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God's fire erupted over the village of Mandraeia, illuminating the already dark, stormy night. The village had been a home of the most skillful craftsmen. Their prideful works of art now lay in the bitter ruins as the deadly fire curled around the people as they lay asleep. Not one man or woman could escape the sudden death of the hellish flames. No one that is, except for two young children who had luckily been too tired from a game of tag and had fallen asleep in a field near by.

Aeron and Myria had been found two days after the fire. Shivering from the cold and absolutely drenched from the sudden downpour after the village burned down, the two children were taken in by a neighboring village. Ever since then, the two children lived a quiet life withe their elderly grandmother. As an experienced mage, Mika Dechant helped those who need any special help; dealing with every day magic and various projects. But old age was soon wearing on the old woman and the young Myria constantly had to warn her grandmother of her health. Aeron on the other hand, loved seeing his grandmother work and enjoyed helping his neighbors immensely. Though the two children loved to play, they always had one thing in mind - finding their long lost parents.


The young girl looked up into the sparkling blue eyes of her big brother with uncertainty.

"Myria, you're holding the pencil too tight!" Aeron shook his head as he took the stub of lead away from his sister and took her small hands. Her brown eyes frowned at him as he forcefully placed the pencil around her fingers and closed them in a semblance of how he had his.

She merely pushed him to sit down and set about doing whatever it was she was drawing on the piece of parchment in front of her.
Aeron shook his head again at his little sister, not quite believing how stubborn she was. He watched with mild interest as she drew some familiar shapes which looked similar to the statues that had been standing outside the village of Mandraeia before the fire. Her drawings were childish but showed a lot of what she was currently feeling. It had been three years since the fire and also the time when Myria lost her voice, crying herself hoarse after trying to find their home, friends and parents.

Everyone, including their grandmother, believed that their parents had also perished in the awful fire. The orphans knew better though. They could feel it in their hearts that their parents had not died yet, and was determined to find out the truth. Everyday, they would set out to venture, and everyday the would go a little further than before. But both children never wanted to leave their grandmother as they both knew that it would hurt their grandmother's heart too much if they were to leave her now.

Time passed peacefully for the two children, even as the world started to forget about the mysterious fire that destroyed their village. However things did not calm for the orphans. Unexpectedly, their lives once again transformed startlingly. Grandmother Dechant was preparing lunch for her two grandchildren when she gasped with a tinge of pain. She grabbed the closest chair to try to steady herself but it seemed as if the air was suddenly sucked out of her. Her chest hurt and her heart could not bear to pump any longer. The old woman felt herself fall breathlessly to the ground. There was no pain as the world started to darken before her eyes and in that small instance, she prayed that her grandchildren will be able to cope. The last thought; the love towards her two grandchildren. Feeling the cold seep into her bones, she closed her eyes and surrendered to the cold.

Just as Mika's heart stopped beating, Myria arrived in the kitchen to see her grandmother on the floor. Screaming with alarm, she cried out, " Grandmother! Grandmother, wake up! Aeron! Aeron! Somebody! Please help!" Her tears clouded her small round eyes as she hugged her grandmother close. Her breath came out ragged and unevenly as she sobbed, holding Mika's ancient hand in hers. "Please don't leave us..."

That was three years ago. Aeron and Myria had been given homage in a neighbor's house but feeling discontent, the two of them decided to travel Rune-Midgard. Their dream of finding their parents was finally coming true. It was time to travel and see what clues they could find about their parents and the mysterious magical fire that burned down their village, Mandraeia.

Their first stop was to go to Prontera, the main city of Rune- Midgard. The two red headed siblings hoped to find some relatives living in Prontera, where they would be able to inquire about the fire and where their parents had been at the time. Feeling full of excitement, they descended from the hill, where they called home for twelve years and they walked down the road which would become a familiar companion over the next few years.

"Aeron! Watch it! That Poring is eating your apple!" cried Myria.

"Oh let it be." Replied Aeron.

The twenty four year old Aeron watched the pink monster swallow his apple whole. The Poring smiled and started hopping away. Myria stared at it for a moment before turning towards her brother. Dressed in the usual clothes of a novice, he stood to be about a foot taller than her. Even though Myria was younger, she felt like the more responsible one.

"That was the last of your rations! Now what will you eat?" asked Myria.

Aeron stared off into the distance. He could see the colorful banners of Prontera overlooking the forest. They were close to Prontera - very close.

"Don't worry little sister. We'll be in Prontera soon and you'll be able to pig out all you want!" laughed Aeron.

Myria sighed. "We could have at least sold that apple for some more zennies. Ever since we met that merchant, we've been low on zennies. He sold us a faulty knife too!"

"Well you shouldn't have been so greedy. You knew that the knife was too cheap to be any good."

"Don't blame everything on me! You were eyeing the sword that he offered. Don't think I didn't see you trying to pawn off your clothes for that blade!"

"That blade would have offered us better protection!"

"As long as one knew how to yield it... which technically you do not!"

Aeron growled and shook his head while muttering, "I sometimes wish you were still mute."

Myria glared at her brother and than stalked off. Feeling miserable, Myria could only focus on the banners of Prontera. She had no energy to argue with her brother and was too tired to deal with all the stress that came with babysitting him. It was a long journey that they have embarked on and it was time they finally saw some decent civilization. Myria would go crazy if they were to see more forests upon forests. Clutching the map in her hand, Myria stamped hard on the ground to warm herself up. It was getting colder these days. Looking over to her brother, she noticed him motioning for her to come over. She contemplated ignoring him and looked away for a moment.

"Myria! Get over here!"

The girl turned to observe her brother once again and noticed him jumping up and down and pointing excitedly over his shoulder. Sighing, she walked stiffly over to her brother but suddenly gave a cry of happiness when she saw the Prontera gates, open and welcoming.