This is all the information on character's that appear in my fan fiction Lunar: Infinities Strife. This will be updated so expect the information to change once in a while.



Age: Nineteen Eye color Diamond Hair color Silver and Blue

Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 lbs. Species: Human

Birthplace: Cathedral of Althena, The Katarina Zone

Birthday: June 23 Weapon: Staff

Family: Mother-Althena

Background: Artemus is the mortal son of the Goddess Althena. After she was captured, Althena placed what power she had left into creating him as the key to Lunar. Nyx searches for him, though she does not know who or where he is.

Found on the steps of the Cathedral of Althena located near the magic city of Vane, Artemus was placed under the best of care. He has been raised as a Priest of Althena, never suspecting his connection to her.

Modesty Amani de Alkirk Dorsilis

Age: Thirteen Eye color Blue Hair color Sandy Blond

Height: 5'4" Weight: 98 lbs. Species: Human/ Beastman

Birthplace: Meribia, The Katarina Zone

Family: Mother- Tessa Ann de Alkirk Dorsilis

Father- Duke Lee Dorsilis

Background: A dreamer to most, an unruly child to others. Modesty doesn't enjoy her life in the port city of Meribia. The girl is a descendant of Mel de Alkirk, Jessica de Alkirk, and Kyle. Has talent for magic but most of her spells come out wrong more than right. Modesty seeks adventure and finds it in a trio made up of Delilah, Artemus, and Lazuli. But will she find that maybe it wasn't everything she thought it would be?

Delilah Selene Lapis

Age: Seventeen Eye color Green Hair color Blond

Height: 5'8'' Weight: 127 lbs. Species: Human

Birthplace: Burg, Caldor Isle

Birthday: August 30 Weapon: Sword

Family: Mother-Rachel Laura Lapis

Brother-Mark Aaron Lapis

Background: As a descendant of the Dragon Master Alex and the human incarnation of the Goddess Althena, Luna, she has the makings of something great. Though very young she has great skills in swordmanship and leadership. She's also a magnificent singer.

Met the baby blue dragon Lazuli when she was five-years-old. That was what first started her on her fated path to become a Dragon Master.

Mark Aaron Lapis

Age: Twenty-seven Eye color Brown Hair color Light Brown

Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 lbs. Species: Human

Birthplace: Burg, Caldor Isle

Birthday: May 18 Weapon: Sword

Family: Mother-Rachel Laura Lapis

Sister-Delilah Selene Lapis

Background: After his father was killed by a disease that not even Althena's highest priests could cure, twelve-year-old Mark turned his back on Lunar's goddess. He secretly joined a cult that works for the evil Goddess Nyx. His road is uncertain and dark, a path opposite to that of his sister.

Rachel Laura Lapis

Age: Fifty-one Eye color Brown Hair color Blond

Height: 5'7" Weight: 135 lbs. Species: Human

Birthplace: Saith, Caldor Isle

Birthday: April 20 Weapon: Broom

Family: Son-Mark Aaron Lapis

Daughter-Delilah Selene Lapis

Background: Raising two children by yourself is never easy, but Rachel has succeeded…at least with one of them. She was once a faithful wife until a disease left her a widow. Unlike her son, Rachel did not turn away from Althena but embraced her. Her faith has given her the strength to remain unshakable in these changing times.


Age: Unknown Eye color Sky Blue Fur color Dark Blue

Height: Very Small Weight: Light Species: Blue Dragon

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthday: September 14 Weapon: None

Family: Unknown

Background: Little is known about this flying cat-look alike, what we do know that he is a baby blue dragon. As dragons live very long lives it is hard to determine how long he will be a "baby". In mind he is as smart as any human teenager is.

His loyalty is solely to Delilah and no one else. He especially dislikes Mark.