[This is the fourth and final chapter of Saiketsu's saga. Talyn and Kito belong to my friends, but Saiketsu is mine. Guess what? Gravity owns the areas!]

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Sound of a lions roar echoed the empty halls as a ring of fire surrounded a sector of a dark church. Blood trailed across the ground, all coming from a young man, who managed to pick himself up on his knees. His former white armor, now stained with his own blood, dripping with every breath he took.

The skeletal head slowly turned towards the fallen Saiketsu before the rest of the body turned with it. It drew the muramasa forward, both skeletal hands wrapped around it. When it lifted the blade into the air, a form came out of nowhere, crashing into the figure. It slammed against the ground, and in front of Saiketsu was a woman with long blue hair, a band at each side of the hair. She wore a violet dress with a flap between her legs and a pair of long boots. She slid her foot forward, drawing both of her katars in stance.

"We're here for you, Saiketsu." said the next form who lept from the ledge of the dark castle, landing near the samurai. She wore a blue robe with a pair of black pants. Her long blue hair dangled across her head, then she clenched her fist. "We had to bring a friend who insisted that she came with us.."

Through the blood running down his face, Saiketsu gazed up at both ladies, from the assaulter to the one that came down next to him. "...Kito... Talyn.." He smiled softly, "Thank you..." He collapsed against the ground, until a voice called him.

Saiketsu!" A form floated through the walls, bearing long black hair, with a bit of green streaks to the side. Her dress was a rich violet kimono. Ribbons hung down the stick across her hair. She floated down towards the fallen Samurai's body with a handful of seeds and a tiny green leaf. "...I love you, but I don't want to see you dead." She first inserted the leaf into Saiketsu's mouth, forcing him to chew it, then inserted the seeds into his mouth. After both was done, she backed away as a light engulfed the warrior. From the skies came down a light within the cursed church, an angel descending near the roof. She was wrapped in a crimson robe, wielding a golden staff. A light gleamed from the staff, then it shot down at Saiketsu's body. His body twitched as if pumped with life, the hands twitching as he got back onto his feet. When the light dimmed and Saiketsu was alive, the girl smiled, "...You're back..."

His eyes widen, seeing the sohee's form. "...Maiko!" He shifts a sharp glare at both Talyn and Kito while snarling, "Why did you bring her here!? It is too dangerous for her..."

"I'm sorry, but she requested for us to take her," replied Talyn.

"She wouldn't say no," said Kito.

"...Please don't be mad at them," Maiko pleaded, floating towards the angry boy. "I wanted to see you... I didn't want you to die."

A snarl echoed within the halls as bones crinkled itself. The whip of drapery rung as wood clattered with the cold earth. The skeletal creature drew the sword forward, bothhands gripping the murasame. One leg drew forward, the thumb jabbed against the tsuba, ready to unsheath the blade. Saiketsu saw that he was disarmed, but he slid his right leg out, extending both hands out. Talyn lept over towards where the sword was, then tossed it over to Saiketsu as she came his way. After Saiketsu caught the tsurugi, Kito came his side, driving her right leg out.

Pressing her head down with her hands clamped, Talyn murmured a prayer, allowing a bright glow to trinkle along her finger tips. Lifting her head up, she pressed both of her arms, shooting the white energy in a ball while shouting, "Heal!" The holy energy slammed against the skeleton, sending it flying against the wall.

"Let me handle it..." Saiketsu smiled, then he sprinted towards the skeleton, drawing his sword low. A spark of lightning ignited from the blade while he grinned. When he reached towards the skeleton, he lept into the air, twisting the blade out before lifting it up. "Raijingeki!" As he came down, lightning slammed the very ground where the wanderer stood as the blade strucked across its chest. As the sonic boom spreaded, Saiketsu turned his back, cleaning the blade as the skeleton shattered into pieces. The muramasa lands against the ground, clattering once before it stopped.

"...It's...over..?" asked Saiketsu, who dropped onto his knees when he gazed at the muramasa. "..." He shut his eyes, "It is over..." However, something tug against Saiketsu's body, as well as Talyn, the sohee, and Kito's body. Almost like sharp blades piercing their nerve, they could not move.

A clapping is heard from afar, then the flames that engulfed the area cleared through a strong force of wind. A slightly tall man in a black robe approached, bearing long strands of hair covering his face. He smirked, then he looked up at Saiketsu and the others, "I applaud you people for coming. I am so glad you defeated the wanderer..." He cocked his head to the side, "Or did you?" He grined, waving his hand around in a clockwise motion. "From the dead, back you rise, with the cursed sword, your soul is binded! Resurrection!" A dark form of resurrection to awake the undead, a black mist covered the muramasa, then the wanderer came back onto its feet. The voidless eyes shifted towards Saiketsu and the others, not too pleased with how he was defeated.

"You see, I brought him back to life because he wants a fair fight. Now who am I? I am Lionel, a priest for the Dark Lord and assistant to our Druid further down, who was slain by travelers like yourself. But eh."

"...You are responsible for the slaughtering of my people?" asked Saiketsu.

"I just call it a test to see how strong my magic was," calmly stated the Dark Priest. "Seeing how your friends interrupted the fight, they are on hold. You however..." He snapped his finger, allowing the nerve holding to dispel from Saiketsu, "You owe our friend an honorable fight."

"Go to hell," stated Kito, who wanted to stab the priest behind the back so badly.

"The moment this spell comes off, you know that Kito and I will give you a beating of your life, right?" asked the leader of the Dreamers, Talyn.

"I suppose that your deaths could not be avoided. Oh well, I suppose I'll kill you two in just a moment. First.. Begin the battle!"

Saiketsu was too mind set on his vengeance to kill the priest as of yet. He was coming up next after he slew the skeleton. The wanderer dashed at Saiketsu, drawing the muramasa over its head. At the process, Saiketsu lifted the sword up to have the flat block against the descending blade while he drew both legs to strike at the ronin's abdomen. Then Saiketsu tossed the tsurugi into the air, reached to grab the wanderer and hip toss it. He caught the blade, then slammed the blade against the skeleton, before leaping back, "Bastard."

The skeleton got back onto its feet after having a gaping hole on its chest, "Grrrroooowrrr... You will be slaughtered, boy." It lowered its head, then it sheathed the blade. "...Hmph." The skeleton dashed at Saiketsu, swinging the blade in a flurry towards Saiketsu, who easily deflected the striking blade, while extending his legs against the warrior's skins and knees. The force sent the skeleton to fall on its back, but it immediately got back on its feet. Saiketsu somersaulted away from the creature, twirling the tsurugi around, before he swung it outward in warning.

The Dark Priest grumbled a bit, then he shifted his hand towards the air, "Let's try to make some things more fun, hrm?" He chuckled as he waved his magic, channeling the center of his blessing to fall upon the wanderer. After the dark blessing, the wanderer dashed towards Saiketsu, slashing across his chest. It was that slash alone that was needed to take care of the boy, dropping him against the ground while blood gushed from the chest.

Curling to a ball, Saiketsu held his chest, growling in pain. The Lionel smiled, then said, "Kill-..." Soft hands clamped against his hand, then he saw the face of an angry sohee. "Die! Die! Die!" Her body glew with a bright light, before it consumed the Priest. His eyes widen as she exploded on him.

While the explosion occured, debris and rocks slung to the side as her voice softly echoed, "I'm sorry Saiketsu, but this is how I can protect you and your friends. His magic will be weaken, if not gone."

His eyes widen as he saw the explosion, body pushed back by the force of the gravity's push. "..." His laid dumbfounded, extending his hand out.

"...Oh my..." Talyn gazed in shock, then she stood onto her feet, stepping her right forward as she drew both fists back, "Love, get up."

"Right." Kito stepped back onto her feet when the spell broke, she quickly vanished to the shadows. It allowed Talyn to draw her attention on the Dark Priest. She leaned forward, before leaping to meet with Lionel. She slammed her right fist against the man's chest, not giving him a chance to recover from the explosion. She knew that the suicide didn't kill him, but it was enough to where the two Dreamers could bombard the Priest. Not giving the priest a chance to react, she locked her hand against the priest's hands, twisting the arm to have it bend over. She twirled her body over, sending the leg to shoot a rear kick to the chest, sending the priest into a wall that suddenly shot three stalagmites, one piercing each hand and the heart in a crucification. Blood gushed through each opening, while the rest came against his mouth. Choking on his own blood, his form stopped moving.

Throughout the whole time, Saiketsu let a tear drop, before he clenched his hands against the ground, "Maiko!" He lifted his head up, a glow started to cover his form. The Wanderer lifted the blade to stab the samurai, until it was blinded by the growing bright light. An anglic figure ascending from above Saiketsu's head, glimmering brightly, before his wounds started to fade. His body glew as his hair changed to pure white, separated at each side. The pain of losing Maiko again, the memories of his homeland destroyed all came back. "..." Saiketsu had reached the peak of his power through his anger and sorrow. "Shin Saiketsu..."

Talyn and Kito gazed at Saiketsu, lowering their heads. They could see the sorrow in his eyes as he saw the explosion. The Dark Priest was not worth looking at anymore.

The wanderer recovered from the blind light, trying to slice the boy in half with a horizontal slash. However, Saiketsu deflected the blade away, sending the muramasa flying into the air out of the skeleton's grip, then he sprinted past the skeleton, making a quick swipe. To put a cherry on his attack, he jabbed the blade against the wanderer's back, withdrawing it as soon as the figure collapsed to the ground. He looked away from the skeleton, walking over towards the dead priest. Electricity began to engulf the samurai as he pointed ths tsurugi against the ground. "...You are the reason for this... I am sure there is still a bit of life within you, enough to see your project be banished." He didn't bother to sheath the blade as he was not done with his onslaught. Electricity licked the air as it continued to build up in voltage, sending cloth of the white haired warrior flying in its pool of power. Lifting his head into the air, the boy released a scream as he lifted the blade high, then pointed it to face the ground. "Higari no Karai!" Electricity jolted from his body, launching into the air, then it fell back into the ground like a hammer smashing an anvil. The thunderstorm covered the area, sending debris flying. A cyclonic spin occured while the thunderstorm was active, drawing everything in its path into the wrath of the storm.

"Saiketsu!" cried Talyn, unable to hold onto the ground as she was being pulled into the whirlwind. A hand grasped to her ankle to keep her from falling into the cyclone. As she looked over to see the source of the hand, it revealed to be Kito with a grin on her face while she had her other arm holding onto the knob of a torch along the wall.

The Wanderer did not get a chance to look up to see itself being sucked in. Once it was drawn into the cyclone, its body broke into dust, consumed by the thunderstorm. The body of the Dark Priest was ripped from his crucification, consumed by the storm until there was nothing left of him, nor the stalagmites that had his corpse tied.

Soon, the wind died as the storm cleared. Shin Saiketsu turned around, allowing the glow to fade away as his white hair came back to cover his face while taking its brown color back. His head lowered against the ground, walking away from both Talyn and Kito. Saiketsu sheathed the tsurugi, then walked towards the exit path of the dark church. Along the way, he picked up the Muramasa as a prize from defeating the Wanderer. Without shedding another tear and without speaking to any of the members of Dreamers, he left.

Kito said, "Saiketsu! Wait!" However, Talyn placed a hand over Kito's hand.

"Let him go. He has to think things through himself. Just hope he can make the right decision. Besides, I think I know where he will be going. We may as well wait up for him there."

As dawn came, the sun nearly rose close by a floating city. However, a lone field of grass was occupied by Saiketsu. This time, he was wearing a cloak and a sakkat over his head. He murmured at the beauty of Gonryun behind him. "...So ancient, great architecture." He lowered his blade, frowning while standing onto his feet. "..."

He gazed at the muramasa, shutting his eyes. "I took the blade from the murderer..." He remembered what he said about the blade being cursed. The power of it was nice, given that he dealt with it first hand. However, so much power could corrupt a person, just like it did with the wanderer. Grabbing the muramasa, he tossed the blade into the air. Closing in to fall down the sky land, he quickly drew his sword with a flick of a wrist, sending the cursed sword in two pieces before it descended. "For my father, Maiko, and my village." He lowered his head while sheathing the tsurugi. A hand laid on his shoulder, and he turned around to see the same tall man, this time dressed in a rich blue kimono. His black hair was slicked back, while the ancient, Asian eyes gleamed at Saiketsu with a smile.

"My boy... You've done well," said the man."

"Father..." murmured the samurai.

"You did not let the blade draw you to its power, and I am glad. However, do not let your heart turn dark because of your vengeance." He chuckled, "However, you grew to be a samurai, and I am proud that you stuck with it."

A tear came across Saiketsu's cheek, then he leaned over to hug his father, "Thank you.." He released the hug, then he lifted his head with a smile, "Thank you father."

"Saiketsu..." A form appeared in front of Saiketsu, smiling at him. It was a lovely young lady with long green hair and deep brown eyes. Her dress was a humble blue kimono. Wrapping her arms around him, she said, "I am sorry that I had to do that, but I couldn't let him kill you guys."

"...I understand, Maiko." His eyes shut, tears flowing through his eyes, "I don't want to lose you, not when I can see you guys..."

"Saiketsu, please don't be worried... We will be fine. I will be back in time. If you believe in me like I believe in you, we will see each other again. You look like a great samurai." Maiko smiled, then withdrew from the hug.

Saiketsu blinked, "... Back to life?"

"Yes, a new body... perhaps we'll meet one day..." Her hands extended out, reaching for Saiketsu's fingertips. He extended his hand out to meet with her hand, both of them touching as if it was reaching out to a mirror. The mirror was more of a seal from the Dead World to the Living World of Rune-Midgard. However, it felt like that they could reach each other in spite of the separate worlds. Keeping the fingertips meeting, Saiketsu leaned over towards Maiko, brushing his lips against her spectral form.

Holding onto the kiss, Maiko's body soon vanished with the parting words, "I'll find you Saiketsu, just believe in me... We will cross path at our homeland." It left Saiketsu leaning over the edge, until he regained his posture, keeping a hand over his heart.

"...I love you Maiko..." He lowered the sakkat over his head, then he smiled at his father, "...Goodbye father."

Soon, Mr. Kimiyama parted from the physical world as well, leaving Saiketsu alone. Though the connection through the dead faded, he felt rejuvinated since the burden was tossed aside. Saiketsu left the floating land and crossed the bridge to the main path of Gonryun, only to find himself meeting with both Talyn and Kito, who were waiting for him to come their way.

Kito asked Saiketsu, "Going solo, Saiketsu?"

"Or is it Shikyo still?" asked Tayln.

"Nah. Thanks..." He smiled, turning the sakkat upward with a grin. "It's Saiketsu." He winked.