Chapter5: Through thick and thin

Ron undressed slowly and got into the warm water of the shower. He felt horrible; his head was pounding with pain, and he felt so weak. When he got out of the shower he looked into the steam coated mirror and looked at his mess of hair,it looked so messy and gruff but he didnt seem to mind. He dressed quickly putting on his grey jumper and blue slacks. The young and tired red head made his way down the stairs extremely slowly while holding onto the banister for extra support. He saw Lavender standing near the entrance of the common room, he gave her a lopsided grin and she strolled briskly over to him.

"Hey Hunnie, are you okay?" she asked him when she noticed how rosey his cheeks were, and how tired he looked.

"Oh its nothing, just a little tired. How are you?" he chirped in the most truthful voice he could muster.

"Actually I am wonderful!" Ron wondered why she was so happy, but dismissed the thought immediatly.

"I was thinking maybe we could take a walk outside and just hang out today, what do you think?"

"Sounds great! I havent gotten to see you at all lately, its a great time for us to catch up."

They walked side by side, and Ron put his hand around Lavenders shoulder, he was happy he could spend the day with her. He didnt have detention again until Monday. When they stepped outside they were enveloped by bright rays of sun. They walked down the narrow path leading to no where but beautiful flowers and tall trees. Ron gazed up into the trees to see charming birds soaring from tree branch to tree branch each singing there own song. Lavender might not be much to talk to but it was nice having her here just to look at nature and relax.

"OH-NO!" Ron heard Lavender squel.

"What...what?! Are you okay?" Ron turned around and she was standing behind him about ten feet back looking at her finger.

"I broke a nail." okay so maybe Ron was wrong...she hadnt been observing nature...but her fingernail.

"Er...sorry?" he said and when he saw her dissapointed face.."Well um, maybe you can fix it when we go inside later? Lets go walk out to the quidditch pitch."

"Well okay, but that makes me mad. I just did my nails last night." she huffed and followed Ron towards the large quidditch pitch. Besides practice this is one of the rare times that he saw the pitch with less than almost the whole school in the stands cheering on their quidditch house team. He began to feel dizzy again...

"Hey, do you want to sit down for a bit?" he managed to get out with out fainting.

"Sure, why not." she said, at the same time thinking to herself how boring Ron could be. Atleast Dean would pay attention to her.

She walked over and sat next to him on the warm bleachers, they had gotten so toasty from the sun refecting off of them. Ron rubbed her shoulder.

"So how have you been doing? We havent had a chance to talk in a while." he asked her sweetly.

"I'm great, I have missed you but I would hang out with Dean while you were at detention." Ron blood boiled...she obviously didnt know that he knew about her and Deans "meetings".

"You and Dean eh?" he asked. "Thats cool." he finished lamely.

"Theres somthing I have to tell you Ron." she said quietly and pulled away from him, avoiding his gaze.

"Go ahead." yet he had a feeling he knew what she was going to say.

"Its just well...that er...I kinda went out with you to get back at Dean...and I you but not in that way. Dean and I are kinda close again, and we should be going out soon. So I dont think we should see each other anymore." she went to kiss his cheek, not even a real kiss...but a pity kiss. Ron moved out of the way of her kiss and used all of his strength to stand up, his head was swimming.

"Its been fun Lav." he remarked and walked wasnt going to let her see him upset, he was a guy and needed to seem like one. Yet it didnt make sense. If Lavender hadnt liked him then why had she kissed him. It made no sense, you dont kiss or let alone go out with someone if you dont care for them. Plain and clear, she had used him. He had let her use him. He felt like such a fool, but not about being used. But about what he had done to Hermoine. He had told her that he didnt trust her and that she was lieing to him when all along she had been trying to help, and had been the only one who had cared. He needed to think and even more sit down, so he calmly walked over to the lake and sat under 'his and Hermoines tree'. He layed down under the shade of the mighty tree, and must have drifted off into sleep just seconds later, the breeze ruffleing through his unkept hair. About a half an hour later he felt a light touch on his cheek.

"Ron?" he heard a girls voice whisper. He opened his heavy eyelids to see Hermoine leaning over him, she was on her knees next to him and was strokeing his head lightly. Her long hair hung in his face and smelt of fresh peaches. "I think you have a fever Ron." she sounded so concerned, and she was.

"Its so nice out here Moine, isnt it? I have missed talking to you out here. This is our tree remember?" he said sleepily and just seconds later the pounding in his head returned, but his body didnt feel as weak anymore, it was quite comfortable lying outside on the soft-plush grass.

"Of course I remember." she responded quietly.

Ron felt so sick, yet it was the best he had felt all day; Hermoine was next to him and he was at his favorite place in the the lake at their tree. Hermoine stood up and walked over nearer to the glistening lake, she stood right by the lakes shore and threw a flat stone into the water making it skip three times before vanishing into the lakes depth.

Ron came up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder gently...

"I have been blind all along, you are the one I want Moine. You are my one and only." he wasnt saying these things because he had just gotten dumped by Lavender, it was because thats how he felt. Why hadnt he realized it before? Hermoine was so easy to talk to, she was so sweet, and she had always been there for him through thick and thin.

And he hugged her. He held her as she had never been held before...his embrace was filled with love. Plain and simple love. The breeze seemed to encircle them, and they stood there just looking into each others eyes. Everything was perfect.

"Now lets get you to the hospital wing sweetie, I think you are getting the flu." she said sweetly and they walked inside.

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