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Chapter Two

Chronic Crows Feet?

All of the sudden they turned down a side street. It couldn't be anything but Manticore. The license plate didn't fit Manticore.
They all sighed in relief.
"Well I showed myself for nothing I guess..." Mikayla started.
"Yeah, that was a smooth move!" exclaimed Krit. "Wait a minute I thought..."
He was cut off by the sound of sirens. They all whipped around to find that the Humvees had come from a side street and were tailing them. Every child was confused at the sound of the sirens and the feeling of the bus slowing down when they were no where near a stop.
"Oh shit. We're going to end up back at Manticore in only a matter of time. Great! I didn't even get to go out and see the world. They are going to put us in isolation for a while for us to cool down a bit because we're all going to be upset. Then, then, we'll be put through Psy-Ops for reindoctrination." Ben said very quickly under his breath.
"Will you quit doing that, Ben. That is not cool. You're going to start scaring the younger ones." Zack muttered and they all turned to Max, who out of all of them, was the youngest since Kavi was not there.
"Hey I'm just as strong, if not stronger than you guys. Quit treating me like I'm so much younger than you. I HATE when you do that to me."
"Sorry, I just..."
"Wait a minute. Is the great Zack, our fearless leader and older brother, actually apologizing for something? I think we've been sucked into like this parallel universe or something." Max said with her hand over her heart.
She and Syl looked at each other and yelled, "Chronic Crows Feet, AHHHHHH!"
Everyone started to laugh having all seen or participated in the play at school.
The bus jerked to a stop and the doors opened. Lydecker got on the bus and walked down the aisle and slowly looked at the backs of everyone's necks as he passed. He got to Syl and ordered her to turn around and expose her neck so he could check for the barcode when...

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