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Chapter 1

It was cold so cold. The enemy was here. The students had been forced into
the back of the hall. A magic shield put up to protect them from spells.
The headmaster and his deputy stood in the middle of the hall surrounded by
their fellow teacher's. Their wands held out at arms length but there was
no sound of spells being muttered. After all there was no point in shooting
spell's if they would just come back. In front of the teacher's stood many
men and women in black robes. Some how they had a magic device up. No
spells could hit them they just reflected back. The sea of black opened up
slowly as a man walked through them. He came and stood in front of them.
His red snake eyes passing over the small crowd in front of him.

"You think...you think you and your tiny spells can defeat me?" His voice was
cold and icy.
"You will never have Hogwarts." Albus yelled across the space which just
moments before had been a battle ground.
"Hogwarts?" He laughed coldly. "I didn't come for Hogwarts you fool!"
"I came... I came for her." His long pale finger pointed softly. To a witch
to Minerva.
"I came for little Mrs McGonagall." At this time Minerva's emotions went
through many stages. Shock, Anger, fear, Hate then confusion.
"Never." Dumbledore snapped. "I told you ten years ago. And I will tell you
now she is not yours not matter what you say you can't have her."
"So whose is she Dumbledore yours?" Albus didn't say anything. He looked at
Minerva she looked so confused.

"What...what do you want with me?" She asked her strong voice quivering just
a little bit.
"You're a very powerful witch Minerva. I want you as a consort. As my
"Do you not know what you are?" His emotionless face losing it for just a
moment. Minerva shook her head.
"You are the heir of Gryffindor. It is your destiny. Our destiny to be
together. To restore the faith between Gryffindor and Slytherin. To take
back the world from those filthy muggle's and mud-bloods. To make the pure-
bloods rule again. I have no interest in this disgusting hell hold of a
school. I only want you." What was this, what was going on? How come nobody
told her what she was? Was he telling the truth?

"You say you have no interest in Hogwarts. Or the students." He nodded.
"Minerva... what are you doing?" Dumbledore asked. She ignored him.
"So if I come with you... you will leave Hogwarts, the teachers and the
students alone." He nodded again.
"Forever?" She asked again. His face changed now.
"Forever?" He repeated. She nodded. He thought about it for a few seconds.
"No." He said seriously.
"Then you can't want me that badly."
"No... I just don't want to leave Dumbledore. I don't mind the others they
will die anyway. So I'll just take you by force. What ever it's all ok to
me." He smiled at her.

"But if you don't come with me... the students die here and now." She looked
over at the students. She could hear there cries of don't do it professor
and it's not worth it. But they where so young so innocent. Dumbledore
grabbed her wrist.
"Don't. You don't know what he'll do to you. You don't know what he's
like." She snatched her hand from him. He grabbed her waist.
"Minerva, don't its stupid."
"I have to protect the children." She answered.
"So noble... let her go Dumbledore she's mine."
"He's lying Minerva. Don't trust him. Don't put your life in danger like
How she managed to get away from him was anyone's guess. But she did. And
some how in between the time when Dumbledore tried to grab her again.
Voldemort some how got there first holding her small body tightly to his.
He looked at her he smiled. He looked at Dumbledore.

"Looks like I win again don't it old man." He said slyly.
"Oh yes and Minerva." He said bending down close to her. "I lied." He
muttered before pushing her into the crowd of death eaters. Who instantly
carried her of.

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