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.hack/dimensions Chapter 1: The Game

"Hurry up XJ-9! You're going to be late!"

"Mom, I really doubt that," replied a tall robotic girl. "It only takes 32.57 seconds for me to fly to school from here." Her metallic six foot body glistened as the sun hit her white "skin" and blue "hair". Her "hair" was up in what appeared to be two ponytails held together by bolts. She had blue body armor around her waist and chest, and the rest of her body was white metal. She was quickly throwing books in a light orange backpack, getting ready for the new day.

"Really XJ-9. You'd think a teenage robot would have their books ready for school already." A short woman walked into the room. She wore a yellow coat, black goggles with red lenses, and had spiked white hair held back by a yellow headband. She was much shorter then XJ-9, possibly only 4 feet in height, yet she appeared to have some control over the robot.

"Well I would've had my things together already if I didn't have to fight that giant spider downtown," commented the robot girl, rolling her eyes "And stop calling me XJ-9! My name is Jenny!"

"Ok... uh, Jenny." Mrs. Winkman shook her head and left the room. Jenny ignored her, and jumped out the window. Rockets shot out of her feet as she got outside, and started flying towards school.

Tremorton High School appeared to be filled with students already as Jenny landed on the grounds. No one really looked at her; they were used to the robot girl making landings in the morning.

"Hey Jenny!" called a boy's voice from the entrance. She looked and saw her best friend, Brad. The tall red head was wearing his usual khakis, white shirt, and black sweater on top.

"What's up Brad?" she asked.

"Not too much, but you should see what Sheldon's up to."

"Sheldon?" Jenny said in a puzzled voice. Sheldon, the geeky boy who was madly in love with her, usually greeted her in the morning as well. Of course his greetings were often ignored, but still... "What is he doing?"

"Seems to be putting posters up everywhere about some online game. I think it's called 'The Weird' or 'The White' or something."

"It's called 'The World'." A geeky boy walked up to the two. He was a little shorter than Jenny, and wore a white shirt, red jacket, and jeans. His face was covered with pimples, but he didn't seem to mind. His black hair looked a bit greasy and uncooperative as well. Sheldon smiled and continued to talk.

"'The World' is a huge online role playing game. It's very popular in Japan and other parts of the world, but a server has never been set up for this area before. There were some accidents a few years ago, so the game was delayed being set up here."

"But Sheldon, if it has only just been set up here, how do you know about it?" the confused Brad asked.

Sheldon smiled. "That's where the fun comes in. I was a beta tester for this area, so I'm already established in the game. I want to promote it now so that others will be able to try it."

"It sounds... weird," commented Jenny. "What exactly do you get to do in this game?"

"Well," explained Sheldon. "Everyone creates their own character. There are swordsmen, magicians, and spearmen. There is no true purpose to the game, but there are a lot of areas with monsters to defeat. It's a good way to meet other people as well, because anyone from anywhere can go on and play."

"Fighting monsters?" laughed Jenny. "I do that every day of the week, why would I want to do it virtually?"

"It sounds cool!" bursted in Brad. "Jenny, you might use super powers everyday and fight monsters and stuff, but for the rest of us, we never do that. It sounds fun." He turned to Sheldon and asked, "So where can I get a copy?"

"I got a few complimentary copies for helping out," said the eager boy. "Here." He reached into his bag and pulled out two boxes that held the game, and three pairs of headsets. "You have to install it on your computer, and the headsets connect. When you put them on, its like you really are that character, and it makes it real. You can have two Brad, so Tuck can play as well."

"Well, I guess my little brother would like to play around too," muttered Brad as he took the game and headsets. "What about you Jenny? Are you going to try it out?"

"Uh, I guess so." Jenny took a copy from Sheldon as well. "Although I don't know how much fun it will really be."

"Don't worry Jenny, it'll be a blast!" Sheldon smiled a big grin, and then picked up his bag and posters. "I'm going to put up more posters. I hope to see you guys later in the World!" Sheldon ran off, waving. He bumped into a locker along the way, and rubbed his head. Still smiling, he ran off down the hall.