[This is the first part of the Saiketsu Saga. It begins in Amatsu, the equilvalent of Japan/China. Took aspects of the two, I believe. Anyhow, enjoy. Owned by Gravity, characters are mine.]

[Small Explanation: Saiketsu is a Super Novice, but I made him a samurai because the Super Novice class looks like a samurai.]

[Theme Song: Momentary Life - Baiken's theme song - Guilty Gear X2]


No sign of the sun gave within Rune-Midgard, but instead pure white. Flakes of snow fell to the ground, already consuming the land of its slowly decayed greens as the tide of the seasons turned. There was no breeze nor humidity to make the weather dreary.

Amatsu was filled with strings tied down with lanterns. The streets are cleared. Many of the children had set of to sleep, and the parents were busy planning for the next day.

The only person out in the cold was a figure wearing a large sakkat. He wore black cloak and a blindfold over his face. What was noticable underneath the sakkat was a strand of slicked down brown hair. Beneath the cloak was a white suit, adorned with a few designs from the Far East. The figure was chewing on a stick of wheat, muttering as he saw the clouds engulfed with white. "Feh, another wintry night. Well, it beats getting hunted.."

"Hey! Fork over some money, kid!"

"...Eh, I spoke too soon." The figure looked over towards the pack of men calling for him. One was a young man in a thick red chestplate with fur to the shoulders. He had short blue hair and emerald green eyes. Behind him was a large man, with stiches across his face. The man had small blue eyes, and a busted lip. He wore a tannish suit, with a large broadsword laid against the ground. Two of the men were quite the same size and shape, wearing a purple suit with a pair of katars. One bore long blue hair and blue eyes while the other had short blue hair and green eyes.

The rogue stepped up towards the loner, smirking. "Well kid, hand over your money, and we'll let you live."

"...And you are...?"

"The CryClad Gang, kid. We are infamous around Rune-Midgard." The rogue snorted, gesturing towards himself, "I'm Alex." He then gestured his hand from the large knight to the last pair of twins, "And those are my associates, Sam, Kin and Shin." The twins bowed, yet kept their eyes aimed at the lone stranger.

"Eh, buzz off," said the lone ronin, grumbling in disgust. To reiterate his disgust, he spat out his stick of wheat.

Alex shook his head, then he said, "Okay, don't say I didn't warn you, kid." Then, the large swordsman slid his sword in front of Alex. Quite annoyed by the swordsman, he grumbled, "What the hell are you trying to do, Sam?"

Sam stated, "I know this kid... Didn't you read the wanted posters? It's that ronin kid, Shikyo. A bounty on his head for 1 million zeny alive, and 2 million zeny dead."

The two twins smiled, looking at each other.

"Well," said Kin.

"We have a challenge," said Shin.

"We can have a good match with an honorable warrior."

"And perhaps defeat him and make a new name for ourselves."

Alex shrugged and waved his right hand at the two, "You two and your code of honor. Let's just kill him and get the zeny." Alex withdrew his stiletto, smirking while extending the blade along his lips. His tongue protruded from the lip, sliding along the metal frame, before slurping back. "Heh heh." The two assassins slid their right foot forward, bringing the right arm forward and the left arm to their left side. The large swordsman twisted the sword around, before hefting it over his shoulder.

At that moment, the breeze tugged against the cloak, revealing a short hilt attached to a long saya. The crimson tip of the hilt flickers. A hand slid over underneath the tsuba, then the thumb pressed underneath, launching the hilt up. Part of the blade was exposed, glinting as the cloaked form stepped forward. "Hmph. Dumbasses." His other hand reached towards the sakkat, tossing it high into the air, along with the large cloak. At the same time, he stepped forward with his right leg, using it as leverage to dash forward at the pack of enemies waiting for him.

The Rogue jabbed forward with the dagger, aiming for the heart of the ronin, but the ronin lifted his hand up, already drawn his blade in an upward slice. A flash of light flickered from the motion of the blade, exposing itself along the torso of the rogue. Alex's eyes widen, before his body fell from being cleaved.

The swordsman stepped back, bewildered from how quickly the leader fell. "...You idiotic fool." He lifted his sword in preparation to storm down against the ronin, however, the ronin launched at the Sam, twisting his body to send both legs against the stomach and chest while plunging the sword deeply through the gut. He pushed both legs out to launch himself out of the stabbed swordsman, twirling the tsurugi against the multiple katars launched by the assassins.

When the ronin fell against the ground, he and the two assassins leaped back from each other, each ready to continue the battle.

"Splendid," said Kin.

"Wonderful," said Shin.

"You are powerful indeed."

"But we will be the ones to take the bounty for the honor of the clan!"

The two assassins dashed at the ronin, swinging their katars out at him. The ronin leaped back, twirling his tsurugi around while turning to deflect the strikes. Then he twisted his body and lept forward to swing the blade outward towards the two. The two assassins avoided the strike.

This time, Kin ran towards the ronin, leaping into the air into a spin while snapping the heel of his right leg out. However, the ronin ducked against the strike and then launched a low roundhouse kick against the side knee of the leg when it came back to the ground, putting Kin to his knees. At that moment, Shin ran towards Kin, lept over his shoulders and launched a drop kick against the ronin, sending him against one of the houses.

The ronin bounced back, muttering to himself while he gazed around him. He smirked to himself, lifting his arm up and gesturing for the two to come forward. In response, the two assassins ran forward, then launched into the air to plunge the katars against the ronin's shoulderblades. However, the foot was pushed away when the ronin released the hilt from his grasp to shoot the two into the air, cutting loose the string filled with the lanterns.

When the hilt of the tsurugi fell from the grasp, the flat of the blade was kicked backup with the front piece of the sandal, twirling back into the air to be grabbed by the ronin. Two lanterns fell to the ronin's way, who immdiately launched into the air to send a drop kick against the lanterns itself. The two heavy projectiles swung against the two assassins' way, smacking them against the face as they both came down.

While Kin and Shin took a heavy landing, the ronin rolled back from the drop kick, stepping up to walk to the two. "...Bastards, thanks for making my day worse." He grumbled irritbly, then he dashed at the two. When he reached to the middle of the two, his body bursted with a violent blue flame, running against the ground. Color brightening when it flashes against the air, sending a scorching bite against the wind, "Higaru no Jigoku!" When the two assassins tried to get up, they were engulfed by the whisking flames, launched from their normal positions and hitting the rocks along the ground.

The two got up, muttering while smiling. Shin looked at Kin, then he asked, "Shall we show him what we can do?"

"Aye, let's show him." The two stepped back, expanding their arms to expose the katars. "It was fun fighting with you!"

"Good-" Their moment was interrupted as the ronin ran towards the two, then he swung the sword out across Shin's throat, and then pushed off of Shin to dash at Kin, plunging the sword through his heart. The ronin pushed his weight forward by leaning along with the stab, keeping his shoulder along the assassin's shoulder. Then, he pushed his hand against the shoulder, knocking the corpse against the ground.

Cleaning the blade before sheathing it, the ronin gazed at the corpses. "Dumbasses..." He spat at the corpses, then he grumbled, walking away from the path of the city. As he reached towards the exit, he was interrupted by a voice.

"I...am...not done..." The hulking swordsman stood up to his feet, wielding the large blade in front of him. He growled, saliva dropped as he clenched his fist. When he took a stomp forward, the ground shook. "...We settle this your style... Showdown..."

"...I hate you." Grumbled the ronin, then he thumbed the tsuba, gripping the hilt once again. Both him and the swordsman stared each other in the eyes, unafraid of one another. The two stepped forward, then they pushed off of the ground. Both accelerated in a sprint, closing in on each other. When both passed through each other, a blade drawn was given by both parties, now five feet away from each other, back to back.

Silence instilled the air, then the ronin twitched. The large swordman's upper torso fell apart, exposing the blood, before the lower half dropped along side.

The ronin clenched the thumb and index finger against the flat part of the blade before sheathing it, then he muttered to himself. "Saiketsu, if you're wondering the name. Of course, dead men don't speak." He muttered, "Money, meaningless if you can't life to spend it." He sighed, then he walked along the exit, scooping his right hand along to retrieve the cloak. However, he left the sakkat on the ground, along with the various corpses in the cold Amatsu.