Power Rangers

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Well, this story is set in the real world, where Power Rangers are just a TV show. (If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm just writing for fun.) All of the chosen ones' character are based on my friends (including the pairings, it's a rumor though) It is set in Malaysia (sorry, I 'm a Malaysian and don't know the US well enough to write about it.) and as you can see, all of the characters are Chinese. (I don't know others' culture well enough, I might offend someone)

Just to let you know, in Malaysia, school starts in January and ends in November. There's normally a 2-month holiday at the end of the year and week-long holidays in February/March, June and August/September. There're tons of other holidays as well, since there's so many races and culture. (That's what I really like about Malaysia's school)

I don't know about grade school but we have to attend Primary school from 7- 12 and secondary school from 13-17/18 (depends on whether you choose college or form six.) the characters are all from the same primary school (coincidence...?) and the story starts at their form 2 end of year holiday.

That's all I guess. If you're confused about something, just tell me. Oh, about the names, I made all of them one-word-name so you won't have much trouble remembering it. There are indeed one-word-name in Chinese you know.

* * *

Chapter One: The Chosen Ones

In the well-lit room, a man stood by the window, staring at the gorgeous sight of the stars in awe. Not that he hadn't seen this type of view before, in fact, he has seen this kind of view countless times. Yet, it still manages to awe him.

Once, when he was on a trip to a planet called Earth, he read a book called 'The Little Prince'. Something that the Little Prince said made him wonders, even until now, years later.

The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen...

Between understood and confused, he was stuck somewhere in-between.

"It is time." An emotionless, though rather feminine voice came out of nowhere, cutting through the silence sharply. Its words seemed to be echoing...refusing to leave the lonely room.

He felt only the slightest bit of shock.

"Is the ship ready?" he asked, his words were seemingly too loud in the quiet room.


He turned away from the window, his weary face and tired eyes showed, surprisingly, a tiny bit of excitement...and hope.

"Set a course for planet Earth. Hyper rush nine."

* * *

"Man, this is way too boring." the 14-year-old Ling exclaimed as she slammed the History textbook shut. She snuck a glance at the alarm clock on her bedside table and sighed. It was only 2.30.

This was only the first day of a 2-month holiday and she was almost bored to hell already.

She sighed, again, and decided to go for a walk.

"Grams? Can I go out for a while?" she asked timidly, poking her head to the kitchen. Not that she was scared of her grandmother or something, she was just trying to be polite.

"Why?" her grandma asked, looking straight at her with big, innocent eyes. She looked like a little girl even with her graying hair and traditional 'ah-ma' clothes; gray buttoned up shirt and brown quarter pants. (A/N: Ah- ma means grams/old lady in don't-know-what language. Probably a dialect though.)

"It's really boring here..." she trailed off, fidgeting. She always felt uneasy whenever someone looked her straight in the eye.

"But what about Di?" she asked quietly, referring to her 11-year-old brother. (A/N: di means little brother in Chinese)

Oh, she thought bitterly. It's him again. It's always him isn't it?

"He's *sleeping* grams. And he's not a baby anymore. He can always ask his friends to come anyway." She paused, "I'll be back before dinner OK? Bye!" she rushed out without waiting for a reply, pocketing her keys and cell phone on her way out.

Just as she closed the supposed-to-be-'auto'-gate, her left wrist started to glow in a faint blue light.

"What the-" before she could say anything else, the world suddenly dissolved to a shower of blue sparks.

* * *

"Yen! Can you do me a favor?" 14-year-old Yen's mother shouted from the kitchen. Yen sighed as she put down her pen. This cannot be good, she thought.

"Kay! I'm coming!" She shouted back and dragged herself to the kitchen. "Yes?"

"Can you buy a few things for me?" her mother asked, looking up from the dishes. "I have to take care of your sister and fetch Hui from her whatever- camp later..."

"But I..." Think! Yen looked around, trying to find some suitable excuse. She is definitely not in the mood of walking to the grocery store, not to mention in this kind of weather.

"C'mon! Ting is only two and you know Hui, she'll freak if I don't get there in time!" Her mum pleaded. Both of them share a friendship rather the normal mother-daughter bond.

Looking at her mum's puppy dog's eye, Yen sighed. She knew she wouldn't get away with this. "Fine, what do you want?" she asked in a defeated tone.

"It's all in here," her mum handed her a list and twenty ringgit, smiling brightly. "You're the best!" Yen couldn't help but chuckled, she finds her mum kinda cute sometimes.

"Bye mum!" she pocketed the notes and walked out, shaking her head.

"Come back before five thirty! Don't talk too long!" her mum shouted again. Yen stopped dead, confused. Talk? To whom? As she walked slowly on the road, trying hard to avoid stepping on anything (Guess what ^_^), she decided to forget about that.

The sun shine ever-mercilessly on the hard road, but that's what you get if you live in a hot country like Malaysia. She chuckled, remembering her friend, Ling's joke about that.

"What's so funny?" a voice asked behind her. She jumped. "Hey it's just me!" the voice assured, not that it help.

There's something familiar about that voice, Yen just couldn't put her hands on it. She quickly turned around and blushed. Standing in front of her was a charming looking guy in yellow sleeveless shirt and jeans with his hands in his pockets. His short spiky black hair seemed to shine under the sunlight.

"Long time no see, Yen." 14-year-old Jie said, smiling brightly. Her cheeks grew hot. Damn it! What's wrong with you! He is the one who had a crush on you not you on him! Well, the first part is true but the second part...

"Hi Jie." She smiled awkwardly. Ever since last year, on the class reunion, there's a rumor that said a certain someone had a crush on her... "Err... what are you doing here? I thought you live quite far away?"

"Oh, I just moved here. Thought I might walk around." He shrugged. Yen's heart skipped a beat. So that's what mum meant, she thought, but how did her mum know about this?

"So what's so funny?" he repeated with his boyish grin. Huh? Oh! She remembered.

"Nothing really. Just a joke Ling told me a while ago." She motioned for him to follow her. Slowly, they made their way to the shade under a big tree. "So where's Zhi?" she asked. Zhi is Jie's twin; they practically do everything together, so it's weird to see Jie alone.

But just as she asked the question, she could almost feel Jie flinched. She turned, just to check, but Jie's face is just as cheerful.

"He's in the house, unpacking his things." He simply said. Suddenly, pink sparks obscured her vision and before she could even scream, her world totally dissolved into pink.

* * *

"Mum! Where're my comic books?" 14-year-old Zhi shouted from his new bedroom, irritated. His new home is big and nice but he just couldn't find his old stuff.

"They're all in the box honey! Ask your brother!" A feminine voice shouted back, referring to his twin, Jie. He groaned. His twin went out ages ago to find Yen, one of their friends in Primary school, who live around here.

Suddenly, his left wrist glowed in a faint green light and all of a sudden, his world dissolved into green sparks.

* * *

The doorbell rang irritably.

"Hey! Let me in!" Wei shouted, though he was dreading whoever who was going to get the door. It's the fourth time he forgot the keys this week.

"Don't tell me you forgot you keys again!" An annoyed voice replied. Footsteps could be heard and moments later, Wei's 16-year-old sister came stomping out angrily. He grinned sheepishly. "Where's my Laksa anyway?" she asked as she opened the gate.

Oh god.

"I'll be right back!" he 'reassured' and ran as fast as he could towards the direction of the small alley near the shop houses, where the famous Laksa stall is located. Behind him, his sister was shouting curses.

Suddenly, just as he turned around the corner, red sparks appeared out of nowhere and obscured his vision. He stood there, stunned, watching his world disappeared in red sparks.

* * *

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