Kill The Acorn

Sillastrap slowly pranced into the junkyard. She had had a wounderful night the other night. She
had played with her pet's new baby. She loked that little queen. She walked over to a pile of
junk and sat down. She was tired though., The little kit wouldnt SHUT UP! That was one bad point.
She was also getting sick and tired of Cherishbel screaming about a peice of killer cheese. She
laughed. Killer cheese? What a load of horse radish! Just then Sillastrap felt soemthing get
ontop of her. It was Munkustrap!?
"GET OFF ME!"she shouted. Munkustrap got up slightly embarrased.
"Sorry. I guess I tripped."he said and ran off.
"Heavyside! What a cooke!"she said and shook her head. She could tell nothing was happening in
the junkyard so she desided to go back home.

As Sillastrap walked home the wind blew hard. The trees blew with the wind. Sillastrap kept her
head down as she walked. Just then something hit her in the head. She looked up and saw an acorn.
She snorted. She hit the acorn aside and ran off.

Sillastrap sat on the tire and licked her paw. She looked around at the jellicles playing. Just
then something hit her in the head and landed infront of her. It was an acorn! Sillastrap
hesitated. Was it out to get her? She shook her head. She wasnt gonan become like Cherishbel who
is afriad of stupid Cheese.

"Munkustrap!"shouted Silla. Munkustrap came runnign up to her. "I keep getting hit with an
acorn! can you tell Pouncival to stop throwing acorns!"she shouted.
"But Pouncival is on vacation and so is Tumblebrutus."explained Munkustrap.
"Does that meen the acorn is after me?"she asked. Munkustrap howled.
"Dont become a Cherishbel!"he shouted. He looked and saw Cherish running about. "CHERISHBEL
SETTLE DOWN!"he yelled running after Cherishbel. Sillastrap settled down. Cherishbel was a
little bit coo coo but she wasnt. She tosed her head up with pride and walked out of the

"AHHHH!"shouted Sillastrap running into the junkyard. There was an acorn in her fur. "GET IT
OFFFFFFF!"she ran around. Munkustrap ran up to her. He looked at her.
"Settle down!"he exclaimed. He took the acorn and crushed it. Sillastrap sighed.
"Thank you!"she cried hugging Munkustrap. She went over to the pipe and layed down. Something
hit her on the head. She opened her eyes.

"HELP!"shouted Cherishbel running with a peice of cheese running after her.

The End.

Watch for the next story Kill The Cucumber!

A/N: I dun own the characters! The regualr CATS belong to their creatures Sillastrap
Cherishbel belong to their owners!