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by Sansi
Chapter 23: ... and love -2-

"Goood he is heavy! How can Yami weigh that much when he is that skinny!" Joey moaned as Seto and he were picked up the unconscious spirit, carrying him back to bed.

"Stop complaining, mutt, and lay his feet on the bed" The CEO commanded, breathing deeply. For the first time he didn't contradict the 'dog' as he preferred to call Joey, but Seto would never ever admit that he agreed with the preferred 'victim' of his sarcasm. Even if it was just for once. The truth was that Yami heavier than one would give him credit for, given his height.

Yami slipped from the blonde's grip, causing the pharaoh to moan in pain. Joey cringled immediately.

"Joey, be more careful! He isn't a sack of potatoes you know! You're hurting him,"Mai hissed at the clumsy teen. If she had known that Joey would be that careless with their friend, she would have been the one carrying the pharaoh, not him. She might be a girl, but whoever said Mai Valentine was a weakling wouldn't live to see another day.

Once again, the group encircled the pharaoh's bed, watching impatiently as Ishizu checked out the shadow's wounds. The Egyptian woman seemed to have a lot of experience with injuries so they willingly let her take care of the shadow as none of them had medical knowledge.

Yugi had gone very pale when his yami collapsed. He couldn't really point it, but a creepy feeling in his stomach told him it was his fault ...

Ishizu had good news for them, causing them to sigh in relief "The pharaoh is fine as far as I can tell. His injuries aren't the cause for his collapse. I think standing up was too strenuous for him at the time. All we can do for now is wait until he wakes up." With a damp cloth, she wiped perspiration from the tanned face.

Some of the built up tension in the room melted away "That's good to know. Why was he jumping up like that anyways?" Tristan questioned, leaning against the wall beside Yugi. "I mean, one moment he was practically lying on his death bed and the next one he was running to the door as if he had seen a ghost"

"He was surprised to see his light." The Dark Magician hissed, glaring at Yugi for what seemed the hundrenth time that day. The DMG had to held the mage around the waist with all her strength or he would have jumped the hikari.

Wordlessly, the group watched Schwarzer Magier as he threw one of his fits. Not one of them believed Yami's most faithful monster. None except little Yugi ...

"It's his fault that my master collapsed and it was his fault that my pharaoh got hurt in the first place. Don't you see that he is the cause of all this trouble" The dark magician spat the word he always like it was deadly poison. By now Malik, Seto and Tristan helped the DMG to hold the enraged mage back from killing their friend on the spot. Oh if looks could kill, Yugi would be 2 meters under the earth.

Meanwhile Ishizu assured the light. "Don't mind what he is saying, Yugi. He is just upset that Yami is hurt and he is just looking for a culprit. Nothing of what happened had anything to do with you."

The teen tried to smile, but failed. The guilt nagging on him was too strong. Who was he kidding? The Dark Magician was right. It was his fault.

"Of course I mean what I'm saying! Or do you have a proof that it happened otherwise?" Schwarzer Magier spat out, his venomous words sinking into the hikari's consciousness.

"Look, DM. We are all worried about Yami, but that is no reason to scold Yugi like that. If Yami ever finds out that you are threatening his light, he will knock your lights out. And if not, Yugi still has us" Joey warned, smirking. His smirk widened when he pictured the dreadful Dark Magician punished by the pharaoh.

The Duel Monster laughed darkly. "As if someone like you would be an obstacle"

Joey paled. Now that he thought about it he was quickly losing confidence, because the only one who was able to stop the dark mage was out cold. No, not good at all ...

"He may be not, but I will for sure" a deep sultry voice interfered.

Joey sighed in relief. He always needed someone around to save his ass when his mouth was quicker than his brain.

The DM looked up to find his highness awake, oblivious hearing their argument.

"Master ..."

Yami raised his hand, silently ordering him to silence. "You know, Schwarzer Magier, I'm quite surprised to hear this from you ..." he paused to pierce the mage with his deep red eyes. "You must know better than anyone else, that nothing could separate a protector from his charge. I'm well aware that you care for me and would do everything to protect me from any harm as you did in the past. All the more you have to understand that I will do everything in my power to keep my aibou safe... Even if you are my friend, I won't hesitate to stop you at any cost!" his crimson eyes were flamed with determination.

"..." for once in his life, the dark mage was left speechless. He knew what his master and long-time friend tried to make him understand, but it was still hard for him to accept the fact that from now on Schwarzer Magier had to share Yami. Some people may think Black Magician was in love with him, but to him the pharaoh was more like a younger brother he had to protect.

The Duel Monster looked at the ancient ruler and a silent understanding passed from one to the other. To the other persons in the room who didn't know the long and deep friendship that linked them, the mage's gaze transmitted "For now you won, but I will get the little one, one way or another". But in reality the duel monster respected Yami's decision; he just didn't want the others to see that in reality he wasn't as cold as he made everyone believe.

With a slight bow Dark Magician made his way out of the room, silently altering the promise he gave his master millennia ago. From now on he had to protect not only Yami, but his pharaoh's aibou as well, because if something would happen to the little shrimp his master would never be the same.

Joey and the others watched the mage leaving, obvious to the agreement.

"I think it's time to go to bed, minna-san. I show you where you can spend the night" the Dark Magician Girl chirped. "Yugi-san is staying here with pharaoh-sama. The bed is large enough for both of them. The others come with me"

With that said everybody exchanged goodnights with Yami and his hikari and left the room.


The yami and the hikari found themselves in an unexpected and rather uncomfortable situation. So far they hadn't been alone since everything around the Marik-incident happened. They knew they had to talk at some point, but where to begin and what to say? All of a sudden they had to deal with all the confusing thoughts and feelings for the other.

An unbearable silence settled in, both too lost in their own thoughts to start a conversation with the other. The tension grew with each silent second.

Knowing that there was no going around, Yugi bravely decided to take the first step.

"How are you feeling, Yami?" he questioned awkwardly. 'Smooth. Very smooth' the hikari thought sarcastically. 'What a stupid question, you dork.'

"I'm fine, aibou. Don't worry. Believe me when I say, that it looks much worse than it is." the pharaoh smiled trying to calm his hikari's nerves. The link between the two was still gone, though he could feel a few emotions sinking through. –Good. That means we are starting to trust each other. Secretly, the darkness was thankful that his lighter half broke the silence. The only thing the yami had to do now was to keep it going.

"Yami ..."

"Yugi, I ..."

They both laughed nervously when they began to speak at the same time.

"You first, hikari." Yami said.

The light felt better, because his darkness still used his old nicknames for him. "No. You first. I insist,"Yugi replied with a small smile and the tension in the room evaporated.

"Promise you won't get mad?" the darker half requested seriously. The pharaoh wasn't sure how good it was to talk about this special topic, now that the mood was lighter, but there was no other way.

Hesitation for a moment – then in a small voice Yugi answered "I promise."

Accepting the reply the pharaoh began. "You ... already know that I kept secrets from you when I found out about my past." Here he stopped, waiting for a reaction. Yugi nodded sadly. This wasn't something he wanted to talk about yet. "I want to apologize, Yugi. I lied, hid things from you, mistrusted you and put you in danger. I failed not only as a friend, but as a protector as well. If I had told you everything, Marik wouldn't have had a chance to attack you or your friends. Without me you would never have been in danger and then when you needed me the most I failed to protect you. Even if I knew that what I did is unforgivable, I ask you to accept my apology." The words spilled out in a rush, leaving the yami breathless at the end.

Yugi thought that was everything his yami wanted to talk about and was relieved that that was only thing standing between them. There was no question or hesitation. He would forgive everything as long as Yami accepted his apology too.

But Yami was far from finished.

"Marik may have been the only one after my power we know of, but there might be other enemies coming after me. They will use you to get to me and I won't let that happen. This time I want to do things right. That's why I have to leave and ..."

The yami got interrupted in his speech as his hikari flung himself at his protector, tears rolling down the pale face. Too stunned to react, the shadow watched his light crying into his shirt.

Yugi tightened his grip when he spoke in a tear-choked voice. "No Yami! You can't go ... hiccup ... I'm sorry. Please stay. I won't be that ignorant again. It's my fault. I'm sorry. Please Yami ... hiccup ... I will tell you everything. No more secrets ... Please forgive me ..."

Blinking in surprise, the darkness did what every good or bad protector would do. He placed his hands around his shaking light, whispering nothings in his ear to calm him down.

The shaken hikari kept babbling as Yami rocked him back and forth, most of what his light was saying was drowning in the sobs, but the yami could always catch one or two words like 'Don't hate me' and 'Don't leave'

Again Yami felt bad for causing his aibou that much distress and psychological pain.

"How can you think, I hate you aibou? I love you!" he exclaimed, fuming that his aibou could ever think that. Immediately after he practically screamed out his love he knew he was in deep shit. –fu''-

Miracles do happen after all - Yugi stopped crying, "You love me?" he sounded almost hopeful.

Yami was suddenly very tongue-tied "Ah. Yes. I mean ... ahm ... you are my aibou. The other half of my soul. How could I not love you?"

His light averted his gaze, looking ... hurt?

"Only as a friend?" Yugi asked ever so softly, his cheeks a faint pink.

Yami flushed deep red. Was he really in love with this boy in his arms? Where those confusing feeling for his aibou THIS? LOVE?! He was in love with Yugi?!

The only word our baka pharaoh got out was "Huh?"

Abstinently, far away in his mind, Yami noted that his hikari looked really cute blushing like that. Without thinking, he leaned forward and softly kissed his lighter half on the cheek. The moment he felt the body in his arms stiffen, he realised exactly what he had done ... and though he knew it was wrong, how much he would love to do that again.

Before pointless apologies could have tumbled from the darker half's lips, fingers were against his mouth, stopping any attempt of speaking.

Yugi swallowed nervously "Because I like you more than that. I love you, Yami." With that said he leaned forward to catch the lips of his love in a chaste kiss.

'Even if he rejects me at least I got this one chance and he will know how much he means to me. Hopefully this will be enough to keep him with me.'

Marvelling at the beauty of the moment, the hikari reluctantly broke the tender contact. Yugi had put all of his adoration and love in this kiss. It was after all his first kiss and he shared it with the only person he ever wanted to be with.

Gazing down at his lap Yugi waited for any reply his darkness might give. His lips still tingled and he could remember the taste of his yami and how warm and safe he felt in his arms. He knew his stunt was rather bold and after a few moments, the light was afraid that his darkness might hate him.

For once in his life the ancient ruler was left speechless. That was the last thing he had expected. His 'innocent' hikari had kissed him shamelessly on the lips. Moreover he couldn't supplant the feeling that he wanted him to do it again.

Without a second thought, he clutched his hikari probably a little tighter than necessary and claimed his lips as his own. Yugi squeaked at the sudden move, but Yami gladly swallowed the sound.

Neither broke the kiss until their hunger for air overcame their hunger for each other.
Smiling fondly at his lover Yami caressed his cheek and whispered, "I love you too, Yugi." Then he swooped down and kissed Yugi deeply.

Yugi melted in the embrace of his other half and his heart burst with joy. His Yami loved him too. Absently he noted that it was getting slightly hot when he felt the pharaoh's hand under his shirt, caressing his back and stomach.

Acting total on instinct, he pulled his beloved darkness closer, pulling his shirt free and allowing his hands to roam the bronze skin.

Yugi could feel the other's amusement through their newly forming link.

Not letting his aibou have all the fun Yami took their passionate kiss to the next level. Tenderly he brushed his tongue against the sweet lips of his other, begging for entrance. Yugi gasped, opening his mouth a little, and Yami took that opportunity to deepen the kiss, exploring his other half's cavern.

Things might have gone further, if the door hadn't burst open, revealing their friends. Their mouths hung wide open, while their eyes stared openly in shock, clearly embarrassed by walking in on the two.

"Ahem. We decided to go home tomorrow, just to let you know. If you want to come along be ready in the morning. Mhh, sorry for interrupting." Joey informed them hurriedly before all of them dashed out of the door, closing it behind them with a solid thunk.

The boy in Yami's arms chuckled. "Poor Joey. Mhh ... Yami?"

"What is it, my light?"

"Will you come home with me?" the hikari questioned unsure.

The shadow king tightened his hold for a second. "Are you sure it is safe?"

In response, the hikari nuzzled his neck, feeling with great satisfaction the other's body shivering. "I'm not sure, but I don't really care as long as you are with me. I won't give you up for something that might be and even then we will work it out together."

The Yami laughed richly "Then my light, nothing would please me more"

Nothing more was said as they continued with what they were doing, before they so abruptly interrupted earlier; with holding, kissing and exploring their new love.


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