[The story takes place when Kaishi trying to make it to Lutie. However, he falls unconscious and undergoes a flash back. Kaishi and Setata are mine, Darius Damascus belongs to a friend, and the rest belong to Gravity.]


No sun nor moon was set in this time. Air was scant in scent as the bitter wind nipped against the skin to where frostbites were easily gained. Snow covered the whole plains, from the trees to even the grass. Barely any source of any natural color were visible. Lutie Fields was a dangerous place to be for those that did not know how to avoid the sasquashes. This was an exception.

A large, bearish creature was staggering along the grass, then its eyes widen before it collapsed. Through the fluster of snow, the blood protruded from the creature, pouring against the white snow. Not far off from the corpse was a youthful child, around the age of his early teens. The blue haired child lowered his head, then he covered himself up. He gazed at the corpse, then he used his knife to peel against its skin. "...S..so cold.." He whimpered, then he peeled the skin from the sasquash and walked ahead. He was able to see a town nearby, which was a good sign for him. He staggered along the ground, trying to make it to Lutie, able to see a large candy cane. He wanted to visit Santa or somewhere for safety.

His skin turned blue, and his small body could not bear the weather any longer. Shivering, he fell on both knees. His arms wrapped around himself as well as the sasquash skin for comfort, then his eyes were seeing black, before he collapsed to the ground unconsciously. He asked himself where his life went wrong. He couldn't remember anything about his past. Everything seemed strange to him on how his life began that he could remember.

A young child at the age of eight kneeled along a white light in the midst of a pure black area. The blue hair encompassed the face of the innocent youth. He looked up after his hard training, only able to hear a voice speak out to him. It was a rough, rigid voice:

"You have been raised by the ShadowCrypt Guild. We are your mother, father, sister, brother, and your God. You only serve us, having no other beliefs. You will be provided with rich rewards and survival. You will be best of the best, for you are the youngest to be inducted, let alone raised since your own birth in our way. You will embrace the guild as your own, having no other alliegence. You will undergo a trial to see where your skills are at."

From that point on, the innocence was shattered, leaving only blood behind. The fumes of a cigarette smoke blew from a male adult, bearing spikey red hair. His body was bare, saved for a pair of rolled up blue pants. He had alot of bandages wrapped around his arm, especially a long white coat. He wore a pair of brown sandles, just leaning back and forward. He gazed over at the far alley, talking to no one else but a shadow in particular. He smirked slightly, then he stated, "So, if I can kill this boy, I can get ten thousand zeny?"

"Of course."

"Score!" He flexed his arm out, then he shifted his gaze at the small child, "Jesus, you may as well hand me the ten thousand zeny now. This is like taking candy from a baby!" He approached the boy, then he laughed as he pointed his index finger at the child, "Any last words?"

"...This is death?" His eyes widen, then he somersaulted into the air, then he withdrew a dagger from the end of his sleeeve. He landed against the mobster's shoulders, then he slammed the knife against the back of the head. Blood protruded, then the boy pushed off of the body. The mobster immediately fell to the ground lifelessly, leaving the boy to gaze at the body, shocked to find himself killing a living being. "...I...I..." He backed away, then he clamped his hands together.

Within the streets, two black figures were running away from a few men dressed in armory, revealing that they were serving as guards of Prontera. The guards found themselves in the alleyway, with the young boy in front. He stared at the two emotionlessly, then he withdrew a pair of katars. He sprinted at the guards, leaping towards one with one of the katars against the chest and the other against the neck of the soldier. Meanwhile, his legs wrapped around the other soldier's neck, then he twisted his body, snapping the soldier's neck. Kneeling against the ground, he lowered his head, "As I kill them... I don't smile.. Is any of this even right?"

An elderly merchant was backing away to the wall, then he tried to flee from the child. The boy zipped past the old man, poking the violet tipped katar against the man's back. His body was covered in purple, until he collapsed to the ground. "...I am killing the elderly...Why is this necessary?"

Months had past, and the boy could not shake his guilt. There was one person that he could talk to. The girl kind of scared the boy, but she was the only one that understood him.

The girl had long black hair, braided in a ponytail. She wore a merchant's dress, dyed in a pink color. She smiled at the young boy, who was now around eleven. Her fingers were scritching his chin. The woman was around the age of nineteen. It seemed odd that she had a thing for him. He was always afraid for that reason. She leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, "Kaishi, I want you to have this." She withdrew a rosary from around her neck, then she placed it over the young boy's head. "Just a gift for you."

Never been given a present, the young boy touched his chest, then the rosary. Tears flowing through his eyes, he reached out and hugged the girl. She leaned over towards the boy, kissing him to the lips. The boy's eyes widen a bit, then his cheeks flushed.

The thing was that she was way older than him, but he liked her. She was extremely nice to him and never judged him that he was an assassin. The only one who understood him.

As a year passed, Kaishi went to visit the woman, only to find her body in a bloody manner. She was brutally murdered, then the voice said with a baleful roar:

"You are with the assassins only. Your wife is here, your family is within the clan only."

It left the boy crying, holding onto her body. He lost someone that he could talk to, that he grew attached with. Despite of the age, she actually wanted him.

Everything went black.

His eyes opened as he leaned over, gazing at the rosary that the girl gave him. "...Setata..." He shut his eyes, then he found himself inside a wooden house, decorated in the Christmas theme. He looked around, shaken up to see a large feast at the table, then he looked at the green couch. A large man in red started to approach the boy, towering over the child. And the voice boomed out.

"Ho ho ho! I am glad to see that you are awake now." Santa said.

The young boy stared at the large man. Santa, the man he always wanted to meet. The eyes widen, looking at the large form. The shirt was button nicely, and the beard consumed the large man's face. Tears ran against the child's eyes, then he leaned over to hug Santa, crying his heart out. "Why did you take me...I am not good..." He buried his head, unable to stop crying, "Why are you helping a person who killed so many people."

The cheerfulness of Santa faded, then he pat the child on the back as his head lowered, "...Child. I know why the deeds were done. I know your remorse feeling. I always kept you out of the naughty and nice list for the fact that you were drawn in the guild. Anything else focusing blame on you would of made things worse. Please, don't cry."

"I just want to die so I am not drawn to kill anymore people." He pulled back, wiping the tears. "I can't remember who I am or what I really am... I hate the name that they gave me."

Then, a voice said, "We'll give you a new name. You look like a Sam to me." The knight who previously saved the young boy came back, dressed with the red armor with the broadsword in his sheath. "Heh heh. I am Marius Damascus." He lifted the helmet, smirking at the young boy. "Looks like the shinobis didn't get to you this time."

"This is the man that actually brought you here, young man. You should thank him." He smiled, gesturing his hand at Marius. However, the boy had already lept out of the bed, wrapping his arms around the knight as he pressed his face out. Tears poured along his eyes, sobbing. He had no one left except for the people who saved him.

Marius looked over at Santa, "What happened to him?"

Santa lowered his head, "...That is something that I do not know of, child... This is something even I don't know."