Wildfox: Hey all you Beyblade fans and readers and welcome to my third fic Babies vs. The Bladebreakers, all about chaos in a nursery with yours truly. I got the idea for this story on Sunday while I was doing some of my forty hours in the nursery at my church. The kids were really hyper and the thought of Kai and the others being tormented by children who are like three times smaller than them popped into my mind. Hmmmm. . .

Kai: No please don't make me take care of those kids! They'll kill me! Help Alex help!

Tyson: Sorry Kai but it's for your own good.

Ray: Yeah Kai you need to learn to socialize and not look to violence as your friend all the time.

Kai: But violence loves me. I need it to live!

Alex: Sorry brother but the kids are the only solution. Come on.

Wildfox: Well you read it yourself. Saw it with your own eyes. Kai hates kids and kids hate Kai. I wonder how this will end up. Oh and beware of randomness.

Max: HEY YOU'RE TORTURING KAI WITHOUT ME? FINALLY I CAN CAUSE HIM PAIN FOR A CHANGE! (Max jumps on the rest of the team candy hanging from his pockets)

Wildfox: Okay let me introduce my new disclaimer and the first chapter.

Yugi: Yours truly does not own Beyblade but she does own Kai.


Chapter 1: I Hate Kids

The entire team (minus Max) are sleeping over at Tyson's and are fast asleep until. . .

"HEY GUYS! YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I GOT US INVOLVED IN!" Max screams obviously high off sugar.

Everyone yawns seeing as they had been asleep and look at Max who is currently hyperventilating into a paper bag filled with pixi sticks. Alex's hair is puffy, Tyson has big purple bags under his eyes, Ray's losing his hair thingy, and Kai looks murderous.

"What?!" everyone screams, minus Kai since he was smart and put his head phones on.


"I hate you." Alex mumbled, falling face first into her pillow.

"Oh yay kids. All the more reason to get out my revolver." Kai smirked.


"Is there food?" Tyson asked, his eyes shining.

"Yeah cookies and juice I think." he replied

"Okay we'll come!"

"We will?" Ray asked, as if he was going to die if he went.

"YAY!" Max shouted, as usual and everyone covered their ears

The Bladebreakers got dressed as slowly as possible but in the end still had to go. Max brought Kenny over with Dizzy and quickly shoved them out the door. The nursery was just down the street so they didn't have far to go (too bad), so they reached it in a matter of minutes.

The building was large and purple with a picture of Barney on the window and all the Tellytubbies on the door. Happy music could be heard from inside and once they'd entered Kai looked as if he would cry. Kids were everywhere and men in costumes looking like chickens and well that lovable Barney, were scattered throughout the area. He clutched Alex's arm as he whimpered. Tyson searched frantically for food and Ray sighed as Kenny typed most likely a help e-mail onto Dizzy.

"BARNEY!" Max screamed, as the rest of the gang fell anime style and sweat dropped.

"Hey Max you ready for fun, fun fun?"


"Well. . ." he started, doing that stupid laugh. "There's six rooms, one for each of you. Let's see." The beyond gay dinosaur who haunts everyone including my dreams, took out a long list on white parchment and read aloud. "Max you're at the playground outside. Kai's in the toy room, Alex you're in the nap room, Ray's in the crafts room, Kenny's in the singing and dancing room, and Tyson you're in the snack room but don't eat anything. I trust you don't worry."

Tyson smiled evilly licking his lips. "Yes big headed whatever you are. Trust me. Mwahahahahaha! I mean. . . I won't screw up your ugliness I mean. . . you dinosaur you."

Everyone goes to their stations (Alex had to pry Kai from her arm unfortunately) and got to work. Alex entered her room first and noticed that a single baby lay in a crib in the corner. The room was black and only one light was in the entire space where she stood. Shrugging, she stepped over to the baby as it started to cry evidently not fully asleep.

"Shhhh. . ." she coaxed, lifting it into her arms and grabbing a bottle of milk. "I'll take care of you."

Meanwhile, Kai had just entered his room and with shifty eyes he looked around. There were about six kids in the room and they were innocently playing with their toys and having fun, that was until they saw their new babysitter. They could see the fear etched on Kai's features. Obviously he'd had a bad experience before so he wouldn't be difficult to handle. To them he was just another toy delivered to them for a torture session.

"Hey look it's Kai from the Bladebreakers! Look guys!" one boy yelled, as the kids came to Kai's feet.

Kai I guess smiled a little as his tension passed. Maybe they wouldn't be so bad after all, but boy was he wrong.

Tyson had already gotten to the cookies and was on his fifth box already with a few girls around him.

"Hey mister can we have some?" one of them asked.

"Maybe when I'm full." he replied, but as you know that means no, seeing as he's never full.

"Ahhh! You got cookie in my eye! Frodo!" she called, as Tyson stared dumbfounded.

Ray had just closed the door to the crafts room and was looking around only to meet the ground again. Looking up he saw an evil grin belonging to a. . . oh I'd say a three year old. He had a glue bottle in one hand and sparkles and all that jazz in the other. Ray laughed sarcastically as his heart jumped into his throat.

"I'm gonna die." he thought, as the children advanced.

Kenny was speaking in huge words and trying to teach the kids algebra as they smacked their heads on the ground wishing they were dead.

"What it's math!" he shouted, excitedly as the kids sighed.

While the kids were being tortured and the kids were torturing, Max was outside on the jungle gym with about eleven other children running around like a crazed maniac tossing candy to awaiting hands. Within seconds all were sugar high and seeking attention and something fun to do. The first thing that popped into Max's head was to go run around screaming like Chimpanzees, but the kids had other plans. They needed more sugar and they needed it now.

Wildfox: So, Kai's about to be scared for life, Max is being stalked, Ray's worried about his new found friends glue and sparkles, Tyson's wondering who Frodo is, Kenny is boring everyone, and Alex is calming a crying baby. Chaos, destruction and sanity. What will happen next? Any ideas?

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