Well, that's the end of it then. I hope you guys enjoyed the story. It's my first one and I'm really glad I got a few reviews for it.

I'm thinking of fleshing out the history of Tier. Perhaps there's going to be a series? Well, that's all for you guys to decide. Please email me with any questions, any suggestions or comments on this story and tell me if you would like to hear a little more about Tier.

There's certainly going to be another story on Myria, Aeron and the gang. A mysterious figure will make an appearance and Myria is found unconscious inside her home. Within a coma, Tier faces the aspect of losing someone he really loves. Haunted by the memories of his past lover, Tier must now venture across Rune-Midgard to find the medicine that can heal Myria. Meanwhile, a dark plot by two mysterious figures target Tier as their next victim.

I'm also collaborating with my sister to develop a story about two girls and the King of Thieves. I'll have to do a little more research on Morroc though, since I've never really visited that city before. Hope to hear more comments from you guys and look for my other stories, coming soon!