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Chapter Seven: A Halliwell

When Piper had finished filling in the forms we went back to the Manor. "I won't have to sleep in the basement do I?"

Piper and Phoebe laughed. "No of course not I think we have a room for you," said Piper.

When did she stop hating me? Maybe when she realized I'm not replacing Prue or when I vanquished her worst enemy. Piper led me upstairs into a room. "Nice room," I commented.

"It was Prue's," said Piper softly.

"Are you sure about this being my room?" I asked.

"There's no one else here to use it," said Piper.

Being in my mom's old room, it's well...wow. I crossed the room, taking in the bed-neatly made- cameras on the dresser, the stack of books on the nightstand. Looks like neatness is another thing I inherited from Prue.

I placed my bag down on the floor. I don't really have many things. I pack lightly, just some clothes and personal things. I unpacked. The room still looked like the way Prue had it but that didn't bother me because I liked it the way it was.

Now all I had to do was make it through the next day.

I walked into the living room and saw Phoebe pacing frantically. "What's wrong?"

"Its just Cole isn't back yet," said Phoebe.

"He's still on the...other side? What is that anyway?" I asked.

"It's hell," said Phoebe. I raised an eyebrow. "No literally hell. It's the underworld."

"Why do I find these things strange anymore?" I asked hypothetically. I paused. "Then why did Cole go there? Is he a green lighter like Leo? Coz when he disappeared there were red flames."

"It's white lighter," said Phoebe.

"Whatever," I said giving a dismissive wave with my hand and rolled my eyes.

"No he actually used to be one of the bad guys but then he changed to the good side. Those people you froze earlier were bounty hunters; they're after he because he helped me. It's dangerous from him to go there," said Phoebe.

"Oh." My brain was on an overload. I've had to absorb way too much today. "Well you already know everything you need to know so he's wasting his time doing that. Can't you just call him back?"

"He's not a dog," said Phoebe amused.

"Hey witches and warlocks are real. How come he can't be a former dog? He could be dog-man. Dog by night former evil demon turned good by day. And that so shouldn't have come out that way."

"Prue turned into a dog once," said Phoebe absently.

"She...a dog?" Phoebe nodded. "You people are extremely strange."

"You're preaching the choir. I've been a banshee and everything. Just recently Piper was a Fury," said Phoebe.

"I'm not even going to ask," I said shaking my head. What had I signed myself up for? Leo was an angel and Cole was former demon. Leo was Piper's husband and Cole Phoebe's boyfriend. I didn't know Phoebe well but the irony wasn't lost on me. "When did you get around to telling Leo about me, anyway?" I asked.

"Oh the elders told him some things and you killing Shax and the premonition you had cleared things up from him," said Phoebe.

"Wait, elders?" I asked. It was annoying every two sentences about something supernatural I didn't understand something.

"Elders? It's kinda hard to explain but they're the god guys who live up there and have the low down on most bad guys.

"Up there?"


"God, this is confusing," I moaned.

"You'll get used to it," said Phoebe.

That's what I'm scared of.

"What?" Asked Phoebe.

"I said that aloud, right?"

Phoebe nodded.

"I may not look freaked but I am. This is all going by so fast. And everything is just so crazy. I'm afraid. Things in my life started going wrong because of Shax, because of this and I just don't know what else it will do to me."

"Sweetie, I know it sucks sometimes but it can also be good. If it wasn't for this I would be in still New York doing nothing with my life. Because of this I went back to college and became closer to my sisters. Piper owns a great nightclub instead of being just a chief. Prue had become a great photographer and we've all helped so many people."

I thought about this. It did make sense it a way. "I guess."

We both fell silent for a moment then I asked, "When do you think there are going to try something to lure me to the other side?"

"Honestly I don't know. The source could be doing something already," said Phoebe.

That did nothing to sooth my nerves, wait. "The Source?"

"The Source of all evil," clarified Phoebe.

"Of course," I said my voice hinting on sarcasm, "it couldn't be the source of all bunnies but all evil. Why did I except anything else?" Why couldn't my life be simple again? I didn't want to deal with the Source or warlocks. What had they turned me into? Simply because of them I was a witch who was destined to fight evil until it killed me. Or maybe it was the Source's fault. He sent Shax after me. If Shax hadn't been after me I'd be happily living with my 'parents'. The Source was all to blame. If I'm a witch he's gonna be dead.

"Source of all Bunnies?"

"Do not mock to Source of bunnies. He's mighty and powerful. He strikes fear in the hearts of other bunnies," I said.