"Oh my god! I'm late!" said a young acolyte who was running on the way to Prontera Church, for her OWN graduation of her becoming a Priestess.

Jadey ran as fast as she could to the church, when she got there the Cleric that was in charge didn't look very happy.

"Jadey! Why were you late?" the annoyed Cleric asked Jadey as she came running in.

"I'm sooooo sorry! This won't happen again! I'm sorry!" Jadey replied back bowing to apologize.

"Quickly get changed into this" the Cleric said as he handed Jadey a Priest's wear.

Jadey quickly got changed into the Priestess' dress as fast as she could. Jadey thought about everyone who had helped her to get to her graduation over a year ago. Her friends Karamu, Cats, Superfly, Virtua and Fool all met a year ago when they all signed up to be adventurers then they were only novices. But they're friendship grew over the months. Jadey started to think where everyone was and if they had graduated yet.

"Jadey, are you nearly done?" shouted Jadey's mother.

"Uhh, wait a minute!"

"Quickly! Hurry up!"

After, 10 minutes of waiting, Jadey was finally ready stepped out of the changing room and walked up the isle. She looked stunning with a golden circlet on top of her head and her blonde hair waving about, and her rosary glittered she walked up to the Cleric. She didn't realise it was also Fool's graduation day as well!

After the graduation ceremony, Jadey was shocked to see Fool! Jadey ran up to Fool and gave him a big hug.

"Fool! I didn't know you were graduating as well!"

"Hey Jadey! Wow! You look great!" said Fool replying back.

"Thank you. You look great to!"

After Fool and Jadey caught up and talked about what happened after they had separated from the others. A bang came from outside and there were people shouting!

"What's going on outside?" said Jadey as she ran to the church door looking all worried.

"Lets take a look"

Jadey and Fool ran outside to take a look. Prontera was burning in flames and people were running around screaming everywhere. There was a blinding light coming from the central square. Jadey and Fool ran as fast as they could to the central square. They saw dead bodies on the way there.

"Oh gosh! This is bad, really bad!" said Jadey.

"Yeh... I know..." said a voice that Jadey had not heard for quite some time.

Jadey and Fool turned around to see an assassin come out of the shadows. The assassin had red hair was wearing a long black cape with a familiar pendent that Jadey had seen somewhere before and he looked surprised to see Jadey and Fool.

"Karamu!" shouted Fool.

"No time for introductions now, we must head to the central square!" said Karamu looking like he was ready to fight as he got out his katars.


Jadey, Fool and Karamu ran to the central square where they saw him...

(To be continued...)