[This was an idea of an event that I had in mind. It was for a place that died. Anyhow, the mysterious mages are mine, but the area belongs to Gravity.]

[Theme Song: Conspiracy to Murder - Megaman X2]


Lights illuminated the city of Yuno, gleaming along the stone-henge structure. Arcane symbols were placed everywhere on the ground, as if it was a monumental land. Various grey-stoned spots had blue lights illuminate the path.

However, the moon came to rise as the sun left. Along the goliath of a building, five men in crimson cloaks were walking up the path in a single line. As they passed through the door, they found themselves within a room plated with gold. The design was like the city, but the difference was that it emitted a golden light rather than the blue light. The crimson cloaked folk continued to walk, until one at the end of the line stopped. Then, each member stopped as they formed a circle.

The crimson cloaked figures were non-descript, except for the golden glitter at the hem of their cloth. One of them had a golden circlet with a blue jewel on the middle. The one with the Grand Circlet stepped forward, his voice carried a soft echo. "All Divine Blood present... We are here for our usual meeting. Our plan is to revive the master."

"... It is about time.," said the first cloaked figure who stepped up. His voice was frighteningly deep.

"How will we do that?," said the second, who beared a raspy voice.

"We collected the Gate of Nifilheim to summon the monsters," stated the third, who carried a feminine voice with a distinct, sensual dialect.

"They will cause bloodshed in this place, thus making it perfect for our ritual," came out the fourth mage, who carried a youthful, feminine tone.

After the four gave their names, the one with the grand circlet chuckled. "Good, good. Our master will be released and we could perhaps take over this city at the process."

The raspy voiced figure asked, "But what if the travelers from the other land attack?"

"It won't do any good. Even if they do intervene, many of them will shed their blood at the process. The master will be revived and the gate will be broken." stated the leader.

"And the land beyond Nifilheim?" asked the youthful feminine tone.

"If we can, we will free the land as well." stated the leader.

The deep voice stated, "Peh. The defenders of Rune-Midgard will be more annoying than the previous five."

The sensual voice replied, "The monsters will take care of them. Do have faith."

"The Dark Lord will be pleased with the plan," stated the raspy voice. "The young master will be revived from his seal."

"And he will challenge the gods, and rule them all..." said the sensual feminine voice.

"We will strike soon. The Ritual of Onyx Eye shall be complete. The master will be revived, and we will have new land at the process..." Beneath the cloak, the leader gave a grin. "Blood... will... quinch... his... thirst."