Chapter 1: The Horrible Beginning

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Have you ever liked someone so much that when they walk into a room, they just make you glow inside. They make you feel so happy inside. It feels like you have to go over to the person...and just hug them or somthing, and you always want to be close to matter what.

Well this is how Hermoine, yes plain jan Hermoine, felt about a certain person. This person had always been there for her...through thick and thin...and even when they hadnt gotten along he was there for her. This certain red-head made Hermoine's day everytime he Weasley was a genuine friend, and perhaps to Hermoine much more than a friend.

Yet there was just one catch...Ron didnt feel the same way... he ,for a long time now, had a little crush on Lavender and Hermoine had always been there for him as he watched Lavender date other people. She would comfort Ron and on the inside wanted to go yell at Lavender...yet she didnt know if she hated Lavender because of what she did to Ron..or if it was because how much Ron cared for her (Lavender).

"Ron I am so sorry that Lav is going out with Dean...I think if she knew you liked her she would have much rather gone out with you."

"Yeah I suppose...I just dont think anyone like that would ever like someone like me."

"If she didnt like you, she would be crazy. Ron, you are the sweetest guy i know."

"I may be to you but that doesnt matter because you arent Lavender."

Hermoine was taken a back...why had he just said that? Her stomach plumeted to the ground...she thought he had had some feelings for her but evidently all Ron wanted from Hermoine was friendship.

"I really like you Ron, more than a friend, but I guess that doesnt mean too much to you..does it?"

"Oh Hermoine..I didnt know...I'm sorry...and it would mean somthing to me...but I really like Lavender, and I get along with you so well...and i tend to just have a friendship with those kind of people."

He had said that all so sweetly and she couldnt be mad at him...yet that didnt keep the tears from almost falling...and she had to try with all her might not to blink...she didnt want him to see her cry. She didnt want him to know how much she cared...and most of all she didnt want him to know he had hurt her.

It turned out that only a day later Dean had dumped unfortuneatly...that left Lavender free.

Ron could be seen walking down the halls with a huge grin on his face.

"hm i wonder why hes so happy?" Hermoine said aloud to herself had been up a large portion of the night thinking and...crying.

Ron quickened his walking pace as he spotted Hermoine sitting at the table in the Great Hall...and his smile got wider too. Hermoines stomach lurched...urg...she hated that always made her so happy..but she didnt want to be happy, not after her and Ron had talked last night.

"Hey moine, how are you on this fabulous day?"

"well...not so well actua.." she was inturrupted by an excited Ron..its not that he didnt care about her feelings, i dont think he had even heard her.

"Did you hear? Lavenders not dating Dean ...and I was thinking about asking her you think you could do it for me? ask her that is."

"Well...Ron...umm" had he totally forgotten about last night? She had told him that she really liked him...and now a day later he was asking her to ask out another girl for wasnt right.

"Please moine"

"Ok...fine...I will just not this second ok?" she said in a soft voice.

"Oh thanks Hermoine..thank you thank you." he exclaimed as he hugged her.

She coudlnt take it... "Yeah um...well I will er... see you in potions I have to go bye." she said hurridly before scurring off to find do a deed she really didnt want to do...ask Lavender out for Ron.

She spotted a young girl who looked like Lavender.

"Hey Lav is that you?" she called over many of her peers heads.

"Oh hey hun..yeah its me."Lavender yelled back and waited for Hermoine to catch up.

"Geese its so crowded...oh any ways...sorry to bug you Lav but..would you want to go out with Ron?"

"Oh wow...yeah i would love to, i have had a little crush on Ron since...well last week." she said and giggled...urg...if her annoying laugh could kill, Hermoine would be dead.

"Ok..well i will tell him...c ya later."

"Oh well ok... tell him to meet me at the big tree by the lake after dinner." Lavender said before turning to walk away.

"kay, bye lavender."

It all happened so fast...she didnt know whether or not to be happy for her to friends (if you count Lavender as her friend)...or if she was sad because she didnt have Ron.

Potions had gone rather quickly...and for about the first time in...forever...she had forgotten to take notes. She had been thinking about everything going on with Ron and the thought of taking notes hadnt even crossed her mind.

She didnt want to have to deal with the fact that Ron was dateing someone else than her,even if they had never dated, it hurt her. And she didnt want to see Ron and Lavender walking together or holding hands...because all it would do is make her all the more sad.

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