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Summary: Yugi was granted a wish when he solved the millennium puzzle. Yugi was watching the new show Yu-Gi-Oh! as he finished it. His heart made a wish and the Anime-Character Yami shows up and Yugi wondered what he wished for. To make things more complicated an evil threatened the world and that the answer lies within Yami's past, he couldn't remember.

This story is AU and will be rated PG-13 just to be safe. This story contains angst and Yaoi, which means boy loving boy. Don't like don't read. The pairing – as always – will be Yami and Yugi.

As I said, this story is AU and this means Duellist Kingdom, Battle City and all the stuff never happened. All the characters will be around 17 years old. Well, most of them. Yami will be around 5019 *gg*

'...' Yugi's personal thoughts

*...* Yami's personal thoughts

/.../ Yugi to Yami

/.../ Yami to Yugi

(...) annoying interruptions by Sansi





Running, hiding, running, hiding, ... it was everyday the same for Yugi Mouto. He often wondered why he even tried, because it didn't matter what the young teen did. He often used an other way to go home, but every time it has the same result. They caught him, they took his money and they beat him up. They were known and feared by every student ... bullies.

Bullies love to pick up shorter and weaker classmates. Well, Yugi is one of them. He may be 17 years old, but because of his amethyst innocent eyes and his short height, he was one of the bullies' favourite targets. Yugi has a very friendly character, but people took often advantage of his kindness and the youth learned from those experiences. He was always very shy, so nobody noticed when he began to avoid other people. Friends were a risk and a risk usually meant that he got hurt. So Yugi stayed in the distance and watched other people sadly.

Nobody, not even his grandfather, saw how the teen slowly slipped away. You have to give him the credit that he hid his secret well. It wasn't that he hasn't friends, but he didn't let them near him. Not physically, but mentally. Yugi went to school with them, hang out with them in the afternoon, but he never shared his secrets with them.

His friends sadly didn't see that he wasn't completely honest with them. It seemed no one tried to see behind the cheerful and sometimes sarcastic façade ...


That day Yugi made it home in one piece. 'Must be a good day. They didn't beat the shit out of me like usually. I can even walk on my own ... I'm so glad it's Friday ...' Yugi thought sarcastically. He went to the game shop, where his grandpa used to work. Yugi's parents died early and he stayed with his grandpa at the game shop. His Jiichan was the only person he trusted, but Yugi never told him about his problems, because he didn't want to worry him.

As the teen entered the shop, he was surprised to find it empty. 'Strange ...' Yugi thought to himself, as his grandpa never closed his shop before 6PM. He decided to make himself something to eat while he waited for his grandpa to come back. To his surprise and annoying he found a note on the kitchen table. It said

'Dear Yugi,

Arthur Hopkins invited me to accompany him to an exhibition. I'm sorry, I couldn't wait for you to come home from school, as we had to get our plane. I left some money on the kitchen table for food and other things you'll need. I will be back in two days. Please, take care of yourself.

PS: In the living room you'll find a box filled with golden pieces. Arthur gave it to me. He said he found it in Egypt during his dig. I know how much you like puzzles ... so I give it to you.

Love, Grandpa

'Great' the youth thought while he went to the living room. 'Another weekend all alone ... I'm just glad he isn't in Egypt after all, because it is to dangerous for an old man like him ... Well, the puzzle sure sounds interesting ...'

At the table he saw the box his grandfather told him about, but he never mentioned how beautiful it was. Yugi noticed that it was pure gold and shimmered in the sunlight. It has many strange symbols on it, which Yugi could recognize as Egyptian hieroglyphs. He carefully observed it. A creepy eye captured the youth's attention. Yugi shuddered. It felt at it was watching him, but it couldn't be ...

He was so concentrated that Yugi startled when his watch suddenly began to ring. With his heart pounding in his chest like a hammer he remembered why he sat the alarm.

The new show Yu-Gi-Oh! started today and he didn't want to miss it. A character of the show, Yami, looked like him and he wanted to find out more. The story sounded really interesting too. The Yami-guy was the King of games and never lost a single duel in the card game called Duel Monsters. His friends Anzu, Honda and Jounochi helped him to find his lighter half and regain his memories.

Strangely Yami's friends looked a lot like his friends Tea, Tristan and Joey and Yugi also liked Duel Monsters. ' ... and Yami is really cute ...' Yugi noticed. He hit himself immediately. 'If you haven't noticed he is a comic figure and a G-U-Y!' Yugi told himself. ' ... but a hot guy!' a dark part of him answered.

'Grr ... whatever ... back to the box'. The teen dismissed this thoughts turned on the TV. He wanted to watch the show while working on the puzzle.

He emptied the box and looked at the pieces rolling out of it. 'Mhhh ... looks like a 3D puzzle ... I wonder what it'll look like' and so he began to put the pieces together.

- 20 minutes later- (come on guys that's boring ^.^ ... and I'm lacking on ideas)

'This isn't too hard' he muttered to himself. It was nearly finished and only one piece was left. 'It looks like ... like ... a pyramid ... Mh ... it even has the same creepy eye on it.' Yugi grinned to himself '... probably it's magical ... no, it can't be ...' He shook his head to get rid of that silly idea.

He observed the last piece with the eye of it a little more carefully ' ... but maybe ...' Yugi put the piece in the empty place in the puzzle and waited. And waited. And waited ... Nothing happened and Yugi sighed. 'That would have been like a wish come true ...'

The youth took the finished puzzle and wanted to put it back in the box, when it began to glow. The light was getting brighter by the minute and Yugi dropped the puzzle and shielded his eyes.

After the light disappeared again he opened his amethyst eyes again. Yugi was shocked when he saw another person in front of him. Yugi's mouth hand open and his eyes widened considerably. There in front of him stood a guy, looking exactly like him, to be more precise YAMI!

Before he could gather his thoughts, he was pulled in a warm embrace by the stranger. "Hikari (light)! I found you!" Yami said excitedly.

For the moment Yugi didn't care as he felt strangely safe in the other's arms. He unconsciously returned the lovely embrace and decided to ask questions later.



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