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Forgot about / Everything and everyone I needed before/ Tryin' to get a handle on a reason to shine/ Pickin' up the pieces that are falling behind/ Takes time.

*** May 10th 2015


San Francisco. That's where we live now but it's not somewhere I think I'll ever call home. 'Home' was...is anywhere that my mom's newspaper transfers her; Phoenix, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Miami. Anywhere. And usually 'Anywhere but California' but not anymore.

Me and Mom (and briefly my dad when I was little) build our lives where ever the job happens to be. I should be used to it by now but, I don't know, something about this time feels different. I get that mom grew up here but I don't even think she has family here anymore. When her big sister died she left and she swore she'd never come back because staying here meant she was at risk to more pain and that was something she couldn't handle. Or at least that is what she has always said.

I asked her why we moved here and she wouldn't say. I asked her what I can do here and she said 'the beach!' so that is what I did. And now I'm at the beach sitting on the grass on the top of a small cliff writing, and being bored. There's only one other person here, a girl near my age. In a way she looks familiar, like I should know her but I know that I've never seen her before. She's writing too.


It's that time of year again. Exactly one week after mine and Chris's birthday and exactly one week before the anniversary of the day my aunt Prue died. But today is more than that, it's also the anniversary of Uncle Alex's death. It's been four years now and Aunt Paige seems to get better every year. She's not forgetting, just dealing and accepting. Mom helps her through it on the day of course; we all do in a way I suppose. Then in a week's time Dad and Aunt Paige will be there for mom.

I'm at the beach again. It's one of my favorite places but I don't come very often. Only when I need to think. I like looking at the ocean; it's just so fast and diverse. It can be steady and calm but given the right circumstances it can be raging and unforgiving. But no matter what it is always strong and powerful. In a way it reminds me of Mom. She's always strong and is really powerful. She's usually calm and loving but whenever there is a demonic attack she'll be as unforgiving as, well the ocean I guess (!), towards whatever is threatening us this time.

I'm just glad there aren't many attacks anymore. The last serious one was four years ago. Demons had come after Helena because she was only one year old then and they thought she was too young to protect her self. When he saw them go for his daughter, Uncle Alex jumped in the way of the fire ball. He was incinerated on the spot. That was 4 years ago today and for four years Helena, Charlotte and Aunt Paige have had to cope without a husband and father.

It just makes me glad that both my parents are still here. For now anyway.


God! What am I doing here? Why did I come back and why now? Well that's a stupid question, I know why. Because next week is the 14th anniversary of Prue's death and I need to be here. I've run to long, I need to confront myself. I need to see Piper. She probably hates me, something she totally deserves to feel, but I have so much to say to her. I left her alone when she needed me the most but I just couldn't stay. Everywhere reminded me of Prue. I got mad and so angry; I was blinded so much by what I felt that I had to leave. It seemed like the only way I could cope. I needed a life free of magic, but that also meant a life free of myself. I will go and see her, but not yet. Not today.

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