At the toilets, Mike was washing his tongue in a bucket full of ice- cold water, with the flame torch still in his hand, and bits of burned paper floating on the surface of the water. What Mike didn't know was that the flame torch was a strong magnet, and that there was a lot of attracting metals down in Randall's hideout. Almost at once, Mike was swept off his feet, zooming through long corridors, until he ended up right in front of the door that led to the storage cupboard. He managed to stop himself from being squished flat against the door by hanging on to the nearest cubicle door, and dropping the flame torch. After he had picked it up again,(he never knew when he might need it to give Randall a good burning) Mike opened the door, and the torch vibrated strongly as what looked like an ordinary tool at the bottom left-hand corner of a metal board started to rotate unaided to the left, revealing a secret door. Mike climbed through it, leaving the torch behind, and slid down a smooth metal slide, leading him to Randall's hideout.
Mike skidded on the highly polished floor, looking for Sully. H e dared not call out, in case somebody was to hear him, and find out where they were.
A door slammed shut behind him, and something invisible skated down on the ramp, and landed with a thump, (supposedly) in front of Mike.
Randall suddenly changed colour again, to his original state, and proclaimed: "Wazouski! We meet again! Time for another round on the scream extractor, don't you think?"
"You need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash, because your breath stinks – that's what I think!" Mike was now taking steps backwards, then turned and ran, as fast as he could. He turned the corner, and found Sully, who was standing as still as an ice cube, and Boo, who was watching, horrified, and scared stiff.
"Slave!" Randall shot at Sully. "Get this one-eyed creature out of here – NOW!"
Mike poked Randall in the eye, and then shoved him away. He had just enough time to hold back Randall, and skidded to Boo and Sully, where he picked up Boo, and yelled: "Hey! Randall! Catch the child if you can!"
At the thought of this, Randall backed away, being able to see again, and tripped over the slave-wires controlling Sully. There was a loud crackling noise, and just then Sully then realised that his hands were only inches from Mike. He withdrew them rapidly, while Mike was watching Boo skid away to chew at the power-drained wires. Sully walked up to Mike.
"Thanks, pal, you've just saved our lives," Sully breathed a sigh of relief.
"What do you mean by our lives?" Mike asked, unaware that Randall was regaining consciousness. "Well, I was about to kill you, under Randall's power, and, reading Randall's "private" documents, I knew he was going to kill me, as well!" Sully finished. None of them noticed a camouflaged Randall sneak up behind them, with the same sack that he had used to kidnap Sully with. At the same time that Randall raised his hand, ready to strike, Sully wheeled around, grabbed Randall's wrist, and slammed him against a broken-down machine, forcing him to change colour again: red with yellow spots. Randall was wearing a dazed expression. "Wow! How'd you do that?" Mike asked Sully, who was dragging Randall over his shoulder, "And why is he coming with us?" Mike pointed to the limp figure over Sully's shoulder, whose tail was swinging pointlessly. "Monster's instinct," Sully replied, wearing an odd grin on his sweaty face. "And Randall's coming with us so we can give him a taste of his own medicine – we're going to banish him again!" "That's great! You know – "But Mike stopped, as Sully had interrupted him: "I don't know, but I have a feeling you're going to tell me." "- I've got a great door in mind! You'll see it when we get there..." Mike finished. Sully then noticed that Randall was waking up again. His head rose and fell, in time to Sully's walking. Sully signalled to Mike; who pulled his tail, and Randall fell limp again. When they reached the door factory, it was empty. Mike walked Sully over to the nearest table, and found a folder, with a card key inside. He took the key, and swiped it through on the panel next to a door's space. At once, a multi-coloured door with moist, sandy, yellow stains stuck on, swept across the railings on the ceiling, and the mechanical arm-like machine rose up and collected it, then brought it down to its place. Mike opened the door, then asked Sully: "May I do the honours, please?" "What honours?" Sully replied. "Putting Randall through the door. That's my favourite part of life –" "But I should do it, since Randall was putting me under his spell –" "And I saved you from him –" "Let's just both do it – okay?" Sully said this in a finishing tone, which meant the end of this argument. "Now, you hold the feet –" "What? No way am I holding his smelly feet – who knows where they've been – but – we're still going to put him through the door..." Mike finished uncertainly, as Sully frowned deeply.
Mike held his breath as Sully passed him Randall's feet, and then hurled him through the door, which led to a never-ending desert.
"That's Randall done with," Said Mike happily, sending the door to be shredded up. But suddenly...
"Mike Wazouski!" Shouted a voice somewhere behind them. Mike and Sully turned, to find Boo standing right behind them, in her monster costume.
"Boo, what are you doing here? You're meant to be in your room!" Mike and Sully said together.
"Kitty!" Boo replied.
"Let's escort her there, then go home," Sully suggested, so they took Boo back to her door; (while Mike was reminding Sully of the company play they had made up ((Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me))) hidden in a secret cupboard, away from the other monsters.
On the way back though, they met Roz, the receptionist, who was marching (or rather slithering) through the corridors, looking for leftover monsters, to give her a reason to tell them off.
"Ahhhh, Wazouski and his boss, Sullivan. Both of you have outstanding paperwork on my desk. Go and collect it," She growled, pointing behind her, to her office.
Sully and Mike slouched over to her desk and collected their work, ready to do at home.
When they reached the front doors, Mike said to Sully: "Close your eyes, I've got a big surprise for you!"
Sully did as he was told, and Mike dragged him outside.
"Open! Surprise!" Mike yelled, and Sully saw Mike's car parked outside the building.
"Oh, Mike! Is that for me?" Sully asked, expecting a "yes".
"No, it isn't, I'm just gonna give you a ride home! You didn't really expect me to give it to you, did you?" Mike asked with a grin.
"Sort of, – well not really," Sully said awkwardly.
"Well then let's go home – I think I let the dinner burn," Mike said hurriedly.
"Mike! I'm going to get you for this at home –"
"It's not my fault they make the instructions so hard to read –"
"Well then you should let me do the cooking –"
"What if I want to do it myself? Huh –"
"Oh, shut up!" Sully ended another argument again as they drove to their house, in Monstropolis.