Title: Tell Me Lies

Author: Jmaria (jill)

Rating: Pg-13

Spoilers: Slight Season 5 of Angel, Season 2 of Roswell

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Summary: 20 Minutes With Angel Challenge. Angel finds himself with another pregnant woman.

Tell Me Lies

He couldn't believe it.

It was just so mind numbing. Angel shook his head, unsure of what to say to this. The girl was standing before him, her arms crossed, looking extremely pissed about the situation as well. When this had happened with Darla. . . No, don't think about that. That was in the past, buried to the world. No one remembered her sacrifice. No one remembered Connor, either.


"Why what?" The blonde said sighing.

"Why are you here?"

"I heard you did the whole protecting the innocent. Don't I qualify?" She said tersely.

"Didn't you kill a man?"

"Please, I've heard the rumors. This is Wolfram & Hart, who hasn't killed someone here?"

"You killed a eighteen year old kid."

"Yes. But my son is innocent."

"Your son." Angel looked up at her.

"Hello, big gaping six months pregnant. I'm lucky I didn't lose the baby when my ship crashed."

"You're an alien."

"And you're a vampire. The point here would be?" She asked.

"I can't -"

"You're supposed to help the helpless. The peroxide freak said so when he brought me here."

"Hey, peroxide freak has a name, you stupid bint." Spike muttered from the corner.

"Yeah, he goes by Captain Peroxide." Angel said rolling his eyes.

"Oh, yeah Peaches," Spike flipped him the bird. "Sit and spin, Peaches. Damn nancy-boy forehead." He muttered.

"'Scuse me, my problem." The girl cried.

"Oh, yeah. Well, I guess we'll have to see how we can help you." Angel looked down at her files. "Ms. Harding."

"Call me Tess." She smiled brightly at him, as Harmony opened the door. Tess turned and left the office. Angel stared back at her.



"You have that meeting with -"

"She tried her damn alien powers on me!" Angel said, jumping up from his seat and rushing out of the office to follow her.

"Huh?" Harmony asked Spike, who just grinned at her.

"The little bint's an alien. Guess she didn't know her charms don't work all that good on Vampires." He said laughing.

* * * End Ficlet* * *