Chapter 2: Breaking me down.

After dinner at the Great Hall Hermoine and Harry sat alone at the table, because Ron had rushed off to go meet Lavender right after he had finished sad thing was, they were meeting by the lake...and that had always been Hermoine and Ron's spot to talk.

When ever Ron or Hermoine had had a problem or just wanted to talk, they would meet by the large tree that stood off to the side of the beautiful lake. Sometimes there was no need to talk, and they (ron and hermoine) would just sit by the lake and watch as the sun played off the ripples of the water. It had always been their spot...and now Lavender and Ron, who are dateing, were meeting at that spot.

Ron made his way towards the large elm tree where he saw Lavender leaning against it, her hair blowing in the wind. He couldnt believe he was going out with her, but in a good way, he had wanted to date Lavender for quite a while now but it seemed she was dateing other people most of the time. He loved it here, by the lake, it was so pretty like something out of a movie. This is where Hermoine and him did most of their talking.

"Hey Lavender, how are you?" he asked nervously as he neared where she was standing.

"Oh Hello Ron, I'm alright and you?" she asked, in an almost sickening sweet voice that just made Ron all the more nervous.

"Tha-that's good. I'm great. So why did you want me to meet you out here?"

"I just wanted to see you...since we are dateing and and I was wondering, you will come with me to Hogsmaede tomorrow for dinner wont you?" she asked, more demanding than asking.

"We dont even have a trip there for another month."

"Well I am sneaking there tomorrow night...are you going to come?" wow...i guess you could call it peer pressure, but it was more than just peer pressure coming from such a pretty girl.

"Well...well time?"

"Oh i would say er...around 5-ish." Lavender replied with a huge grin plastered on her face.

She leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips...Ron didnt know how to respond...and the weird thing was all he thought about when Lavender kissed him...was Hermoine, but he didnt know why?...Maybe because Hermoine had been his first kiss. He remembered when he had kissed Hermoine it had been much gentler...and he had felt much more.


"Oh Ron I am so sorry... I think if Seamus would have known how much you liked Lavender..he wouldnt have kissed her in front of you. Dont be upset." Hermoine said, in a sincere voice.

Ron had really been hurt, he sat there his face looked like stone...with the same upset look plastered on it.

"Yeah I know, it just sucks you know? Well i guess you couldnt really understand it..."

"You have no idea Ron." She said as she put her arms around Ron to comfort him, and pulled him into a warm hug.

She pulled away slightly and looked into Ron's eyes, as they both sat next to each other by the lake...a full moon shineing brightly up couldnt keep himself from thinking about how pretty she was, and with out realizing what he was doing he pressed his lips against hers...for his and her first kissed him back gently and even though it only lasted a few seconds it had seemed like much longer.

'Oh my god...what have I done' he thought to himself...'I dont even like her...I like Lavender...what is she going to think?'he didnt know what to do..but Hermoine did.

Hermoine stood up, almost in tears: she knew she would never mean anything to Ron and it hurt her to know that they had kissed but he really deep down liked Lavender.

"Ron...I think we kissed because you are upset and I am lets just forget about it..ok?" she said quickly.

"Yes, good idea." he answered horsely.

But neither of them really forgot about the kiss and here Ron is 3 months later thinking about kissing Hermoine when the girl of his dreams, Lavender, is kissing him.


Lavender and Ron broke apart.

"Well um...I will er see you me by the Great Hall around 4:30?" Lavender asked quickly.

"What..oh er yeah, ok." his mind was still on the fact that when Lavender had kissed him, he had felt nothing...and when he had kissed Hermoine he had felt...well it had felt like electricity, it had felt so right.

The next day Ron was actually a little nervous to go to Hogsmaede...the fact that if he got caught off grounds with out a supervisor didnt really bother him, but more of the fact that he wasnt sure how to act around Lavender. She wasnt the brightest person, and he didnt know what she liked to talk about.

But all in all, he knew he would have fun tonight hanging out with Lavender, after all she was a sweet girl...and the girl of his dreams.

Around one'o'clock Hermoine and Ron made their way down from the Gryffindor common room toawrds the Great Hall to get something to eat for lunch. But out of no where, when they were about half way to their destination, Lavender turned the corner and as she saw Ron her smile grew larger.

"Hey Ron." Lavender squeled as she jogged over to Ron and put her arm around him. Ron smiled and kissed her on the cheek as he put his arm around her waist too.

'yuck' was the only word that came to Hermoines mind, yet if looks could kill...Lavender would be dead right now. And as Harry caught up with the group he seemed to notice.

"Does he know how you feel about him?" Harry whispered into Hermoines ear.

"What are you talking about?" she asked as her face turned crimson.

"You know what I am talking about, so does he?"

"Yes I told him that I liked him, but it doesnt mean anything to him,that I like him,he made that point quite clear." She had never told Harry about kissing Ron, and she didnt plan on it.

"Well he's crazy if he would rather go out with Lavender than you Moine, and dont forget that." Harry responded sincerely.

"ok, thank you." But when she turned back towards Harry he wasnt there, he was about 20 feet ahead jogging towards Ginny. Hermoine smiled; Harry and Ginny had been quite close this year and she was happy for them.

So she walked down the hall with Ron and Lavender, yet she had never felt so alone in her life. So...differant from everyone else. All she wanted was to be with Ron, and seeing Ron and Lavender walking down the hall with their arms around each other was breaking her down.

'Cant you see Ron, your breaking me down.' she thought to herself... 'Your breaking me down.'

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