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Chapter 10

There goes the world

Off of my shoulder

There goes the world

Off of my back

There it goes

May 19th 2015


I'd been shown around most of the house and had begun to know my cousins by now. Wyatt is twelve; he's protective and quite serious but he knows how to be funny. Melinda and Chris are both eleven. Melinda is really friendly towards me in a genuine 'I-want-to-be-your-friend-and-not-just- because-myMom-is-making-me-and-you're-my-sousin' sort of way. Chris is just really funny. He messes around with Helena and Grace but also gets on with the older ones just as well.

Grace is seven and the funniest kid I've ever met. She's so happy and funny in a random, quirky sort of way but she's so protective over Helena, her 'little cousin'. Charlotte is eight and Grace's best friend as well as her cousin so it sort of fits that they share the same sort of personality but Charlotte, or Charlie as they sometimes call her, is a more toned down version and sometimes sounds older than she is. Helena is the baby. She's only just turned five last month and she's looked after the others a lot. She was also quite shy around me at first but it drifted away gradually and she could be just as loud as Grace when she wants.

Wyatt, Chris, Melinda and Grace all live in this house, 'The Manor' and Charlotte and Helena live next door with Paige. I'm not sure about their Dad. I didn't ask because I know what it's like when people ask me about mine. It's strange; I miss him even though I can barely remember him. I wonder if he knew about this or if she lied to him too. I'd ask mom but we don't talk about dad a lot. I think it hurts her too much.


We'd taken Lara to the kitchen, gotten her a drink, shown her the conservatory and then gone upstairs and we were all getting along really well. Lara was a bit shy at first but she relaxed around us and soon everyone liked her. Obviously she's not as close to us as we are to each other but I bet she will be in time. Providing our moms work it out of course.

Anyway, Grace was doing the whole guided tour thing and her mouth was running away with her as usual, she was pointing out everything, even the stupid little things like where she keeps her favorite toy and where Wyatt broke his arm last summer. But the bad thing about her is she doesn't know when to stop. We were walking past the stairs to the attic and she just, well...this is what happened.

"And up there's the attic. That's where we keep the book of Shadows, and all that sort of stuff."

"Grace!" That was Wyatt, he sort of yelled/whispered it at her.

"What?!" She sounded and looked so innocent. And then realization dawned, "Oh, oh oh oh!"

"What's The book of Shadows?"

"Just a book."

Lara looked at us for a minute then looked a bit nervous for a minute before she said anything.

"Is it a magic book?"

"Omigod you know?" That was me, I was a bit excited.

"Yeah, my mom told me yesterday. I don't really know a lot about it."

"We can teach you!" Grace started hopping around Lara at this point. She was very excited and had a lot of energy to burn of.

"Do you want to see the book?" Chris asked

Lara nodded and Charlie grabbed one hand and Grace grabbed her other one and also one of Helena's hands and they all ran up the stairs and straight over to the book.

"So do you guys have powers or anything?" Lara asked

"Yep! I can orb and do Trans...Trans...what's it called?" Grace still can't say it. Mom tells her all the time and she still forgets what it's called.

"Transmogrification" I told her.

"Thanks, Mellie! Transmogrification." She's the only one who calls me Mellie and gets away with it.

"What's that?"

"Orbing is a way of transporting; I guess that's the best way to describe it. We can all orb because we all have Whitelighter in us" Lara looked blankly back at Wyatt, "We'll explain about Whitelighters later. Transmogrification means she can change stuff into other stuff. Basically."

"Like this." She screwed up her face as stared at an old chair in the corner, it orbed out and when it orbed in it was a big brown teddy bear.

"Cool, teddy!" Helena ran over to it.

"What can the rest of you do? I mean apart from Orb." She looked questioningly, not sure if she had said it right.

I nodded my head "I can heal and freeze things, like mom which means I might be able to blow up stuff one day"

"I can move things with my mind, it's called telekinesis, and turn invisible" Chris said

"I can heal too and have orb-telekinesis, like Aunt Paige. This means I can call things to me and they come. I also have a protective shield bubble thing."

"He has the most powers out of us all" Charlie said matter of factly.

"It's 'cos he's twice blessed." Grace said equally as simply.

Lara didn't ask what twice blessed meant, she was either too fazed or saw from Wyatt's look that he didn't want to talk about it.

"I can deflect things and Helena can levitate but she can't control it yet so she only does it when she's sleeping or gets too excited."Charlie filled her in "Do you know what you can do?"

"No. I only found out yesterday so I haven't asked mom. I don't even know if she knows."

"Mom told us a few times what your mom's powers are. She can levitate and gets premonitions. Or at least she could." Chris told her.

"I guess Premonitions would be cool. What's a white...what did you say they were called?"

"A whitelighter? They're sort of guardian angels and they have charges who are usually witches. Dad's one" Wyatt informed her

"And Auntie Paige's daddy!" graced piped up.

"Are you okay?" I asked Lara. She looked a bit fazed by it all.

"Yeah, it's just you know... a lot to take in."


"That's my mom. I hope she made everything okay with her sisters." She started to walk down stairs and we followed. None of us knew what to expect when we reached the bottom.

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