A timeline of the events of Crimson Twilight: Dusk

Year 943 Prontera Triumphant (PT)

Sixth Month

8th day

- The hunters of dead disappear during an expedition to the pyramids of Morroc

10th day

- Two pronteran investigators, Makaelthos Solcry and Eliarainne Sialsanderin, encounter Osiris and the doppelganger in a tavern in Morroc.

11th day

- Agranias is taken into Prontera under Silmeia's care.

- Makaelthos and Eliarainne return to Prontera.

- The Lord of Death appears in Prontera.

14th day

- Captain Drake appears in Alberta.

21st day

- Prontera sends the first knight division to Alberta

22nd day

- The first knight division returns to Prontera.

- Sir Gardzen Haelungrein challenges Sir Agranias to an arena duel.

24th day

- Orcville is razed by the orc tribes.

26th day

- The orc tribes begin their siege of Prontera

- The Dark Lord burns down the main pronteran church.

27th day

- The red high orcs appear.

- Koullufen Aethernas is murdered. Trenzein Zaisen is suspected.

- Werewolf is killed by Trenzein Zaisen.

28th day

- The pronteran army launches its counterattack

- The orcish siege is routed

- Makaelthos Solcry is declared missing in action.