My survival instincts kicked in. I was never quite sure if they were a good thing or a bad thing. I avoided the blast. Once more I lived to not tell the tale.

I looked guiltily at Phoebe thinking she'd be dead. She surprisingly wasn't. Huh? An even bigger surprise was that she was levitating. It looked fun. It would be so cool to be able to do that. Like it should be to freeze things but wasn't. Now the question 'what?' came into play.

I got up and she got down. She looked at me slightly fearful. Her levitating must freak people out. Ok it did freak me but I doubt I looked freaked. I was too busy being terrified out of my mind. I threw my hands up. He froze but only for a second. Shit.

"Evil wind that blows,
That which forms below,"

What the hell? She had a power like my former foster mother, Amy, who had done the blue shield thing. She was saying a…spell? A crack of thunder shocked me. Whatever Phoebe was doing it was working, unless he groaned for the fun of it. Would I be free from him? It was the barest glimmer of hope. Hopeful disbelief, I think it's called.

"No longer may you dwell,
Death take you with this spell," she chanted.

He turned back into wind and disappeared. Phoebe and I just stood there for a long moment. "Is he gone?" I asked in a strange voice.

She replied in the same tone. "No." Phoebe shook her head. "I need the Power of Three to vanquish him."

"What?" I asked panicked.

Now she looked panicked too. "You don't know about witches and stuff? You don't look shocked and you froze him for a few seconds. You can't tell anyone."

"I don't know anything about witches," I said truthfully. I paused. Should I just leave it at that? Reluctantly I continued. "I've seen him before though."

Some emotion crossed her face. "Can you come with me? I can explain things better."

I would be late to my new 'family', so why not? Besides the bus was early, this way I'll show up on time or after time. Don't want them to think I'm over eager. "Whatever."

We walked up to her house. Inside was just as impressive as outside. It was old fashioned and Victorian. I'd be afraid to break anything here, most stuff looked expensive. I felt so out of place.

"Wait here for a moment? I'll be back."

I nodded and she left me in the living room. I glanced around and seeing no one I decided to snoop. There were a lot of photographs scattered all over the place. One photograph caught my eye. I picked it up.

My hand shook so much I thought I'd drop it. I replaced it instantly. The photograph was of three women. One was Phoebe and the other two looked so alike her they were probably sisters. That was what freaked me. It was how much the presumably oldest looked like me. Maybe she was Prue?

Why did I look like Prue though? Why does my name begin with 'P' like Phoebe and her -possible- sister Prue? Hell, the other woman's name probably began with a 'P' too. Does that explain my weird powers? It would explain him. Phoebe seemed familiar with him and so am I –if you can call what I have with him familiar-. Could I trust them? Should I just walk out of this house?

I wanted to know who I was (doesn't everyone?) but I don't want to actually have proof I'm a freak. 'Cause you know that would suck. There's nothing like the truth to make your life even worse.

Someone cleared his throat behind me. I spun around to face his. It was a man with black hair and green eyes. But the thing that really drew my attention was the presence he had got going for him. Everything was just so vivid and intense. I quickly placed him from a photograph. He was Phoebe's boyfriend or at least they looked close in the photograph I saw. He was probably wondering why I was here. Funny, so was I.

I started to explain or open my mouth and stammer so lame excuse that might just resemble the English language but I wasn't saved from that, not by a bell as the line goes, but a lightning bolt. Yep, a lightning bolt. It hit a vase and incinerated it. I've never been gladder to not be a vase than I was at that moment. Damn that must have hurt. I flinched in shock but the man dived out of the way.

The man rolled across the floor, whipping up this glowing ball in his hand. Now that would make a great party trick. He shot it at one of the two guys who appeared out of nowhere in the living room. Kind of rude to show up uninvited if you ask me, but no one was. I was standing there doing my best impression of a brainless idiot who isn't skilled enough to keep her mouth shut.

The ball thing hit one of the men square in the gut. He howled and evaporated into a plume of smoke. The second guy suddenly came down with a severe case of glowing hand. I didn't even get a chance to wonder. A lightning bolt hurtled out of his hand looking like a cool special effect. It was going straight for the guy.

"Cole lo-" cried a voice.

I didn't think. I just threw up my hands and the room froze. Mentally I started yelling at myself. I had this…power for a while but I tried not to use it. What if someone saw me? I didn't want to be known as the freak. Then I remembered hearing the voice someone must have seen me. Oh shit.

I turned around bracing myself for the worst. There stood Phoebe and another man. I thought back to the photos. He was nameless sister's husband. I really need a short name for him. I only used it once and already it was getting tedious. Phoebe quickly pulled her boyfriend out of the way of the lightning bolt. She arrived just in time since the room unfroze. Phoebe didn't freeze. I would have to ask her about that later after the dozen questions I already had a scheduled freak-out.

The man quickly formed another one of those glowing balls and the other guy turned into smoke. "Thanks Pip-" he said turning around. He then looked confused when he didn't see Piper.

"This is what I wanted to tell you," Phoebe told nameless sister's husband. "Shax attacked-"

Shax? Grey guy had a name. Awesome, two more names left to go and I'd be over the moon. Well not really but it's nice having a name to a face.

"Shax?" Asked Green-eyes (okay I'm not original but they were really green) "Are you ok?"

"Fine. Paige froze him and I said the spell. She doesn't know about witches and stuff," continued Phoebe.

"I'm right here and yeah I still don't know anything except this is a really weird day," I said a bit annoyed. I think it was shock that prevented a more extreme emotion coming through. I was feeling oddly calm, a way I shouldn't feel after all that happened.

"Right, Sorry," said Phoebe. She pointed to the black haired man, "this is Cole and he is Leo. I'm just getting to part where I'll explain."

Phoebe turned to me. "You might want to sit down."

I shrugged and did so. Then my day got more unbelievable and messed up and it wasn't even Friday the thirteenth yet. I was definitely going to have fun then but for now I was busy listening to Phoebe.