Author's Notes: I'm just using elements of RO as a basis for a fantasy story even readers without any RO knowledge should be able to understand, as I'm more used to writing original fiction, anyway. I'll be happy to get any kind of feedback. (Uh, safe flames, of course. You know, I can't stand the heat.)

Disclaimer: I'm only going to say this stuff once, as you should be familiar with it. The MMORPG Ragnarok Online is copyrighted by Gravity and Lee Myoung-Jin. All character names used in this story belong to their respective players. Plot and character personalities are all mine. I don't know why you would want to steal anything, but if you do, I'll track you down and break your neck. ^_^

Her feet were beginning to hurt, her breath was only coming out in short gasps. Even though her eyes were burning, she fought desperately with herself not to cry. It was too late to cry!

"They have been camping around the city, so I'm afraid it will be hard to get through all by myself. If I can't arrive there on time, don't wait for me. Please go home before it gets dark."

She knew she should have listened to those words, but when was the last time her older sister had visited her? Half a year ago? Was it really so wrong to be waiting even after it was already dark? Was it so wrong to be looking forward to finally meeting her sister after all that time? How could anyone expect her to go home, to feel safe and sheltered, when her sister was probably fighting for her life just to meet her?

"They're coming, sis. The capital isn't safe anymore."

The footsteps behind her were the living proof of the truth in that statement. She could not see or hear how many were after her, and she could only guess what would happen if they caught her. Her heart was pounding so loudly she believed it was about to burst.

Where was she? Where was the church? She was frantically trying to find the way in the darkness while the raindrops were falling mercilessly on her. Was it the rain that was making her cheeks wet, or was she actually crying? Why was nobody helping? There was not a single soul on the streets - only her and the creatures that were following her.

"To know your limits is to be strong. You don't have to prove anything to anyone! Run away... run away if you're scared. I will come and protect you always."

If only she could believe in that... if only...!

She could not feel her legs anymore, her mind was going blank, and only the sound of their footsteps was vibrating in her head. Oh God, were they really that close already? She heard voices, but she felt so cold and numb that she did not understand any of the words. They were shouting, and she suddenly realized that the footsteps were getting louder, unbearably loud... closer and closer...

"Never forget that I'll always be with you - in mind and heart."

When her legs were finally giving away, when she was falling to the ground and lay there motionlessly, she did not find the strength to even scream when they found her. It had been inevitable and she knew it.

"It's alright to be afraid. It's alright to cry."

Silent tears were rolling down her cheeks, and she was grateful for its salty taste, to feel that she would not die without knowing she had really lived. And she welcomed the blade that was coming down on her. Would they make it quick? Would they grant her that last wish?

For a brief moment, she could see her attackers, her eyes widened in shock and surprise, but she would never be able to tell anybody who it was.

Yes, it had been inevitable.

"I love you, little sister."

Those final words of the letter remained deeply engraved in her heart until the moment she took her very last breath. Her sister would avenge her. That was her last hope, and her only belief.

And strangely, when her corpse was found on the streets of Prontera the next morning, a soft, painful smile was still on her face.