

"I didn't think..." She stumbled over her words, "d-didn't think... you were c- coming back. I-I thought... God, forgive me, Aki... I thought you were leaving me." The heart-wrenching sobs escaped her once more, and he held her tighter. "I t-thought you were l-l-leaving..."

He gave her another squeeze, and then pushed her back, so that he could look into her eyes. Then his eyes fluttered shut, and he pulled her closer to him, her soft lips meeting his.

Then, after a few seconds, that seemed like a lifetime, he broke the kiss, looking into her eyes once more.

"Sana," he said his voice strong, "I will never-NEVER-leave you. God help me if I do, Sana. I love you too much to leave you."

She buried her head into his neck once more. "You promise?" She whispered, her voice muffled by her sobs."

He kissed her head softly, and then let his hand cup the back of her head softly. "I promise, Sana, God... I promise."

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