(A/n a pain filled poem about our dear Minerva and how she can not love.)

Love is for the living

Once I lived,
Dear Albus,
Once I did not hate my self,
I used to love my Albus,
Now I am cold,
Love is no-more,
I am the ice queen,
I am the darkness,
I once lived in light,
Now falling down,
White is virgin,
I am not,
White is pure,
I am black,
I was life once,
Dear Albus,
Now death,
Control's me,
Good I once was,
God was with me,
Evil is my friend,
Satan talk's to me now,
Blood is my sanctuary,
I kill to destroy,
My craving dear Albus,
Dear Albus I wish it did not have to be this way,
You asked for my love,
I do not have any dear Albus,
My pain is everlasting,
Dear Albus don't waist you time on me,
My dear Albus,
I am dead,
I am death,
The dead and cold,
Can not love,
Can only hate,
Can not be truthful,
But can not lie,
My Albus,
I once died,
My friend Albus,
I will not let history repeat,
Do not weep for me my friend,
I have always been dead,
I can not love you my Albus,
I burned too many times,
You do not love me dear Albus,
No-one can love the dead,
I am dead Albus,
And love is for the living.