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Ten Ways To Hide a Cold Sore



Chapter 1: A Little Help

Kaoru gazed up at the sun as she took a five-minute break from her training with Yahiko. She sat on the porch and smiled as the breeze cooled her off, while Yahiko went to the kitchen to see what Kenshin was making for lunch. "Yahiko! That's enough for today we'll continue tomorrow!" Kaoru yelled as she slowly got up. Yahiko sped out of the kitchen and stopped in front of Kaoru, "Thanks busu, after two damn weeks I can hang out with Tsubame. I'm gonna spend the night there, so don't bother making me any dinner". With that said, he ran out the dojo gates and off he went.

Kaoru glared at the gate, 'He's been hanging around Sano a little too long, that's 200 swings for calling me busu'. Kenshin stuck his head out of the kitchen and caught sight of Kaoru, who was thinking of horrible things she could do to Yahiko. "Kaoru-dono, I see that you finished your training with Yahiko. The bath is ready for you and lunch will be ready in a few minutes." "Arigato Kenshin" Kaoru said with a smile as she got up. He gave her a warm smile, then stuck his head back in the kitchen. She ran to her room and got all her bathing things and headed off towards the bath house.

Once Kaoru relaxed her tensed muscles, her cheeks turned a light pink. "Love stinks, I've already tried all of Megumi's tips on how to get Kenshin to notice me, but…nothing works. I guess he only likes me as a friend and nothing else" She sighed deeply and looked at the water.

*~*~*Meanwhile in the Kitchen*~*~*

Kenshin put lunch on the table and sat down quietly. "Kenshin Himura, I've had enough of your stupid excuses, you're gonna ask Jou-chan on a date. I've have been watching you and Kaoru looking at each other for four months and it's starting to get annoying" said Sano as he came through the kitchen door. Kenshin sighed as he looked up at his best friend. "I am to unworthy of Kaoru-dono" stated kenshin, who didn't noticed Sano was mouthing what he said. "I wouldn't want my blood stained past to stain her future" he continued. Sano placed his foot on Kenshin's head, "You may be the best swordsmen in Japan, but when it comes to asking Jou-chan on a small date you stink. But don't worry we're all here to help you, Kenshin". Kenshin sweat dropped but smiled "Arigato Sano, I guess there's no hurt in trying. I just hope if all goes bad that Kaoru-dono will still let me stay here at the dojo" Sano sat next to Kenshin with a grin "That's the spirit!" he said as he placed a fishbone in his mouth. "Ummm, what did you mean that 'we're all here to help you'? Whose we?" asked Kenshin slowly.

Out of nowhere came out Tae, Tsubame, Yahiko, Megumi, Saitoh, Tokio, Aoshi, Misao, Hiko, and a few seconds later Enishi strolled into the kitchen and sat on the other side of Kenshin. "So how's it been going brother-in-law? Killed anyone lately?" asked Enishi as he grabbed a rice ball. Kenshin looked around at all his friends, soon his eyes went swirling. "ORO!?". "We're here to help you Himura" Misao smiled at him. Kenshin nervously smiled at Misao. "Something tells me this is going to be a really long day" he said as he watched as everyone made advances towards him.

~*~Fifteen Minutes Later~*~

Kaoru came happily out of the bath house in a simple lavender kimono and a violet obi. She noticed Sano running around the dojo as if he was doing something important. 'Sano…actually doing something that looks like work, hmmm…nah' with that thought she headed for her room. Once Kaoru entered her room, she sat on her futon reading a book. As she read the book, which was a romance novel, tears welled up in her eyes. "Why can't Kenshin tell that he loves me…while he is seriously wounded from an epic battle between his long lost brother, who wishes to seek revenge on Japan!" Kaoru complained as she continued reading.

Tae was in the kitchen cooking for dinner that night, with Tsubame, Misao, Megumi, and Tokio, while all the men were in Kenshin's room devising a plan for Kenshin to ask Kaoru out. "I should kidnap my little sister again, then you can come save and ask her out" Enishi said as he started to think of ideas for his mastermind plan. "No you baka, besides Kaoru's not that stupid to become trapped in one of your stupid plans" thought Sano carefully as he chew on his fish bone. "Why don't you meditate with her for several hours with her, then ask" Aoshi said as glanced at everyone who sweat dropped. Kenshin thought about all the ideas for a second and sighed as he shook his head. "As much as I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, I think it would be best if I thought of something". "Here we are trying to help you out and you reject us? That's low Kenshin, real low" Said Sano as all the guys nodded in agreement. Kenshin shot them all an amber eyed glare and with that they all shut up. "But if that's your plan, go ahead and go for it. We'll be here for you" Sano continued with a forced smile.

Misao smiled as she listened intently through the shoji, obviously pleased with herself and then headed towards the kitchen. "Girls, he's gonna ask at dinner so we'll have to doll Kaoru up" Misao exclaimed as she burst through the door. "This is so exciting! Kaoru-chan's first date!" Tae smiled as she made more rice balls with Tsubame. "Maybe if this works out with Kaoru we could work on my tori-atama" said Megumi as fox ears appeared on her head "ohohohohohoh". "Can I please go to Kaoru's room, I can help her pick the perfect kimono. And if we don't find anything we can go shopping!" Misao said with a grin as she started to sweep the floor. "You forgot Misao-san that Kaoru-san doesn't even know you're here" Tsubame said as she helped make sushi. "Well then I'll make her find out that I'm here" Misao started out the with a hint of determination. 'This will be the best day of Kaoru's life and I want her to know that I'm here. Besides I didn't travel on a train for hours just to be ignored'.

"Kaoru! Me and Aoshi finally got the chance to visit you guys!" exclaimed Misao as she knocked loudly on Kaoru's door. Kaoru quickly opened the door and gave Misao a big hug. "Misao I'm so glad you're here! It's been so long and I've really missed you!" She cried. "So any advances from Himura?" Misao nudged her with her elbow as she winked at her. Kaoru's face fell and she shook her head. "Well don't worry! I've come to help you out to make him notice you." Kaoru looked up and wiped away some tears and she sniffed. "…Really?". "Of course, and if I get some help…I can make you catch the eyes of all the men of Tokyo and that's bound to make Himura jealous then realize how much he cares about you" said Misao as she patted her friend on the shoulder and led Kaoru back inside her room.

'That's perfect! I'll ask Kaoru-dono when we all go to the Akabeko(sp?). Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get five minutes alone with her. But I have it all set up, first I'll be walking right next to Kaoru-dono. Then I'll wait till she says something…anything! And then I'll ask her…if nothing goes wrong' Kenshin smiled as he thought of all the details that his vision could have. He was happily doing laundry as all the guests where sitting on the porch talking while Kaoru and Misao were still in Kaoru's room.

"It's soooooooo pretty" exclaimed Misao as she looked at the kimono Kaoru was trying on for her. Kaoru blushed as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a navy blue kimono with silver butterflies, a silver obi and a silver ribbon in her hair.

Hiko sat next to Kenshin and frowned at him. Kenshin sighed and looked up "Did you need something Master(can someone find out how it is said in Japanese?)". "Baka Deshi(sp?) I've been here for …I'd say hours and I get no sake, just tell me what's wrong with this picture". Kenshin got up and slowly walked towards the gate with an annoyed face. "Don't worry Master, I'll go get you some sake".

As Kenshin crossed the bridge he smiled. 'Maybe I can get a head start on my plan!'. With that thought he ran the rest of the way to the sake shop, while admiring his plan with great pride. Sadly it isn't going to go the exact way he planned it too.

Next time: Chapter 2- Kenshin's Plan

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