Albus was sat alone in his office when he knew something was wrong. The
feeling had overcome him and now he was weak, he felt though his life force
was being drained out of him. Before he had time to think about it anymore,
his office door burst open. Remus Lupin stood in the door way, breathless.

"Albus! We have a situation" he told the headmaster "death eaters..."

Remus didn't have to say anymore as Albus rose to his feet and had started
to walk towards him. The two wizards quickly made their way towards the
Great Hall. As they approached the Great Hall, Albus could hear the
frighten voices of his students and colleagues. He stepped into the hall
followed closely by Remus, and saw a sea of black in front of him. The
Great Hall was filled with death eaters; Albus glazed at the sight before
him and sighed.

As he approached the sea of death eaters his wand at the ready, they parted
allowing him to come inches away from Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort stood still, his bright red eyes boring into the blue eyes
of Albus Dumbledore. His eyes were full of anger, hatred and something else
but this did not frighten Albus. In fact, Albus didn't pay any notice to
him as his eyes were locked firmly on the limp body of a woman, Voldemort
cradled in his arms. It wasn't just any woman, it was his Minerva. Albus
felt a lump rise in his throat as he took in the sight before him, he was
stuck speechless with guilt, his body wouldn't respond to his orders.

"I thought I would bring her back to you old man." hissed Voldemort "She is
no use to me dead."

"D-dead?" Albus forced the words out.

"That's right" Voldemort replied with a hint of amusement. "Such a shame,
she had so much power in her. Her bravery was her death though."

Albus watched as Voldemort gently placed her down on the floor and brushed
his long icy fingers over her pale lips.

"I took the liberty of cleaning her up," hissed Voldemort as he laid a
black rose on top of her body "She should be remember as the beauty she

As Voldemort backed away from the still body of Minerva McGonagall, Albus
rushed forward and sank to his knees beside her. Very gently, he picked her
up and cradled her lovingly in his arms, letting his tears fall. A loud
screeching came from above and then Fawkes landed beside his master and
began to cry, his tears falling on Minerva.

"It's no use dear friend," mumbled Albus "NO USE!"

Albus kissed her forehead tenderly and let his fingers trace the outline of
her pale face; even in death she took his heart away.

"I am so sorry my love," he whispered "I should have protected you better,
I've let you down. I love you so much Minerva."

No one had noticed Voldemort and his death eaters slink away and return to
their darkness which they referred to as home, all eyes were upon the
headmaster and his deputy. Grief had consumed the Great Hall; the muffled
cries of the students could be heard. Suddenly Albus slipped forward and
was lying beside Minerva, their hands intertwined. Remus and Severus
rushed forward closely followed by Poppy to see what had happened.

"Albus?" asked Poppy softly as she cast a series of spells to find out what
was wrong.

"What's happening?" asked Remus, his voice full of concern

"I'm losing him," replied Poppy "but I can't pin point what is wrong."

"Poppy," spoke Albus, his eyes fluttering open "I am about to start my next
journey and Minerva is waiting for me. We are bound together and so we go
together. Do not worry."

Albus closed his eyes and immediately saw Minerva standing in front of him.
She looked just how she had done when they first admitted their love for
each other; she was holding her arms out to him. Albus floated forward and
embraced her lovingly; he brushed his lips softly against hers and then
depend it as she melt into his arms.

"I am so sorry my love..." began Albus, when the kiss ended.

He was silenced by her placing a finger on his lips.

"Ssshhh my dear," she told him "we are together again, that's all that
matters. Our friends and families await us."

The funeral of Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall-Dumbledore took
place a week later. People came form every corner of the wizarding world to
pay their respects to the greatest witch and wizard of modern times. They
were buried together in the grounds of Hogwarts so that their students
would always know that they watched over Hogwarts.

The End
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