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by Sansi
Chapter 21: Awakening of spirit ... (1)

The first thing his mind registered, when the darkness slowly gained back consciousness was the pain shooting through his whole form. Gritting his teeth, Yami stilled a few more moments, forcing his brain into gear. At last deciding that it would be wise to find out what was causing him such pain, the shadow opened his sharp crimson orbs to the world. Blinking, he adjusted his eyes to the thankfully dim light in the room.

-Strange. The walls are made out of stone- the shadow mused, while supporting his head with a hand. The pharaoh felt kind of dizzy, not to mention the pounding in his head, but he couldn't recall the reason for his bad condition.

Shifting carefully as the yami tried to sit up a little more to get a better view, he noted another weight settled around his middle. Turning curiously, he saw familiar tri-colour hair pressed against his back, an arm trapped around the shadow's torso possessively. Blinking in confusion the darker half tried to remember–Yes, I fought against Marik ...- He groaned when realisation finally kicked in -I guess I collapsed afterwards. No wonder I feel like shit. The f'ing bastard sliced me with his goddamn sword. At least he is gone now and I kept both my promises. To Ishizu and Yugi.-

Thoughtfully he watched his little light by his side, amethyst eyes closed in slumber.

Would their bond ever be the same? Yami was pessimistic. After everything that happened to them how could they go back to the close friendship they had? Had they ever been really close? No, not really.

Yugi had hid things from - him that was nothing new. The pharaoh knew quite well that his little light didn't trust him, but the darker half was confident that they could work on it. Then Yami had recovered his memories and everything broke down. The ancient ruler had retreated from his light. He had been confused and had kept his regained memories a secret, making his hikari suspicious. The pharaoh had refused to put his hikari in danger and as silly as it sounded, the brave shadow king had been afraid how his aibou would take the truth. Then one argument led to another and mistrust and fear on both sides had distanced him from his lighter half. Nevertheless it had been his entire fault that Marik had been able to trick them. Yami was Yugi's protector for goddamned sake. If he had had more confidence in his aibou, things wouldn't have gone out of hand. Yugi wouldn't have been in danger and Marik wouldn't have had a chance to strike.

Even more he was confused why Yugi was on his side, obviously taking care of him. Didn't his aibou ... no; he had no right to call him that anymore... didn't Yugi hate him for what he had done? Without the pharaoh neither Yugi nor his friends would have been in danger. Marik was after the yami and Yugi was just a means to an end. And there was the destroyed school and all the deaths in the city. Didn't Yugi know that he was responsible for the destruction?

The shadow shook his head remorsefully. What he did was irresponsible.

Taking another glance at his doppelganger he sighed. Yami couldn't deny that he was already too attached to this boy. Though Yugi wasn't a boy anymore, but a young man.

There were so many thoughts and emotions running through him whenever he looked at his little charge. Not liking the confusion, he tore his thoughts away from the bundle in the bed and fixed his attention to the place they currently were in. He had never seen this place before. How did they end up here anyways?

Before he could dwell longer on the thoughts the door opened and his most faithful Monster, the Black Magician came in. Smirking at the dumbfounded look on the Duel Monster's face when he saw his master awake, Schwarzer Magier rushed to Yami's side and fell to his knees.

"Master! You're up! How are you feeling?" he required urgently, sounding excited, something very out of character of the solemn mage.

Schwarzer Magier's yelling was heard by the others who came moments later rushed in.

Questions over questions were asked. How are you feeling? Are you ok? And others along those lines. Yami felt touched that they cared for him that much, even Seto Kaiba made sure he was ok, but he was getting annoyed and the building headache in his head didn't help matters.

"I'm fine guys!" the pharaoh practically screamed to get their attention, surprising not only himself but the others in the room by the outburst.

"Thank you for your concern, but I am really ok. But now I want a few answers please. Where the hell am I?" the yami asked much more gently.

The Black Magician gave his master a quick run-down of what had transpired while he was out cold.

"My pharaoh?!" the Monster ended his explanation.

"Yes?" the darker half required.

Without warning the DM lowered his body, prostrating himself before his Pharaoh. "I have failed you master. Even if I'll never be able to rectify my mistake, I ask you for forgiveness. Whatever punishment you wish to execute, I'm ready."

"You have nothing done wrong, my friend. It should be me thanking you for helping me in this duel. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to defeat Marik. And I will never be able to show you my gratitude for saving my friends" Yami answered truthfully, bowing as best as his condition allowed him.

The Monster was about to contradict, but Malik interrupted him.

"I also want to thank you, my pharaoh, for saving me from my darker half. I'm awfully sorry for what I did ..."

"Yes, thank you for saving my brother highness ..." Ishizu now spoke as well.

"It's enough! There is nothing to thank or forgive for you three, so cut it out already!" Yami ended the shameful scene in a regal tone and nobody dared to argue.

"It was about time that you ended that Yami or I would have stuffed something in their mouths!" Seto told them. Everybody who watched carefully enough could see a vein pulsing on his forehead.

"You have to put up with it Kaiba. Our Yami here is an ALMIGHTY pharaoh." Mai teased, bowing mockingly.

Yami just glared at her, feeling embarrassed.

"I'm glad that you're going to be ok, Yami. Our Yugi here ..." Joey began, now that the mood was lightened he felt more comfortable about their king-friend, but he stopped as the light began to stir.

To everybody's surprise the shadow suddenly was alarmed and to his friends' horror he jumped out of the bed, making his way to the door. He never made it that far.

"Yami? ..." a sleepy voice stopped him.

Frozen in his tracks, the referred one turned around. Time seemed to stop when amethyst and crimson orbs met. But then Yami collapsed.



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